Kansas State Representative Defends Prohibition, Goes Full Racist

At an event over the weekend, Kansas State Representative Steve Alford (R) defended the continuation of marijuana prohibition by reverting to the kind of overtly racist rhetoric originally deployed by Henry Anslinger when this failed policy was first implemented.

It is important to remember: Marijuana prohibition perpetuates institutional racism and is itself being perpetuated by racists.

“What you really need to do is go back in the ’30s, when they outlawed all types of drugs in Kansas (and) across the United States,” Kansas Rep. Steve Alford said. “What was the reason why they did that? One of the reasons why, I hate to say it, was that the African Americans, they were basically users and they basically responded the worst off to those drugs just because of their character makeup, their genetics and that.”

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You can share your thoughts with him here (since they apparently don’t have social media back in 1928):

Help us fight back against this unacceptable and disgusting ideology. Click HERE to send your Senators a message in support of the Marijuana Justice Act, which would deschedule marijuana and begin to dial back the devastating impact our nation’s war on marijuana has had on communities across the country.

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  1. Oh yeah, this kind of stuff is happening in this day and age. I’m betting it happens very often behind closed doors among like-minded people, older prohibitionists whom the cannabis community are trying to re-educate. This politician is even too lazy to use any facts or statistics to support his prohibitionist argument which I venture to say that if he cited sources some of the folks might be tempted to look at the preponderance of evidence that cannabis should not even be illegal in the first place and needs to be legalized immediately, that legalization is long overdue!

      1. It’s not that Republicans are morons, it’s that Republicans are racist, violent, Nazi morons. That’s the problem.

  2. Now we need to come together again and start pushing our people in Congress to support the Cory Booker Amendment senate bill 1689. I wonder if we can get a National discussion going again

    1. Not while the media is so concerned with how people ought to behave when president of the USA. No time left for real discussion…just like always is the case for cannabis.

  3. Stupid and racist, really does a good job of representing old white people in Kansas who were born into wealth. Really accurate representation of this state.

      1. Moving to Colorado was the best thing I ever did. Kansas is a shithole and always will be.

  4. Well we know we are people than this monster. How about start a campaign, send all racists to a deserted island to keep their b.s. to themselves? Let us be free America. Sessions and Trump not American to me at all!

    1. why you blamin trump and sessions? obummer had eight years to do something besides put his thumb up his butt.

      1. We blame Trump for Sessions, and we blame the Republicans for Trump.

        The Republicans will pay on Election Day.

  5. NORML, thank you for stating plainly that marijuana prohibition is an inherently racist policy.

    This is the essence of the Republican Party.
    Racist. Ignorant. Hateful. Deceitful.


    If you support the Republican Party, you are supporting White Supremacy and the KKK (no matter how many black “friends” you claim to know!)

    If you support the Republican Party, you are supporting marijuana prohibition (no matter how many joints you smoke per day!)

    1. Got that right. Good thing those Democrats came along and stood up for civil rights and freeing slaves!

      Oh wait.

      1. @ Frank Furter,
        Do you even know what century this is?

        Now I suppose you’re going to tell me that Hillary was a secret slave-owner.

        That must be why black women in Alabama voted for the other guy, rather than a Republican, and spanked Roy Moore’s ass real good!

        Anything, even a Democrat, is better than another racist Republican. We’re through with you assholes.

        Why you wanna be a such a weenie, anyway?

      2. What’s the matter Frank? Did you mean “Oh wait… I just realized it’s 2018?”

      1. @cherrypicker: Lame metaphors and Breitbart talking points won’t disguise the fact that trolls like you are defending this racist creature. And carrying water for Trump and Sessions makes you a collaborator in their lethal war against cannabis.

      2. Here’s your first big clue: Dispensaries. All over the place. In the news. Many cities, many states.

        Somehow, you missed that?

        Live in Russia, do you?

  6. GET WITH THE TIMES OLD MAN! Everyone should comment on this disgusting video and old cretin. WAKE UP, KANSAS! There is a better way! Thank god those views are dying out. These old geezers need to GO!

    1. Please leave age out of it!!!

      I’ve supported legalization all my life and I’m now in my 60’s.

      Not only that, are you aware of what happened in the 60’s. Those freedom loving hippies and idealists are now in their 70’s.


