Study: Cannabis Use Inversely Associated With Fatty Liver Disease

Medical marijuanaAdults with a history of cannabis use are less likely to suffer from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) than are those who have not used the substance, according to data published online in the journal PLoS One. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is the most prevalent form of liver disease, affecting an estimated 80 to 100 million people in the United States.

An international team of researchers from Stanford University in California and the Seoul National University College of Medicine in South Korea evaluated the association between marijuana and NAFLD in a nationally representative sample of over 22,000 adults. Researchers reported that cannabis use independently predicted a lower risk of suspected NAFLD in a dose-dependent manner.

“Active marijuana use provided a protective effect against NAFLD independent of known metabolic risk factors,” authors determined. “[W]e conclude that current marijuana use may favorably impact the pathogenesis of NAFLD in US adults.”

The findings are similar to those of a prior study published in the same journal in May. In that study, authors reported that frequent consumers of cannabis were 52 percent less likely to be diagnosed with NAFLD as compared to non-users, while occasional consumers were 15 percent less likely to suffer from the disease.

Separate data published online earlier this month in the Journal of Viral Hepatitis also concluded that daily cannabis use is independently associated with a reduced prevalence of fatty liver disease in patients co-infected with HIV and hepatitis C.

Full text of the study, “Inverse association of marijuana use with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease among adults in the United States,” appears online here.

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  1. This study’s results are directly related to the reason why marijuana helps treat diabetes by restoring the endocannabinoid system to homeostasis. Bad fat cells send the wrong message to the brain that they should be stored and not burned. Meanwhile processed sugars confuse our rewards system leading to more bad eating habits and clinical depression, which marijuana also treats by allowing us to revisit traumatic memory from a more relaxed and objective perspective. The synergy of whole plant marijuana results in a well balanced treatment of a variety of ailments that stem from a diet heavy in processed foods by tempting us with the sweet smell of terpenes that induce an an appetite for fresh and therefore healthier foods.

    1. So what you are saying is McDonald’s = bad
      Cannabis = Good ? How many trips to McDonald’s drive through has AG sessions made in comparison to AG sessions partaking in the high lights of Cannabis ? ..
      Cannabis does effect the mind the body and spirit all in a productive positive way .if you look at the history of Cannabis and place it along side the history of humans you will find the dogma of Cannabis is due to the human progress and of society, Cannabis has never changed, humans have made them selves dangerous , the invent of cars and machine , fast highways and fast food chains, Cannabis does not work well with some of the human inventions , how ever Cannabis does work extremely well with the human body , mind and spirit all of which is the natural Force’s of nature. That is why as what julian said “which marijuana also treats by allowing us to revisit traumatic memory from a more relaxed and objective perspective” works in the natural laws of nature with the humans. It’s not made to function with human inventions outside of the natural Force’s
      so the argument is not if Cannabis is bad for the human , it’s how it is used and how it used becomes a lesson taught by the teachers of knowledge and truth not by the false fallacy of political monetary value or power.

  2. I’ve said it before: marijuana is so good for you, we should just redefine it as “vitamin M” and include it in our RDA’s (recommended daily allowance.)

  3. On another subject, while so many pounds of marijuana go “Up in Smoke” in California;

    Clearly, we can’t supply California with marijuana grown from other states in order to stabalize the price average of their roll out of legalization Jan. 1st… 😉

    …But with so much dark money already going into insurance and politics, why can’t state marijuana growers form their own secretive insurance funds? Growers would form insurance co-ops where some agreed percentage from the sale of each plant goes directly to a shared, private, anonymous fund. The beneficiaries would be all the undersigned members of the crop insurance. Board meetings would be for members only. Local rules could be adopted for preventive measures from future fires. We could call it Secret Smoke Screen Insurance. Just leave the Feds out of it.

  4. Bravo, Julian’s summary is terrific! I’m revisiting one point: “fresh and therefore healthier foods”– I think it’s not the “freshness” (newness) of the foods but their unsugarprocessedness that makes them healthier, I have no problem with aged greens stolen from the garbage can.
    Jeannette: God sent us a message, namely the first 129 minutes after a toke are sanctified, thou shalt eat nothing but water, and do energetic creative work like gardening or walking.
    Mark, I agree it’s a vitamin, but I thought of naming it Vitamin H after HYDROCANNABINOL or maybe HASHISH. (Or if they already have another Vitamin H, I haven’t looked, then Vitamin H6– hash-shish.)

    1. Mexweed,
      Sweet Jesus!
      Throw those moldy old green beans in the compost heap and grow some fresh ones. It’ll change your life.

      If you need assistance there aint no shame in the food stamp game. When we consider where our agricultural subsidies go or how much industrial food gets wasted to hike the price of those beans it’s a shame we have to break the law to grow some hemp.

      But on the other hand if you have some money, have access to water and little garden space but youre just crazy like that and still eat off industrial waste check out this book by Sean Sherman called “The Sioux Chef” and start a cheap, indigenous garden with a $40 battery powered drip irrigation system. In the words of ZZ Top “If somethin makes you feel good, it’s gonna change your life.”

  5. Hey Jesus– 0ops sorry Julian, everyone should check out
    and learn how to make the notched-board compost bin shown at upper left! I’ve made a half dozen of those, mine have the same structure as the one on the Pinterest page, except standing on an intact pallet so the whole loaded bin can be forkliftlifted onto a truck and driven to a different gardening site if needed.
    Followup on my idea to Jeannette above, compost bin carpentry is a premier example of exercise a person should do in the first 129 minutes after a toke for best protection against NAFLD non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and maybe against the alcoholic kind too.
    Best way I found to get into gardening was not by planting and tending myself but by using an anvil pruner to clip weeds and low branches creating spaces where a multiperson gardening cooperative (too much to do all alone) is going to do urban food (or hemp) growing– GardenPrep might be our website name if it ever gets posted.

  6. Have been taking combination oils for ba month now for my bad arteritis without any improvement or pain relief? Is that normal?

  7. CBD is working for my son. My son’s doctor reported that his end of October evaluation had shown no future deterioration of his liver and that minor healing of scar tissue is still being noticed. He recommended we keep up with what we were doing and that this slow and steady improvement is keeping him off of the liver replacement list. This positive report shows us that the daily regiment of water soluble BioCBDplus capsules is working. – Haas

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