SMART Bill Reintroduced in Congress

Congresswoman Suzan DelBene (D-WA-1)
Congresswoman Suzan DelBene (D-WA-1)

Congresswoman Suzan DelBene (D-WA-01) has reintroduced the State Marijuana And Regulatory Tolerance (SMART) Enforcement Act (H.R. 3534). This bill prohibits state-sanctioned marijuana consumers and businesses from being prosecuted by the federal government.

By a margin of more than 6 to 1, Americans say that individual states should be able to make their own laws governing the use and sale of marijuana. The SMART Enforcement Act acknowledges this voter sentiment while also ensuring states are operating in a safe and responsible manner.

In a prepared statement, Congresswoman DelBene says that her legislation “will fix the conflict between state and federal law by giving states effectively regulating marijuana themselves, such as Washington, a waiver from the Controlled Substances Act. It also resolves the banking issues currently forcing dispensaries to operate on an unsafe, all-cash basis. These waivers will ensure people in states that have different laws than the federal government on marijuana are protected from prosecution, provided they meet certain requirements, as more and more states work to regulate marijuana within their own borders.”

Legislation similar to this is pending in California, Assembly Bill 1578, to try and limit potential federal interference in the state’s marijuana regulatory laws. As Congresswoman DelBene said, “People in these states should not live in fear of the unpredictable actions of the Attorney General and Department of Justice.”

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  1. I wrote the politicians who claim to represent the voters where I live.

    Leafly writes that the FDA wants input right away about changing the scheduling for CBD. I think it, and cannabis, should be removed from any kind of schedule altogether. The feds have stymied cannabis research for decade upon decade. They have had far too long to allow research in the past. Research will speed up a hell of a lot with it descheduled.

    1. I saw that too. I think we should all comment “deschedule marijuana” into the comments until the FDA’s website crashes.

  2. If State after State has legalized medical marijuana, why is the Federal government still keeping it schedule 1?
    Researchers from around the world has proved that marijuana is not only harmless, but in a lot of times good medical treatment for some very serious health problems.

  3. Very good, yet –
    Ideally, we’d undo the problem laws with simple repeal – instead of overlapping with ever more laws.
    Correcting too many laws, with evermore laws, is still always better than nothing!

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