      Bottom line is that there are people, various ages, various religions, various political affiliations who are very anti-marijuana and those who want it legal. Those who want it legal are the ones I would say are the most American! The others seem to want the government to tell them how to live their lives.

      I am pretty sure that Kansas State Representative Steve Alford (R) does not represent the views or the will of most of the people who live in Kansas. He is just the guy who happened to win the election… Sort of like our current president…

      1. True, true, Miles.

        Old folks have been lied to about this thing for a long, long time, and have had the luxury of time, to figure out a thing or two.

        You can be old, young, black, white, conservative, or liberal, and still support the legalization of marijuana.

        But you cannot be a Republican, or you are simply shooting yourself in the foot.

      2. I agree with @Miles on the old man comment. It gets really aggravating just seeing all these HIPSTERS in almost every Marijuana movement. Im 37yrs old not old at all but up there. These young folks need to realize that lot of us elder grew up in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and smoked pot but feared imprisonment we simply dreamed of working in the Marijuana industry. We probably know a heck of alot more about Marijuana than the majority of these hipsters in the market. Elders deserve every right to work in the Marijuana business regardless of age because we loved it way before you young folks were even conceived. We deserve the opportunities just like you young folks so don’t get all worked

      3. I’m gonna stick up for Matt here. While I understand and appreciate the sentiment of others here, and agree that age should have nothing to do with it, I also understand the frustration that some people may have with the elderly.

        And I say that as an old f**k myself, lol.

        The truth is that the oldest generation among us did not (or rarely did) smoke pot. They were heavily propagandized during the ’30s through the modern era, and many will take those opinions to the grave with them. It’s no accident that MJ legalization popularity has been rapidly growing this past 15 or so years–the aged (and their prohibitionist views) are invariably passing on to the great horizon. So, as an older toker, I’ll readily cut Matt some slack on that. Let’s face it, the younger generations–younger than mine–have far better and healthier attitudes when it comes to MJ legalization. Their politics are better too.

  7. character makeup, and genetics, and that?

    IS THIS DUDE SERIOUS? What is worse is the fact that all the others in the room might agree with his poisonous racism! We need to help Kansas out!

    1. going to check Common Dreams and other activist sites to see how big this story is getting. Hope it makes national news!

  8. “What you really need to do is go back in the 2010’s, when they outlawed all types of drugs in Kansas (and) across the United States,” the response to Kansas Rep. Steve Alford said. “What was the reason why they did that? One of the reasons why, I hate to say it, was that the Caucasian men that work for Koch Industries and other racist outfits, they are basically prohibitionists and tax payer subsidy abusers and they basically responded the worst off to those Koch kickbacks just because of their character makeup, their genetics and that.”

  9. Agree, please don’t forget H.R.1227 and H.R. 2020. But these are politicians, so by definition progress is elusive. I know if I was as progressive on the job as they are I’d be unemployed.

  10. Freedom Actions Partners Fund, backed by the racist Koch brothers who were raised by a Nazi nanny, wont back up Kansas Republican candidates if they represent clean energy:


    Hemp is clean energy:


    One of the most poignant facts about Harry Anslinger blaming “darkies” and “Mexicans’ for bringing “marijuana” to “rape our white women” (Like Trump starting his campaign by blaming “Mexicans for bringing their rapists”) … is that in order to pass the Marijuana Stamp Act of 1937 to begin marijuana prohibition 86 years ago… poor white farmers that voted for that Marijuana Stamp Act had little to no idea that the “marijuana” they were condemning was the hemp that kept their farms alive.

    Racism is always about the acquisition of property. Many of these relatively poor white farmers were looking at the prosperous farms and gardens of Mexican American citizens. If they could manage a campaign to seize these properties by having Mexican-American citizens deported… which they did with racist marijuana propaganda… they only saw the immediate value of their gains. Racist propaganda from wealthy people who did not wish to compete with a domestic hemp industry were able to use hatred and racism to cheat poor racist white farmers out of the farms… because even though they got their Mexican-American citizen neighbors deported to steal their land, without hemp they couldn’t afford to sustain their own farms. So Petrochemical patent owners and racist bureaucrats like Anslinger fooled the poor white racists out the the land they forced off of Mexican American citizens by getting them illegally deported.

