Democrats and Republicans Reject Recent Action by AG Sessions


Following yesterday’s announcement by the DOJ that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had rescinded the Cole Memo, an Obama-era memorandum issued by Attorney General James Cole in 2013, federal lawmakers on both sides of the aisle quickly denounced the decision.

Reject AG Sessions’ Efforts to Revert to the Failed Criminal Policies of the ‘Just Say No’ Era

In addition to taking to the floor of the Senate to express his frustrations, Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) continued to vent on Twitter. He had this to say:

“This reported action directly contradicts what Attorney General Sessions told me prior to his confirmation. With no prior notice to Congress, the Justice Department has trampled on the will of the voters in CO and other states.”

Sharing some of the same frustrations as her counterpart in the Senate, Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) shared the following in a email to supporters:

“Sessions’ actions to protect the bottom lines of the for-profit private prison industry, and Big Pharma whose opioids and drugs flourish in part due to the marijuana prohibition, while trampling on states’ rights and turning everyday Americans into criminals, is the latest injustice that the Attorney General has suffered on the American people.”

Being the cosponsor of pending legislation, that if passed by Congress would stop AG Sessions in his tracks, Representative Gabbard also took a minute to encourage support for her bill, HR 1227:

“I am calling on every member of Congress to take up the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act to remove marijuana from the list of federally controlled substances.”

With prominent Democrats and Republicans promising a fight and threatening to derail DOJ nominations, and thousands of calls and emails from activists asking lawmakers to reject Mr. Sessions’ misguided plan, it appears that political courage comes in many forms.

To join the fight, take a few minutes to contact your representative and encourage their support for HR 1227: The Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act: and email for a list of upcoming meetings and lobby days.

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  1. Great to hear. FOLKS, is it POSSIBLE…Sessions eliminated the Cole Memo….

    because he is soon to step down, be fired? Maybe he won’t get much a chance to head a crackdown, even with his dangerous Federal attornies, potentially dangerous, in key legalization states

    Despite his disgusting move, he is under a TON of fire now. Great news to hear legalslatures are speaking up!


    We WILL win. Kevin Sabet is wrong, too. Our movement will NEVER die completely, even if we must go underground! Stand strong, Sessions has ALREADY lost. Best of a New Year to you all, and ONWARD in the struggle!

    To legalization, and to the FUTURE.

    Blessings, friends.


    1. Stand up, and don’t be afraid. Don’t let Session’s evil move frighten you, or ANY crackdown or raid. We shall not be moved.

      Later, and write your Congress people, support RB, and the Cory Booker bill and others.

      Peace and strength, I know this hurts, but we shall prevail.

      1. and great job, Vermont. EVERY STATE makes a difference, makes us stronger and stronger. Hopefully, MI, Illinois, others will come through soon, too, NJ, others.

    2. Matt, I agree and I know that we will all stand strong against the Elf. He’s definitely proselytizing from a rickety soap box!

    3. Wow, pom poms for everbody! Don’t go underground! Do what is right, change the law, H.R. 1227 and H.R. 2020.

      By changing the law, the little man becomes powerless.

  2. I think it best to let Mr. Sessions’ choice stand. The backlash by September will mark the end of the GOP and it’s backward thinking and failed policies. There’s more to consider than a few months of highly publicized and greatly disparaging clashes of patients in wheelchairs in need of medicine v. Controlling Forces.

    As a futurist, I am buying stock in mercenary enforcement companies who I anticipate the Government will hire on margin to shut down the green-evil doers.

    Don’t raise your voice, do not write, sit by idly, after all, look how far that has gotten you!

    1. I know one thing, Eddie, or suspect. Many millenials will NOT vote GOP. Growing imp. of social issues. It is NOT the Dems and Progressives who will be in trouble, but the outdated GOP.

  3. Do not agree to this ridiculous proposal..Sessions is a right wing racist bigoted lying ass wipe. He is guilty of lying under oath. When is this nightmare going to stop under the Drumpf WH.



  5. Hi everyone, one more article before bed, an interesting article I found on some of the prosecutors in the legalization states.

    I am extremely concerned about Maine…not good.

    Well, enjoy your weekends. I know every day now after the Sessions act will be painful, very painful, but we must stand firm, maintain the TRUTH that we WILL still win in the end.

    Sessions may be cracking down. But I think we all know that not only is the genie out of the bong and phenominally popular, he cannot stop legalization completely.

