We Need Your Help to Protect Patients from Jeff Sessions

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 7.32.58 PMDuring a House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing today, Attorney General Jeff Sessions admitted his Department of Justice would be required to abide by budget amendments that restrict their use of funding to go after state-legal medical marijuana programs.

Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN) grilled Sessions on a number of his Reefer Madness talking points including his comments stating marijuana consumers are not “good people” and if he believed that he would be bound by budget amendments, like Rohrabacher-Blumenauer and McClintock-Polis, that ban him from using DOJ funds to target state marijuana laws. Sessions agreed.

This explains why he was vigorously lobbying Republican members of the House to oppose these amendments earlier this year. We know full well that Jeff Sessions despises marijuana and is a die-hard drug warrior from the Just Say No era. While these restrictions remain in place, he cannot pursue his lifelong dream of returning us to old, failed drug war policies.

Unfortunately, these budget amendments need to be renewed on an annual basis, and so far they have not been for 2018. If these protections go away, there is no guarantee that the Department of Justice won’t begin to implement federal prohibition laws in states that have moved in a more common sense direction on marijuana policy.



The best defense is a good offense and we need to make our voices heard loudly and clearly now, before it is too late. Take a minute today to stand up for respecting state marijuana laws and tell Sessions we won’t accept any attempts to crack down on these important programs. Send a message NOW.

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  1. Just sent the letter to my two Senators and Rep. I really need to call their offices and tell them that they need to include MJ legalization or Drug Reform on their list of topics. I ended up using the topic “Crime and Punishment” on one letter and “Civil Liberties” on the other two. It’s ridiculous.

  2. omg….NORML…I had started watching the Sessions testimony later in the hearing…and please excuse the outburst, but WOOOOOOOWWW!! Just WOW! This I did NOT see.

    WAY TO GO SEN. COHEN! This FINALLY brings more light into why Sessions has not cracked down. Norml, you are so right, we MUST keep those amendments alive! FOLKS, WRITE YOUR REPS! It is urgent! Sessions still has YEARS if he chooses to decide on a crack down after his so called “rigerous review.” It also shows he is not done with marijuana yet, so we MUST keep renewing those admendments, amongst our other work (i.e. getting more and more states onboard, and descheduling, etc.)

    Omg…this is probably the GREATEST article I have ever seen here, other than 2012 and Col, Wash. This is awesoome, and FINALLY we know more. Sessions knows he is trapped if he can’t get funding, and he even seems a tad defeated here. He knows he is widely opposed. HATS OFF to Mr. Cohen, a GREAT video! Thank you NORML, back later on this one, that is a PROMISE this time.


      1. Oh, and one more thing for now, as I am DEF. coming back to this article….when I said tad defeated, it DOES bring marginal comfort that Sessions said “see how it plays out.” and agreeing, finally, that it is less dangerous than other drugs, i.e. heroin. I just wish the old man would WAKE UP.

        Later, wow, the emotion 🙂

    1. I agree, it felt a bit like karmic justice watching the Elf squirm and backtrack on his Reefer Madness rhetoric. That proves to me that even Sessions realizes (in this day and age) that pure hardcore prohibitionist rhetoric has its risks.

  3. Thank you for the link (done) and the focus on the main issue at hand in marijuana reform today; making Congress maintain the Rohrabacher Blumenauer amendment.

    While we can fantasize Sessions will take his old job back as Senator and lose to Doug Jones in the horrific election in Alabama, the reality is thats not likely to happen. We need to call our Congressman:


    And respectfully let them know we are voting constituents and demand the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment gets renewed.

    Erik, Justin, why dont we have a link directly to Rep. John Culberson, R-Houston who sits on the committee that decides whether the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment gets renewed?

    While I’m loath to use a link from MPP being that they are more business than consumer representative, on this one their link is on the ball;


    We can also contact Rep. Pete Sessions, R-TX with this link who tricked the amendment out of the House Appropriations Bill in the first place.

