American Legion: One in Five Veterans Use Marijuana To Alleviate A Medical Or Physical Condition

IMG_2898 copyIn a new poll of US service veterans conducted by The American Legion and presented today on Capitol Hill, one in five veterans self-reported using marijuana to alleviate a medical or physical condition.

Flanked by lawmakers including Reps Tim Walz, Mark Takano, Julia Brownley, and Matt Gaetz, veterans presented their own personal stories of the efficacy of marijuana as a therapeutic treatment for a litany of conditions.

Other notable data points revealed by the survey:

  •  81% of veterans support federally-legal treatment
  • 60% of respondents do not live in states where medical cannabis is legal
  • 40% of respondents live in states where medical cannabis is legal
  • And the partisan divide is nearly non-existent:
    • 88% of self-identified conservative respondents support federally legalized medical
    • 90% of self-identified liberal respondents support federally legalized medical
    • 70% of self-identified non-partisan respondents support federally legalized medical

My favorite data point from their poll: 100% of respondents aged 18-30 support federally legalized medical cannabis.

You can support the same legislation that the American Legion supports, the Veterans Equal Access Act, which would allow those who have served our country to discuss and be recommended medical marijuana in the states that have implemented programs by CLICKING HERE. 

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  1. THANK U THANK U THANK U. I have personally seen the benefits of cannabis with my wife from pain to PTSD!!!

  2. Cannabis does work , I know , it has also helped take me OFF of 5 different OPIOIDS that the VA had me on , the side effects were hell on me & my wife .
    Now with no Opioids , we have a much more stable life .

  3. We’re getting rid of one prohibitionist Representative Lamar Smith who announced he retiring next year:

    It’s a tough climb for the Democratic front runner in this gerrymandered district, military veteran Joseph Kopser. I’m still vetting him on marijuana policy but it cant be worse than Lamar Smith who spent time saying he supports veterans than turns his back on access to marijuana.

    In the Tribune Article it says theres talk State Representative Jason Isaac, R-Dripping Springs, a strong advocate for medical marijuana might run for Lamar’s district. If he does, remember in Texas we dont have to make a party line vote in the general election, only the primaries.

    Either way, Lamar Smith retiring is good news for veterans access to marijuana.

    1. Update;

      Kopser campaign is “for full legalization” of marijuana.

      AG Jeff Sessions was busted by Popadopolous for lying under oath. Evidence shows he and President Trump were colluding with the Russians back in March.

      1. Full legalization is what it should be. Already big pharma is trying to regulate it.

      2. So long as people are being arrested for growing, possessing, or using cannabis, marijuana prohibition is still in effect.

      3. Indeed. Beware of crooked tricksters like Roger Stone who pretend to be on our side, request donations then say his focus is to “convince the President to REschedule to schedule 2.”

        Cocaine is on schedule 2. Thats not legalization or DEscheduling marijuana.

        Big Pharma would love to see schedule 2 and a crack down on state commercial marijuana markets. If we don’t make Congress fix the Rohrabacher Blumenauer amendment before next month thats exactly what will happen. Then our last hope are a majority of mmj states and federal courts…

  4. Any member who has seen war & or the effects of war should not be denied. Or just traumatized for any number of reasons. For it is the subtle forgetness that I enjoy the most. Being able to forget things. Besides being able to eat without indigestion.

  5. I live in Ma.and I’m in my 60s and the other day I was at Veteran Hospital and I tested pos. for pot. So the Dr. say’s I’m not giving you your pain pills as I been getting for almost 30 years. so I packed up all my meds a big bag full and drop them off at VA and told DR. to piss off.And I would rather be sick and die than play his games. man I’m sick as a dog.Wife wants me to go to hospital and I say I will when he gives my meds back or die. The funny part about it I haven’t smoked in at least 10 years and didn’t care if I smoke again but its the my age playing games with me

    1. I understand your outrage.
      I don’t want you to suffer needlessly. Perhaps you should go back to using cannabis? Just a thought. Get some good medicine into your system?

    2. Thank you for your service Paul.

      Depending on your injuries, marijuana concentrates can help as a topical anelgesic. In Mexico marijuana is made into a tincture with alcohol and rubbed into inflammed and injured areas. You can make this in a mason jar and a bottle of bacardi 151. Leave the buds in the alcohol covered for a couple of months in a dark cool place. Aloe vera and mugwort may not smell very good but theyre easy to grow and help reduce inflammation by rubbing the tincture directly into the affected area. Oil concentrates are effective but can cause a felony possession and smell so you want to do that at night and at home. Walmart sells a $300 rosin press on line for what its worth.

      One of the advantages of staying off opioids (besides not overdosing) is that marijuana will help you tolerate the pain enough to identify exactly where the pain is coming from. From there, I recommend paying a healer, homeopathic doctor or holistic medicine provider cash. You need someone who can look at your diet, posture and habits along with your blood work and tests. Youre better off paying cash and using medicare.
      Stay strong and stay away from those deadly synthetic meds.

      1. Julian has hit it on the nailhead: cannabis encourages primal basic body intelligence (KNOWING where the pain is)– which is precisely what offends Big monopoly capital pHAT: pHARMa, Alcohol, Tobacco whose profits depend on the stupidity habit (“Don’t tell me $#!+” as one cigar-inhaler/vodka-addict yelled at me).

      2. PS Mugwort tastes o.k. as a sifted 25-mg microToke in a flexdrawtube oneheater. But maybe you knew that already.

      3. Maybe when its vaporized, but as a tincture in alcohol its pretty potent… you wanna use an eye drop and put 20 drops in a cup of water and chug. May not taste good but that cured a terrible stomach infection when antibiotics just made it worse.

  6. 100 % disabled by IU. Have been a Medical Marijuana patient since June 2017. It greatly helps my pains for 2 knee replacements, back arthritis, carpal tunnel both hands, tumor left eye (frozen by cryosurgery), anxiety and depression. Thank God for the natural herb cannabis. It works- no question about it. Hope all vets get we deserve in ANY state regardless
    US Army retired/ combat medic

  7. I’m a 54 year old Combat Veteran who has severe PTSD. The VA has me on 4 different meds for it. I have chronic pain and neuropathy in both legs from the knees down. I was on opiates for over 10 years and used marijuana (unfortunately I had to use illegally). Marijuana helped me get off of the opiates. In addition, the VA makes me choke down the 4 medications which are man made chemicals that I don’t like, nor do they work very well. I’d rather use a plant given to us by God (Book of Genesis) that works by itself, with excellent results! Big pharma lobbies against medical marijuana because they’ve got a 300 Billion dollar industry that they don’t want to lose. We naturally have an Endocanabinoid system in our bodies that is affected in a positive way with the use of marijuana. It also slows the progression of cancer cells! I think it STUPID that marijuana isn’t legal in my state (Wisconsin)! The benefits outweigh the negative, plus by legalizing the state could make massive gains in revenue! I’m gathering medical data to put in a letter that I’m going to be sending to State politicians, and the Governor showing that it’s ludicrous NOT to have at LEAST medicinal marijuana!

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