    Goodnight and sleep well in the comfort of knowing, again, we have already won.


    1. Wow what are twelve? Firing Sessions isn’t the answer. He’s doing his job just like a baker or fireman. Change the law! H.R. 1227 and H.R.2020.

      One very important point. What about all the left out federal workers? Nice to have states rights but the good hard working federal workers are screwed. Change the law!

  6. We have many citizens that suffer from things such MS , inability to sleep, chronic pain, even simple anxiety.
    Then let’s consider the narcotic addictions and OD we see. And the use of alcohol, which is far more dangerous.
    So many things cannabis is useful for. It’s criminal that anyone would want to criminalize this herb.
    We know it’s been used for centuries, we know so so many use it even with the laws. This herb is extremely safe. No deaths recorded from cannabis ONLY.
    Then we have for profit prisons. STOP. We are all tired of that nonsense.
    We’re also tired of high drug prices, cannabis can help those who cannot afford those prices.
    Let’s accept reality and reschedule cannabis. It will happen sooner or later, make it sooner. The American public is asking for this to be done.
    Educate, regulate.

  7. Eddie–what? You’re planning on buying stocks in mercenaries? So, you see the prospect of mercenaries patrolling our streets, ala Falluja or Baghdad, as an investment opportunity? You see mercenaries being used to bust MJ dispensaries as an investment opportunity? My god, man, that takes greed and cynicism to a new level. You sure you’re on the right website?

  8. Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO): “This reported action directly contradicts what Attorney General Sessions told me prior to his confirmation. With no prior notice to Congress, the Justice Department has trampled on the will of the voters in CO and other states.”

    What a load of crap by Senator Cory Gardner (R), pretending to be all shocked and shit to find out that Trump is a liar.

    Now that the Republicans have gotten their ripoff tax heist, and never stop trying to take away our Healthcare, all at the expense of us working Americans, NOW, all of a sudden, they want to go back to pretending like they actually give a fuck about the health and well-being of their constituents.

    Well, I don’t buy it.

    Senator Cory Gardner is a Trump lapdog, and so he must pay the price for being a Trump supporter on Election Day.

    Fuck Trump, and all his Republican enablers! This is Cory Gardner’s fault, and now he is trying to evade the blame. Don’t let him get away with it. There are no good Republicans here.

  9. At the risk of sounding positive about this muck we’ve been stuck in for so many generations now I’m going to do just that. Something’s up with the pyrimiad paridigm. There’s definitely a shift. Just to who or where? After a lifetime of forced participation and evaluation of the most ungodly chess game ever played……there not gonna do shit!!! Except help us role out the foundation for our will, our fucking planet, and our plants will!!! Prohibition is in the corner, checkmate right now!!! Let’s get this thing knocked out already. Can we please have flowers now? That’s what we’re asking for!!! Here’s to hoping flower power sticks this time

  10. What the Attorney.General. is doing although everyone seems to be disagreeing ‘except for me’ is constitutional. Reasons: I live within a decriminalized border area and since this low-decriminalized things have gone worse. Drug users are not always the best people. This is a country area, plus some youths – long hair hippy type (18-20) acted like they were going jump me one jumping at me when I was walking home from town, never happened before. Voting authority has gone to their heads.
    Only after the US marijuana craze.
    It’s degenerative.
    Now the law.
    The Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution (Article VI, Clause 2) establishes that the Constitution, federal laws made pursuant to it, and treaties made under its authority, constitute the supreme law of the land.
    James Madison defends the Supremacy Clause as vital to the functioning of the nation. He noted that state legislatures were invested with all powers not specifically defined in the Constitution, but also said that having the federal government subservient to various state constitutions would be an inversion of the principles of government, concluding that if supremacy were not established “it would have seen the authority of the whole society everywhere subordinate to the authority of the parts; it would have seen a monster, in which the head was under the direction of the members”.
    What he is saying is the authority of the combined countries people (the USA) would be placed on a low level, really low and shallow, while increasing the authority of the lesser public and the lesser states.
    So although Marijuana is a luxury to a few in a few states the damages done to the entire citizenry of the US is enormous while remaining Federal laws apply to them and is discriminatory towards the subjective under standing regulation. until Sessions.
    you will not post this.

    1. @ Ha Ha,
      Geez, you’re no fun.
      For someone with a name like “Ha Ha” you sure are a buzz-kill!