    We can’t hope that AG Jeff Sessions’ ridiculous floundering to Congress or Mueller will distract him from cracking down on everything from mmj patients to the CBD oil in our supermarkets. “I forgot to remember that I pushed back to remember I forgot.” Gotta put the fishing waders on when asking Sessions for the truth. Bull$#!+ gets DEEP! the evidence of lying under oath is clear. Indict Sessions for high treason. (And I mean the highest treason that can make us high and truly forget!)

    Meanwhile the focus needs to be on Pete Sessions and Culberson. Call today!


      1. Right… so Houston NORML and DFW NORML need the link and have to get into those districts door to door, email to email. Time to get on the offense.

      2. Thanks Justin; I know you’ve got the link to Congress. What I should have said was DFW and Houston NORML need to bring the link from their phones and i pads door to door to encourage people in Pete Sessions and Culberson’s district to contact their Congressman.

        Americans need to get over the stigma of contacting Congress and I find that easier to do face to face. It’s not like giving our personal information by contacting the DA or the County Sherrif! Now THATS where our language and personal information gets real sensitive! I’ll talk to the DA but the only thing I want to ask a cop in Texas is “am I being arrested” and “can I leave now?”

    1. One of the problems, potentially, with our movement, Julian. We ought to be working WITH groups like MPP, and not dwelling on differences. We are all in this together. MPP is a fine organization, and we ought to put aside any quarrels and work with them even more closely. Just a suggestion.

      1. Here in Texas, MPP and Texas NORML work closely together. Rob Kampia’s announcement to focus on Texas will increase that activity leading into our 2019 legislative session.
        Executive Director Heather Fazio of MPP’s Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy had a good conversation with me years back where I said “While my radar is up against industry dominated policy, consumer advocacy is good for business. I don’t want to see “Im right, your wrong” and petty “either or” arguments tear us down when we should be working together.”
        We had a high five over that one. Someone has to represent consumers. Someone has to represent mj industries. We meet with our state and federal legislators and coevolve.

  4. In the above video, Jefferson Peckerwood Sessions doesn’t bother to hide his contempt for marijuana use, nor his contempt for advocates for more rational policies. There was a moment where I thought he was about to spit!

    For the love of Jah, people, please: hit the links and send the letter!

  5. https://www.leafly.com/news/politics/the-haymaker-sending-sessions-back-to-the-senate-could-boost-legalization?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=B2C%20NEWSLETTER%202017-11-15

    The article linked above from Leafly entertains the logical pressure from all directions to make Sessions take his old Senate seat back and let Rosenstein, (who has not recused himself from the Russia investigations by special councel Mueller), take the position of Attorney General.

    While I agree this would be a net plus, allow me to explain why we STILL have to CALL our Congressman and click on the links and leverage our votes to save the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment:

    In short,

    Marijuana is not bad nor the people who consume it:
    Its war-laws that we had and the people who resume it

    While Rosenstein may follow the Cole memos, any AG is still obligated to use tax payer dollars (as they are made available through Congressional law) to deny the medical efficacy of marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act. If the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment expires Dec 8th… (and if WE dont call our Congressman it will) …our money WILL be used to crack down on dispensaries, its just a matter of some AG’s would crack down more than others. Call now!


  6. He deserved all the questioning he got. Time’s are a chaingin’, and he needs to get with the program. Leave an industry that is creating jobs and generating revenue for people and governments alone!

    Thank you for your work. I will do the best I can in spreading it.

  7. Thank you Steve Cohen for continued leadership on this issue. Mad dogging Jeff Sessions and forcing him to concede that marijuana is safer than heroin, and that he is bound by Hinchey Rohrabacher, and to crawfish away from his comments about good people smoking marijuana – these were huge wins overshadowed by the Russia business, and by the stupid impeachment bill as well. Russia/ impeachment are losers for America. Stick to the marijuana issue, Steve, it is what you will be remembered for and it is a bipartisan winner for the country.

