Adult Use Retail Sales To Commence In California

Marijuana ScienceSelect retailers will begin engaging in adult use marijuana sales on the morning of Monday, January 1. California joins Alaska, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington in permitting cannabis sales to those over the age of 21.

Two additional states – Maine and Massachusetts – permit adults to legally possess and grow cannabis, but have yet to enact regulations permitting the plant’s commercial cultivation and sale.

Under California law, retailers must possess a state license and also be compliant with local regulations. Numerous municipalities — including Berkeley, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Los Angeles — have approved local regulations to permit marijuana retailers. Existing medical cannabis dispensaries are allowed to engage in adult use sales if they possess dual licensing.

“The rollout of legalized retail marijuana sales for adults in California marks another watershed moment for the movement to reform our nation’s marijuana laws,” NORML Executive Director Erik Altieri said. “As is often the case, California will continue its role as a political bellwether state. It’s successful implementation of adult use regulation will inspire further states to follow its lead.”

Separate regulations governing the production, testing, packaging, and sale of medical cannabis also take effect on January 1. The regulations are the first broad set of rules governing medical cannabis production in California since voters approved of the practice in 1996.

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  1. That’s momentum like a freight train for the marijuana legalization movement.

    But it doesn’t make us unstoppable. If The Resistance fails, the marijuana legalization movement fails.

    We cannot make ANY concessions to Trump, not out of fear, not out of stupidity.

      1. That’s right! In fact, including Alaska the entire continental west coast! The cracks are happing in the east coast too . . . slowly but surely. Now, if only the red conservative states in the middle would become enlightened too . . .

  2. At least until Jan. 19th when the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment expires, we should call our Congressman to make sure it gets renewed:
    Although after all the Congressional and AG drama, and the beaurocratic red tape getting licensing from San Francisco to LA, California’s first week of revenue should afford some evasive delivery tactics. After a full year of trauma under this predatory administration we still have the Cole memos. And as suspected, Trump has made a mess of other problems for his administration to worry about.

    I remember the first time California legalized in 1996. I was walking up the stairs to my high school in D.C. talking about it with my dreadlocked Algebra teacher Dr. Smith. She kinda rolled her eyes and said, “It aint gonna change that easy.” I said, “Yeah, but someone once told me a drop of water can make big ripples… but someone has to start them.”

    Look how big the waves of green have gotten.

  3. Happy Weed Year (continued)

    Number Eight: reject the hate
    That propaganda create
    Sheldon Adelson was late
    But Putin knows how to wait
    They just bait and separate
    Till the racists learn their fate
    Now it’s time to elevate
    Don’t marijuana feel great?

    Weed helps us see through bull$#!+
    We get beat down but won’t quit
    We grow back when they cut it
    When they lie and prohibit
    We fly over the limit
    Making love to the last hit
    Because hate can’t perceive it
    Legalize our opponent
    Till the last vote is counted

    Number Seven’s for the jails
    Losing private prison sales
    Disproportionate black males
    Stayin free and makin bales
    Just like Junior Gong prevails
    Where a Cali prison fails
    And soon lives to tell the tales
    How he’s sellin weeds and ales
    From the same walls that made jails

    Now they seek the immigrant
    To fill the jails now vacant
    But this Herb’s so heaven sent
    It frees refugees that went
    From lands our CIA spent
    Toppling their government
    But Geo Group can get bent
    Cuz legal weed can prevent
    Another fake president
    Our Mayan family migrant
    From living tent to tent
    To no lawyer represent
    Them on their day of judgement
    The Drug War just took a dent
    CCA needs to repent;
    Our weed tax wont pay your rent

    1. (Soy Dan Rapper,
      Ain’t no napper
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      Don’t wanna die,
      Don’t wanna fry!
      From the N to the Bomb,

      Said, “Trump’s unglued!
      I’d tackle that fool!”

      Now, back to you.
      Yo countdown, Jules!)

      1. This is gettin’ cool
        I know it cuz I ain’t no fool!
        If Dan Rapper and Jules put on a show,
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        Course, I’d have somethin’ for my head
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      2. Dan the Rapper,
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  4. Heres the breakdown on Cali stores:

    West Hollywood opens Jan. 2nd. Thats weeks earlier than predicted. Speaking of predictions, I think that Cali is going to make so much money by the 19th that even Republican Congressman (besides the obvious, Dana Rohrabacher), are going to be like, “just shut up Jeff, were going to deschedule it.”

  5. I’ve been a MMJ user in CA since 2000. I think that needing to register with the state in order to skip some new state taxes, is bullshit.

  6. The largest economy in the nation, and the sixth largest in the entire universe has gone nuclear. What members of congress, knowing the majority of the people who put them in office do not want a war on marijuana, is going to give a very unpopular AG the resources to go against the will of the people they represent. Rumor has it that we may be sending as many as 50,000 troops back to South Vietnam to fight an unpopular war that we did not win the first time, sure, why not.

    1. @ Mr. CC,
      The answer to your question is: “Why, the Republican members of Congress, of course! Since when do they give a shit about what their constituents want?”


    Cali mj sales are predicted to eventually top $20 billion annually. The tax revenue is staggering, even as Green Market Report warns that “The black market won’t go out without a fight.”

    I’m sitting here in Mexico on vacation looking at California Hippy expat enclaves that dropped out of the fight a long time ago wondering who is the black market? Jeff Sessions and Big Pharma? Who is still buying moldy smuggled illegal weed in California? Illegal grows, even Mexican cartels have been growing inside of Cali for years. But legalization, especially testing for pesticides and chemicals, will leave these operations exposed. The only illegal grow operations that could survive in a legal state market, even with fires hitting legal supplies, will hit “firewalls” of their own;

    A Maryland Community Bank has been providing limited banking services under great scrutiny to not wake the sleeping giant of FDIC protection. Green Bits, a California based company helps dispensaries track and report their activities to participating community banks to meet FDIC compliance.

    This isn’t crop insurance and these small banks can’t provide mj loans, but it’s a critical piece of the financial legalization puzzle to combat the black market and prohibitionists that have a stronghold on the wealthiest banks. To be clear, when I say black market, I’m not talking about the hippies that have dropped out of capitalism and decided to grow their “six plants” and stay home.

  8. The black market, at it’s dark money core, are the same wealthy bankers responsible for the financial collapse of 2008, the decision on Citizens United that turned our political campaigns into money-laundering washing mashines. It’s Bank of America, JP Morgan-Chase and Goldman Sachs that are responsible for the deregulation of their accountability or the tax evasion of the pharmaceutical industry that literally gets away with murder and are responsible for the politicians that continue to refuse cannibanking or to deschedule marijuana. Jamie Dimon, John Paulson and Steve Mnuchin, faces of prohibition, are just like Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, gambling our own tax dollars against us, traumatizing our Democratic Republic with a predatory administration to lower their own taxes while making themselves the sole beneficiaries of our economic collapse. And the irony is its their own deregulation that will be their undoing, because the FDIC isnt even worth whats at stake anymore.
    Because the “black market” is the Controlled Substances Act and every banker and politician that defends us.

  9. The problem with Utah is that now people can just drive to Vegas for their weed. That could make Utahns think they don’t need to legalize in Utah. The speed limit on the Utah section of I-15 is 80mph. It’s not such a long trip to Vegas.

  10. This just broke on the news – Justice Dept to end Obama era policy and to empower federal law enforcement to prosecute otherwise state-compliant participants.

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