Medical Marijuana Protections Offered Again, But Will They Receive A Vote?

Medical marijuanaThis week, Representatives Dana Rohrabacher, Earl Blumenauer, and allies in the House of Representatives have again offered the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment to protect lawful state medical marijuana programs from the federal government. Specifically, it would limit the Justice Department from taking action against state-sanctioned medical cannabis producers, retailers, or consumers.

Although the amendment was reauthorized by Congress in May, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been aggressively lobbying leadership to ignore the provisions. At the time, President Trump issued a signing statement objecting to the Rohrbacher-Blumenauer provision.

Nonetheless, support for the Rohrbacher-Blumenauer protection amendment has only grown in recent years. House members initially passed the amendment as a budgetary rider in 2014 by a vote of 219 to 189. By the following year, 242 House members voted in support of the language.

To date, the language has not been included in the base appropriations bill and in every case of its passage, it has required being added as a separate rider by a vote on the floor of the House.

Now, Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions may deny the democratic process and not allow the amendment to be considered for a full vote of the House.

You can send an email to your Representative now to urge their support and co-sponsorship of the amendment by clicking HERE.

In July, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) successfully offered and passed the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment in the Senate Appropriations Committee, meaning that the language will be considered in a conference committee should the House be denied the opportunity to express it’s support for the 30 states which have legalized medical marijuana and 16 states that have authorized CBD oil access.

Finally, join us for our 2017 National Conference and Lobby Day to speak with your elected officials and their staffers in person, September 10th – 12th. Click here to find out more and get your tickets. 

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  1. Done and sent.

    This legislation is all that prevents Sessions from cracking down on state medical marijuana dispensaries. Click on the link and take action.

    On another note, the NYTimes is spinning a weak study on marijuana allegedly causing high blood pressure:

    There are much better longitudinal studies to the contrary:

    And use of CBD and CBD-V can reduce blood pressure. These studies have to be controlled from mixing pharmaceuticals.

    1. It is difficult, when attempting to discuss with skeptics the wholistic health effects of ingesting cannabis, to steer the conversation away from the realm of voodoo healing with crystals and magnets, and to keep the conversation firmly rooted in science, reason, and facts.

      The realities of human biology are not fully accepted in American culture. Americans tend to think of the mind and the body as two separate things, when in fact, there is only one thing: that thing is you.

      It is obviously well-known that pot affects the mind; shit… if it doesn’t, you got ripped off! But getting high, and thinking deeply about what is occurring within you while getting high, can lead to an awareness of the fact that the mind is rooted in the body; and it is these conceptual roots which sustain and nourish the mind.

      Conversely, cut those conceptual roots, and the mind becomes atrophied and weak. When the mind cuts its own roots to the body, it becomes separated from the body in its own delusional thinking. It starts to think it is a separate and distinct thing from the body: a “spirit” that can survive independently from the body. This is dangerous nonsense.

      And so, education regarding the very basics of biology and psychology must continue to be a key component of our attempts to legalize cannabis, or all our evidence and reason will fall on deaf ears.

      1. True words Mark. Our opponents will prey upon our lazyness and willful ignorance. I also think people just like simple answers and like to feel like theyre right without the effort of research.
        We like to give out awards to individuals without peer review, profit to those who would prohibit supplies to a better treatment, and are more prepared to reject criticism of old patents and ideas than “wear the new coat that fits us” as Jefferson would say. If we can convince our prohibitionist opponents that they will want clean legalized marijuana law for their own children we may yet give the blessing of understanding that you speak of. I’m tellin you we gotta get Congress high.

      2. Yes, Congress needs get very, very high, and engage in some lucid and insightful decision-making. No need to sing kumbaya, no need for gratuitous displays of love beads and incense, that would be asking too much… we just need the human beings who work in Congress to join the Human Family, and act accordingly.

      3. Further thoughts, maybe I’m one toke over the line again this morning, but…

        Consider the roots that connect a human being to the rest of the world, using an elected official as an example.

        Being a sitting Representative or Senator is a conceptual function. But, technically speaking, a Representative or a Senator is actually a human being. Being a Representative or a Senator, as a conceptual function, can only occur within the mind.

        But the mind is rooted in the body, and the body is rooted in the human family, because all is connected in the grand Tree of Life, and even non-life is part of the larger structure. Like chemicals and shit, molecules like THC.

        Thus, the mind of a Representative or Senator, severed from it’s conceptual roots, betrays humanity by serving an alternative agenda which exploits and enslaves humanity.

        The movie “They Live”, by director John Carpenter, can be seen as a political metaphor for this idea. In the movie, the “aliens” can be seen as a metaphor for human beings who have mentally severed their roots to the Human Family. These “aliens” look human to the naked eye, but “putting on the glasses” reveals an allegiance to an agenda in which real people are nothing but livestock: cattle for exploitation. Sound familiar? Kinda like Trumpcare? Marijuana prohibition? War on Drugs?

      4. It’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity. And I often find my way back to bravery with a little help from the sacred herb.

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