    1. The President was shaking hands with mass murderer and drug warrior President Duterte of the Phillipines just the other day, PRAISING him for his “drug” control efforts (i.e., killing innocent people accused of drug consumption at random and deputizing the public into murdering for the government)…
      …and you have the nerve to say “don’t focus on impeachment, focus on marijuana reform?” As if the two are not related? Where were you when Sessions became the first Senator to endorse Trump’s campaign back in Feb. of 2016? Or when Drumph began his campaign blaming “Mexicans bringing the rapists” and “drugs” on our failed drug policies just like Anslinger did when prohibition started 85 years ago? And you think youre “SaferinNewOrleans”?

      You know what? I agree with you. Impeachment is too far sighted. We should focus on indicting and deposing the Pumpkin-Headed-Drug-Warrior in Chief. I’m sure that supressing investigative journalism in violation of the 1st amendment will get Justice Kennedy’s attention. There, is that better focus for you?

  8. So let me get this straight. 61% of Americans live in states with legal medical marijuana is available to choose as a treatment option. Obvious majority has the freedom of this option. Will of the people, and all that.

    What percentage of Americans live in States, which have legalized medical cannabis?

    Well the population of the US is about 324,912,000. Medical marijuana is legal in:

    Alaska – 738,432

    Arizona – 6,828,065

    Arkansas – 2,978,204

    California – 39,144,818

    Colorado – 5,456,574

    Connecticut – 3,590,886

    Delaware – 945,934

    Florida – 20,271,272

    Hawaii – 1,431,603

    Illinois – 12,859,995

    Maine – 1,329,328

    Maryland – 6,006,401

    Massachusetts – 6,794,422

    Michigan – 9,922,576

    Minnesota – 5,489,594

    Montana – 1,032,949

    Nevada – 2,890,845

    New Hampshire – 1,330,608

    New Jersey – 8,958,013

    New Mexico – 2,085,109

    New York – 19,795,791

    North Dakota – 756,927

    Ohio – 11,613,423

    Oregon – 4,028,977

    Pennsylvania – 12,802,503

    Rhode Island – 1,056,298

    Vermont – 626,042

    Washington – 7,170,351

    Washington DC – 672,228

    Total population living in a Medicinal Legal or higher state – 198,608,168

    198,608,168/324,912,000 = 61% of the US population lives in a medicinal legal state.


    1. Thanks for the stats! I have to believe that even the prohibitionists are realizing that stopping legalization will not be especially easy.

  9. And, considering 63 million Americans live in states where adult recreational is legal, that’s about 19% of the population that lives in states where adults have this additional freedom.

    Is that right? I mean, the article is from 11/09/2016.

    What’s the update on these kinds of statistics? Verbiage plus bar charts, pie charts, something.


    I’d like to see the new statistics give this federal tax legislation giving cannabusinesses the go-ahead to make standard business deductions get passed quickly.


  10. The messages need to be sent to President Trump informing him to remove cannabis from the list on the CSA. The law gives the president the power to add or remove substances from the law. president Trump believes this is a states rights issue.The letters should include the need to grow Hemp nationwide for food, fiber and fuel as well as leave cannabis up to the individual sates to decide.
    Letters to congress need to push the fact that they are representatives to the public need to also remove cannabis from the CSA.

    1. If Trump believes marijuana reform is a states rights issue, why was he praising mass-murdering drug warrior and Phillipine President Duterte for his “good work” cracking down on drugs just the other day?

      I dont want to be rude, but is it possible for you to fit those two opposing thoughts in your head at the same time? He said he was for states right like many, many, many other lies during the campaign, but then elects Sessions to AG and signs orders on asset forfeitures that set us back in marijuana reform. Stop fooling yourself.

    2. I agree It is a states right issue. “Congress shall make no laws” That is where focus against prohibition should be, just like the laws against alcohol during the 1920’s. Once congress sees the light the states will have to fall in line unless the “pot degenerates” ruin it for the rest of us.