  11. Getting rid of Sessions, without getting rid of Trump, won’t help. Sessions is to Trump as shit is to asshole. If we get rid of Sessions, Trump will simply shit out another unqualified, corrupt, and bought-off Republican turd.

    No, The Republicans walked in lockstep to bring us to this fucked-up situation, and the duplicitous bastards don’t get to slink away and disassociate from each other now. ALL REPUBLICANS OWN THIS STINKING MESS, AND ALL MUST PAY THE PRICE AT THE BALLOT BOX, ON ELECTION DAY.


    NORML Action Center:

  12. Any Republican Senator or Congressman who supports Trump is aiding and abetting an active, traitorous Russian operative. That’s going on right fucking now!

    Trump’s objective is dictatorial, absolute power, and he and his supporters are not shy about it. To deny this is delusional thinking.

    This makes Trump, and all Trump supporters, fascist traitors to America.

    Listen! Republicans like Cory Gardner (R-CO) are trying to play the marijuana community for fools.

    NORML grades politicians based on their statements and their voting record with respect to marijuana. But since fascism and marijuana legalization are mutually exclusive goals, it should be obvious that any politician who allies themselves with Trump (whether they admit it or not) should receive an automatic “F” on marijuana policy. Trump’s appointment of Sessions alone is proof of that, just like every other treasonous appointment he has made in government, fascist loyalty over service to America.

    You got to see the big picture here… If The Resistance fails, marijuana legalization fails!

    Get on the big blue wave, that’s the ticket out of this clusterfuck!

  13. Look at it like this: every bit of work that NORML, or any legalization activist, has ever done has been done based on a fundamental premise: this is a democracy, and not a fascist police state.

    If this premise is not true, there is no point in lobbying, or even voting.

    Marijuana legalization depends on Democracy; and for the moment, Democracy depends on The Resistance defeating Trump.

    The Republicans made Trump, and they must go down in flames with him. They made their bed; now it is time for them to lie in it.

  14. Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) is the very same Senator whose constituents had to make, and “debate” with, an honest-to-god cardboard cut-out stand-in for the Senator, in lieu of actual town-hall debates, or meetings with constituents, over the shameful display of fascism as Republicans tried repeatedly to take away our Healthcare.

    Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) does not give a shit what his constituents think. Just ask him about Healthcare.

    At least, you can ask his cardboard cut-out, life-size photo!

  15. Cannabis is medicine. But Senator Gardner couldn’t care less about the health of his constituents, as evidenced by his support for the taking away of their healthcare, for the benefit of his corporate donors.

    1. So, who is to blame for Sessions? Trump. And, who is to blame for Trump? Republicans. Even now, the Republicans cover up for Trump and the Russian rigging of our elections.

      We can certainly expect every kind of voter suppression technique imaginable — think Third World Banana Republic Despot, and you have Trump and his gang of ass-wipes.

      That’s why The Resistance is so critical.

      Purge the traitors — get on the Big Blue Wave, and vote to punish Trump and his Republican traitors, on Election Day!

  16. It’s just too damn bad that there aren’t enough members of Congress who want to do right by folks in the way that some posters on this site keep saying, like keep waiting for the legislative branch (Congress) to change the laws rather than flout prohibitionist cannabis laws. The cannabis community will be waiting a hell of a long time longer with that kind of thinking. It’s how the prohibitionists just keep stretching us out so they do NOT have to change the laws.

    We have to put legalization in high gear and continue to engage in civil disobedience against federal cannabis prohibition.

    I mean, you have a situation today where cannabis is legal in Canada and in Maine and Washington state, yet the feds and their border checkpoints will still be enforcing cannabis prohibition. People are being denied entry and re-entry into the country because of laws rooted in racism.

    I have been in the cannabis community for a very long time, and this situation with folks being denied entry and re-entry into the country harkens way back to what happened to Mama Africa, Miriam Makeba. My Congressman, Bob Casey, still does NOT get it, as the Pennsylvania politician is only for changing cannabis from Schedule I to II, and I want it completely de-scheduled because that is the right thing to do.

  17. Here’s a quick history to get you young folks up to speed on Mama Africa so we don’t have to keep repeating the same mistakes and waiting for politicians who have NO intention of changing laws.

    Some of you other oldtimers may remember Mama Africa’s hit song Pata Pata:

    You know, here I am, working my thankless shit job, that most other people simply would not do, putting up with other people’s shit with a smile and kind words, and then when you want to relax with cannabis instead of alcohol they want to put you in prison and even further marginalize you.