    3. Dave, hate to break it to you, but Trump doesn’t give one flying fuck about state’s rights, or any other principle other than self-interest.

  11. Wow;


    I didnt know how bad Representative Ted Lieu, D-CA tore Jeff Sessions up in that hearing. Thats some fairly potent dialogue between those two. Jeff Sessions is caught bold faced lying under oath, using his security clearance as evidence that he lied abput meeting Russians for campaign purposes. “Were you lying then or are you lying now?” Daaaaaaaaamn…

    “I Dee-clare… I just remembered not to remember whatever I remembered…” …deceitfully.

    Perjury. Obstruction of Justice. Lying under Oath. And if that doesnt get him in court I bet Mueller has a tape on him for the DC Grand Jury. (I just pray to God its not a pee-pee tape… I’m tellin ya’ll crack and prostitutes are what they do at the Mayflower Hotel… It would be like going to the Magic Kingdom in Orlando and pretending like you didn’t see the castle… then what did you SEE?!)

  12. I am all for federal legalization. That is where the prohibition problem lies. As the states legalize, as long as federal laws against medical or recreational use exist there will be harassment. If congress and the senate legalize or decriminalize the justice dept. will have no choice but to follow suit. We all want a society of rules and laws. You cannot have it both ways.

    1. Ricarrdo, you are exactly right, the Federal law MUST be changed, and there will be that “constant harassment/pressure” until it is.

      That said…I WILL say that…with every state that comes on board and legalizes….it DOES create more and more and more pressure on the Federal gov. AND it’s resource base SHOULD they decide to start enforcing and cracking down. It is almost…down to geography…asset forfeit. or not….

      Rep. Cohen said it….it will take the Feds. more and more and more resources and time with EVERY STATE that chooses legalization over adherence to Federal law. What are they to do, roll out the National Guard? This is not te 60’s any longer, but 2017, but perhaps they would.

      Perhaps not.

      I totally agree with you on changing the Federal law. All I am saying is that, with every state that legalizes, it DOES make it harder and HARDER for the Feds. to act, not to mention embarassing and unpopular in the court of public opinion. I know the Feds. might not care about this, in the face of enforcing the law/it does not matter, but it still is also embarassing if they decide to crack down, i.e. a PR nightmare. It just does not fit in 2017.

      But I totally agree with you, the Federal law must be changed, and marijuana taken off CSA. That is all I am saying. It might be Federal law, but every state that joins makes it more and more of a MESS for the Feds, Sessions, and the DOJ and DEA.

      Peace, and in solidarity,


    2. something is going to give, Ricarrdo, no doubt. This is unsustainable, the war between the Feds. and states, or, at least, any coming war.

      Hopefully the Federal law will be changed by Congress, in light of reality.

  13. have had Crohns disease 12 1/2 years

    used MMJ for 4 years.

    let me tell you.

    Without MMJ Crohns is hell on earth

    the systemic fatigue, pain that makes you scream, uncontrolled diarrhea, inflammation attacking joints like gout or arthritis.

    MMJ completely cures the inflammation, systemic fatigue, the pain, and 99% of the diarrhea.

    MMJ turns hell on earth to a minor inconvenience.

    I have only had three minor flares in the past 17 months. Occasionally I had three flares a week.

  14. After so many years of typing http://www.norml.org to reach my favorite marijuana advocacy website imagine my dismay when I read the “National Organization for the Reform of Men,” where circumcized men encourage eachother to graft foreskins back on to their penis. My first thought was “Wow, NORML took a sharp turn in their advocacy message…”
    But no, it turned out I just left the “l” out of “NORML.” Because anything less just isn’t gonna cut it.

  15. Sessions will be running the DOJ from C-Block after he’s convicted of his crimes including perjury. With such a very bad short term memory, I think Sessions should be tested for marijuana use!

  16. Voting has consequences. Had Trump been defeated in 2016, you wouldn’t read dire headlines like, “We Need Your Help to Protect Patients from Jeff Sessions.” All this could have been avoided, but oh no the deplorables had to throw their little temper tantrum and elect a fascist psychopath who praises drug war murderers like Duterte and appoints the medieval Sessions to jail all the people he wants and seize their property. And yet some of these deplorables have gone on to NORML’s site praising Trump as some cannabis freedom fighter. Alternative facts. You can’t make this stuff up.

  17. The only good thing about Sessions, and I really mean the “ONLY” good thing about Sessions, is that he is an old man and probably won’t live much longer!

    I see him as a danger to our country and the good people who live here that believe in freedom and the right to pursue happiness.

    His “Holier than Thou” attitude and statements make him seem more like a Nazi to me than any kind of representative of the American people. It does not surprise me that his boss, Trump, has German blood flowing through his veins (his last name was changed from Drumph).

    I salute them both using middle finger only!!!

  18. As we approach historic milestones and deadlines like California and Canada implementing their legalization markets and the Rohrabacher Blumenauer amendment needing renewal by December 8th, we need to remind ourselves that donating to our local and national NORML chapters and to organizations like the Drug Policy Alliance or MPP have real world effects on the entire planet by reforming US drug laws.

    None have paid the cost so much as Mexico and Colombia where the Sackler family is now targeting their predatory opioids on more vulnerable markets, farms and ranches.

    Acapulco. Cancun. Santa Marta. These are the world’s playgrounds and beaches. And yet its easier for us to turn away from tourism than accept our own drug policies are responsible for the violence and donate to the cause and save our world heritage from deadly extortion.

    Independent news from Underreported World is covering the new threat from the Zeta cartel in Cancun;


    Over the last few years, we have watched the mountains around Around Acapulco supply %45 of the poppy, heroin and raw ingredients for synthetic opioids in the U.S. Watching this documentary is horrifying; the hotels that once entertained Frank Sinatra are now empty. Every day Mexican citizens who refuse or fail to pay extortion are murdered in the streets where thousands of tourists used to enjoy the one-of-a-kind view. Cancun is next. Mexico’s beaches are under attack by cartels that work for one central cartel that determines the rules of the game… American voters and how we purchase drugs and allow Congress to regulate the DOJ. The question is will we let it happen? Or will we click on the Act tab and take action?

  19. While were calling Congress over the Dec. 8th deadline to renew the Rohrabacher Blumenauer amendment:

    Dont forget to mention protect net neutrality:


    Ajit Pie the FCC chair and former lawyer for Verizon wants to kill the internet on Dec 14th and make it where only rich people have access and networks like Fox can buy up all the bandwidth and kill independent news. It will kill the internet as we know it, and make our advocacy for marijuana reform next to impossible. Renew the R&B amendment and protect net neutrality. If Congress can dish it they can take it. Call now.

  20. http://www.colinallred.com

    A Progressive Democrat and former linebacker for the Tennesee Titans also an attorney is running against Jeff Sessions’ brother Pete Sessions in Texas’ 32nd district.

    Pete Sessions is the motherfucker who cut renewal of the Rohrabacher Blumenauer amendment from the House Appropriations Committee which now expires the 8th of December. Without this amendment AG Jeff Sessions can and will use our tax dollars to crack down on legal marijuana dispensaries just as California legalizes Jan. 1st.

    Please support Colin’s campaign. He has a real chance if we all support him.

    1. It is my understanding that the two Sessions are not related, other than ideologically? I’m not certain about that, however…

  21. President Trump, please remove Mr. Sessions immediately as he is jeopardizing the freedoms of Americans that were legally voted upon, and passed. This is unjust, and unconscionable, and must stop post haste. Thank you sir.

    1. @ Claudia C.
      If it were me, I would rephrase that to something like this:
      “Mr. Popular Vote Loser And Pussy-Grabber In Chief,
      You suck. Please resign immediately, and take all your KKK-loving, America-hating, child-molesting cohorts with you.
      Sincerely, etc.”

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