    No! Prohibitionists, no! Bad dawgz! There is nothing you can say with all credibility to make me turn against Barry Obama. No way in hell he is as bad as his opponents make him out to be. Okay, he laughed off cannabis at first, but he did call off the federal dawgz, not like this current pack of wolves in power.

    This do-nothing Congress had better ramp it up and just legalize. It would solve so much, and bring in so much!

  18. Skimming through all the Bipartisan condemnation of Sessions decision;

    The two that came closest to getting the bumper sticker right were Kamila Harris and Kristen Gillibrand.

    Kamila said “This is not being smart on crime.”
    Allow me to complete that message;

    “Being tough on marijuana legalization isn’t being ‘tough or smart on crime’: IT CREATES CRIME!”

    Senator Kristen Gillibrand’s comments were spot on:

    “Our country is in the midst of an opioid crisis and the AG is going to divert resources to cracking down on medical marijuana? This is either willfully ignorant or cowing to corporate greed on behalf of pharma special interest profits.”

    “DOJ should investigate how pharma helped create the opioid crisis, not institute policies that take marijuana based medicines from patients and needlessly target non-violent minority youths.”

    The bumper sticker for that is:

    “Investigate Big Pharma:
    Legalize Marijuana.”

  19. There has been a great deal of confusion… amongst NORML staff, all the way to Congress, about whether President Trump or the White House “was even aware” of Sessions’ costic decision to rescind the Cole memorandum, attempting to behave as if the White House or the President were “caught off guard.

    Normally, a President would have to sign off on such an action. So I dug deep into the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and executive orders signed by Trump over the last year, and this is what I found:

    “In March, President Donald Trump issued Executive Order 13777, which calls for agencies to establish Regulatory Reform Task Forces, chaired by a Regulatory Reform Officer, to identify existing regulations for potential repeal, replacement, or modification. The Department of Justice Task Force, chaired by Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand, began its work in May.“

    Essentially, Order 13777 signed by President Trump established a beaurocracy under the priority of a Trump puppet, Rachel Brand (who Trump cant wait to replace Rosenstein with to fire Mueller) that was designed to rescind DOJ memorandums that circumvented the federal legislature, which would include the Cole memorandum.

    So it wasnt just Jeff Sessions that rescinded the Cole memo.

    Of course, we could just say “Trump hired Sessions” and leave it at that. After all, Sessions endorsed Trump back in Feb. ‘16 of the campaign, AFTER Trump began his campaign by blaming Mexicans on our failed US drug policies, in pure Anslingeresque prohibition style.

    We could say, “But Trump is incompetant,” which would clearly incriminate everyone ever appointed by him under the 25th amendment.

    Or we could just see the facts… that Trump has always been a punk gumba wannabe mafioso in deep debt to the Russian mob, and never wanted marijuana legalization in the first place.

    1. Clarification: The White House is “attempting to behave as if they were caught off guard.” I hope our NORML staff and our Congressman can now see through this. 😉

  20. Although I’m not a proponent of marijuana I do believe in choice. If you want to enjoy Mother Nature’s goodness so be it. The government’s insistence in controlling its citizens is so wrong. We need a new leadership.

  21. I’m wondering if Trump has invested heavily with Russian money in the cannabis industry and is allowing the elf to carry out this ignorant campaign against it so that cannabis gets federally legal, and boom he cashes in.

    1. No.

      Trump is not “invested” in marijuana, he is “invested” in prohibition, money laundering and criminal racketeering.

      Leaving his ties to the Gambino crime family for another discussion, Trump is and has been for decades invested and indebted to money laundering Russian oligarchs to keep the lights on at Trump properties. Money laundering Russian oligarchs love prohibition because it corrupts our DOJ and our politics while it creates a demand for big banks to deregulate oversight, hence allowing them to launder money around sanctions for a profit.

    2. @ Ohio in the middle,


      This is just more racist Republican scumbags engaging in Reefer Madness and marijuana prohibition efforts. Trump hates all drugs, and vowed to crackdown in his inauguration speech, the one about “American carnage” and other lunatic babble. Remember?

      Then, Trump sealed the deal, and appointed Sessions, who hates all marijuana and loves the KKK, and loves asset forfeiture; he is also bought off by Big Pharma and Big Tobacco.

      So, no. Stop kidding yourself. These are marijuana prohibitionists. They’re not good guys pretending to be assholes…they’re just assholes.

  22. Folks! Let just call this what it is, yes! Jeff Sessions has a problem with cannabis. Let’s look behind the curtain. Our great President (Trump), since he has been in office, he has roll back any legislation that President (Obama) put in to place. So when Jeff Session roll this back, he just got that a boy from President (Trump), who when he was running for President, said he would not touch cannabis, and leave it up to the states. Now it you ask President (Trump), he would say he had nothing to do with that decision. (What else is new)!

  23. Before anybody lectures me that Jeff Sessions is just doing his job, I respond with this (at the risk of violating Godwin’s law): That excuse didn’t fly at Nuremburg.

  24. I’ve been posting the link on every comment of every mainstream article to do with marijuana now that legalization is getting so much attention. I recommend we all do the same.

    One comment on WAPO asked where the money was coming from to keep marijuana illegal. So I posted the following post. Feel free to add whatever I may have missed:

  25. 1). Insys Therapeutics, manufacturers of fentanyl and owners of synthetic patents on various cannabinoids.

    2). Purdue Pharmaceuticals, specifically the Sackler family, manufacturers of oxycontin which according to the Journal of the American Medical Association lose %37 of people with opioid addiction in states with legalized medical or recreational marijuana.

    3). Private Prisons

    4). Defense Contractors

    5). Real Estate and construction moguls/ money launderers (Hint: orange one’s too).

    6). Private Insurance (notice how Canada has public health insurance and theyre legalizing?)

    7). The DEA, ONDCP, ATF, DOJ or any agency that receives kickbacks and asset forfeitures under the Controlled Substances Act

    8). Black Market Cartels (which include corrupted US agencies, prosecutors and law enforcement)

    9). Congressman who are bribed by all of the above

    10). Corrupt Judges and Presidential administrations too, especially the AG that keeps federal prosecutions off the number 1 culprits:

    12). Banks too big to fail. (Goldman Sacks, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, HDBC) Especially banks that take secret DOJ accounts

    13). Money laundering Casino magnates (Sheldon Adelson)

    14) Alcohol industry

    15) tobacco industry

    16) Corrupt Governors

    17) City Councils that lack the imagination to make payroll any other way than disproportionately and perpetually incarcerating minority communities with revolving court fees

    18). International corporations that wish to weaken foreign governments for low wage labor and cheap resources

    19). Dictators

    20). Owners of synthetic petroleum and timber patents for everything from stainmaster carpets to cellulose plastics to synthetic fertilizers and herbicides like the Koch brothers and Bayer-Monsantos who don’t wish to compete with a domestic hemp market

    That about cover it for ya?

  26. 21). Asset forfeitures

    Now that I’m leaving Mexico I should add a large portion of unwilling, extorted or unwitting profit. In construction in the United States construction laborers make a perceived profit (at great personal risk) peddling illegal drugs “on the side.” A drug operation may use a variety of legal laundry business that serves as a way to have everyone’s hands in the dough, and prefer an illegal market.

    22). There is also extortion, a severe problem here in Mexico with local gangs and mafias but it happens in the US as well, usually under blackmale from double agent informants working for the DOJ while operating a gang. Legitamate businesses, doctors, retail, hotels are all targeted to pay “cuotas” often more than %50 of their salaries.

    23). Informants: It’s important to note how many DOJ informants operate illegal trafficking rings. Some are foreign nationals, entrapped under a “J” visa, meaning the DEA or FBI took their passport and threaten jail and deportation if they don’t become informants. There are estimates I’ve read that more than 5,000 of these J visas are floating around, and the state department doesn’t even know these people exist.

  27. 24). Our own tax dollars funneled through the ONDCP. The Office of National Drug Control Policy, also known as the Drug Czar (We can really tell Nixon went to China and liked what he saw), advises the White House on drug policy, using our tax dollars to deny the medical efficacy of marijuana as mandated under the Controlled Substances Act. Every year since 1970.

    1. That seems to cover it, Julian. A veritable Black Widow’s web of prohibition. Tho it is an intangible observation, I think good old fashion prejudice against pot is also in there. (One thing I’ve learned not to dismiss is pure stubbornness–prideful stubbornness.)

      1. Foolish pride or hubris has been the greatest lie that has maintained prohibition for so long in this country. Marijuana and hemp could never have been outlawed for so long without tricking poor white farmers out of their farms with the false promise they would belong to the rich boys club and brown skinned people would have their property surrendered as racist spoils of war.
        It didn’t work during the Civil War and it wont work with the Civil War the Republican party has declared on whats left of our Democratic Republic today. We’re registering people to vote. And poor white people are opening their eyes to the lies like they did in the Free State of Jones… we are creating Free States of Marijuana.

  28. Sessions is a strange little man with bizarre ideology. He’s got his panties all in a wad over marijuana while drugs like opiate pain pills and the Hideous drug benzodiazepine are killing people destroying families. Not to mention the financial burden on communities. A black box warning will have the same effect as Nancy Reagan just say no. It’s not unreasonable to draw a line from sessions obsession on marijuana straight to his position on asset forfeiture.

  29. I’m from Alabama and even I can admit sessions is in the wrong job. Anyone in government is supposed to be chosen by the people and for the people. Sessions is a self inflated attention hound. All he wants is to see his name in headlines. Get rid of the Hitler mini clone. The man should be fired and put in prison in a cell with Hilary. Sessions just is a terrible wanna be dictator and should not hold an office of power. He’s just a bad joke that should fade away. Free us from Jeff Hitler!!!

    1. Just signed the petition. My god, Beto would be such a breath of fresh air compared to the volatile gas plume that is Ted Cruz.

      1. I was in line at the grocery store looking at the tein covers of Texas Monthly with Beto on one and Cruz on the other and I was wondering “How is it possible with so much time, make up, lighting and photo shop technology that Ted Cruz cant produce a portrait of himself that doesn’t make us want to punch him in the face?”

  30. We argue among friends during the presidential election and now we argue among friends about recreational marijuana. If marijuana becomes prohibited, then the peace pipe and the good medicine has now been taken away. Then we are back in a nation of fear, hate, meddling, and misunderstanding.

    1. Nation of 1984: Nicotine, Hate, Fear.
      1943 full page ad: “I’m giving Chesterfield to my friends for Christmas this year.”– (signed) Ronald Reagan

  31. You know, Gardner, a Republican, is how I grew up imagining Republicans. I don’t know what the rest of these clowns are, but they sure don’t seem like the Republicans that I once envisioned. Enough of this party lines nonsense. Either you represent your constituents or you don’t. Either you represent the people that voted you into office, or you represent the corporate and private interests of those who wrote big checks to your campaign. In this case, it seems like Gardner is actually for his constituents, which I thoroughly applaud. Good for him. Stand up to the rest of your “party” and fight the good fight. I’m with you regardless of your political party affiliation. Such things mean nothing. Where you stand means everything.

    1. @ Victor,
      The problem with that is, Senator Cory Gardner is NOT “actually for his constituents.” His constituents made it clear that they did not want their Healthcare taken away; Senator Gardner voted to do so, regardless. When his constituents protested, and tried to lobby him, he hid from them, refusing to hear their views.

      His constituents had to make, and debate, a lifesize, cardboard cutout photo of Gardner, instead!

      If Gardner doesn’t care about Healthcare for any of his constituents, he certainly doesn’t care about medical marijuana patients in particular.

  32. I am so angry at Jeff Sessions! I have a spinal cord injury and have Central Pain Syndrome, severe and debilitating neuropathic pain. Marijuana is more effective than any medication I have tried in the past thirty years. Marijuana is a God send! I hope there is such a back lash against Jeff Sessions that Congress will step in and reclassify marijuana.

  33. First, let me get this out of the way. I really dislike Jeff Sessions. I think he’s an angry little elf and his championing of State’s Rights and smaller federal government has been shown to be the shame that it is. Typical Republican Hypocrite: His policy should be “State’s rights! Except where they conflict with my personal beliefs, then not so much.” The guy is a little tiny asshat.

    Now that being said, as a general rule, the executive branch of government (which includes/included Trump/Sessions as well as Obama/Holder) should NEVER be in a position where they get to decide which laws to enforce and which to ignore. It’s their job to enforce the law as best they can. This is a critical part of our government checks and balances.

    While I applauded the Obama/Holder decision at the time, we are seeing the other side of the coin now. The fault here lies with Congress (which is FULL of folks Republican and Democrat alike who are MORE than happy to allow the executive branch to take all the heat… for and against). This is political cowardness at it’s best. The American public has made their opinion known about this. Pot needs to be removed from the Schedule I ranking. Congress can either regulate it at the Federal Level, or punt to the states.

    My point being that this issue should NOT be decided by the whim of the AG (whoever that might be).

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