  11. This same pattern happened again in the 1940’s after the Hemp for Victory Campaign, when Mexicans were granted citizenship to grow hemp for the war effort during WWII. American citizens employed to grow and harvest “illegal” hemp were deported by the tens of thousands again by President Eisenhower after the war was over.

    During the 30’s and 40’s, Charles and David Koch’s father and family had patents on petrochemicals like cellulose plastics that would lose value in an open domestic hemp market. (We can make plastic out of hemp; http://www.hempcar.org)

    This racist propaganda to steal minority land was nothing new for the Koch family. During the 20’s, they stole oil-rich property from Oklahoma to Kansas after they killed Wazaze Indian families for headrights or lied about the amount of barrels they were pumping out of Indian Country so they could control the petrol oil market for the most promising products of the industial age: plastics and fuel… at the cheapest possible stolen price.

    A good book on the subject of how bad the murder of Indians was for oil rights during that time is the recent book “Killers of the Flower Moon” by David Grann.

    Now why would any one in the 1930’s with a bunch of oil fields they killed innocent people for want to have a domestic hemp market that could produce plastics and fuel renewably to compete with? Well, unless they were decent human beings and found the value in sharing the land with all the collateral benefits of a domestic hemp economy… but when your Nanny is a Nazi, that kind of education isn’t forthcoming…

  12. Please, just consider, for a moment, the “Genetics” of this Human. GOD have pity on his, “and that”.

    46 years with, “GOD’s Breath”.

  13. This kind of racist marijuana propaganda is why Shona Banda (who grew marijuana to treat her Chrone’s disease) had to flee to California with her 11-year-old son after he was released from Kansas state custody and terrorized by Kansas authorities to testify against his own mother.

    1. And all because the kid stood up to sone cops at a DARE meeting and said “marijuana isn’t bad; it helps my mother.”

      We wish Shona and her son well in her new life in California.

      Kansas remains one of the only states with no marijuana laws passed, not even medical or CBD only.

    1. @ Rob S.

      “We” hell, white man!

      I WILL NEVER VOTE REPUBLICAN, not unless Satan steals my soul in the night…

  14. Well I guess I will have to become a Democrat, if I want Marijuana legalised 100%. Although I still would have voted Trump over Killary. Marijuana IS NOT a drug!!! Racism or not, this is about Marijuana, Cannabis, natural God created medication, the most used, most wanted drug, NOT race. Idiots!!

  15. Gonna be worse than you thiiiiink, can ya smell that old conservative police-state racist white man prohibitionist Republlican stiiiiink?

    The STINK of the old white Prohibitionist GOP in this country. Sick of it, smells of manue. Stupid HICKS!

  16. Did this man really just say something so dumb. It’s almost zero evidence to support such a claim. I’ve been around Marijuana smokers no one gets worse EVER! He’s simply a racist who does not want to see people of different races make a profit have black owned business become wealthy and remain out of jail. Him and his gang would become broke and have nothing more to do.

  17. Ladies and gentlemen,

    this is absurd. Not only are his comments reprehensible,
    but the silence from both Fox (as expected)
    and CNN (combined with Hillary/Dems fail to directly voice for legal cannabis, given all evidences and history)
    seems to indicate

    that both parties GOP and Dems + media
    are bought by pharma, etc.


    I was expecting… some reactions
    but the media, that historically seems to like bristly edgy topics has utterly avoided this.


    1. Ben, the Republicans control The White House, The Congress, and The Senate, not to mention the Supreme Court, the FBI and the CIA.

      It is real fucking obvious that The Republicans do not support marijuana legalization, or it would be a done deal, ALREADY!!

      How long do you intend to be a Republican sucker?

      1. LOL, what makes you think I am?

        LIBERTY buddy.

        A better attitude might be helpful in convincing people to reassess their view.

        The dollar $IGN$ will turn them too.

      2. @ Ben,
        It was your cheap shot at Hillary that gave you away as a Trump troll. You just can’t help yourself. Similarly, your false equivalencies and your media jabs all give you away as well.

        Why deny it?

        Then again, I would be ashamed, too, if I were in your shoes.

      3. LOL

        I believe they are both scummy.
        And as for you, well…
        your tone speaks for itself.

    1. @ Nobody Special,
      A bunch of racist white people, all hiding in their big white bubble and blowing each other? Is that what you mean?

  18. It’s really hard to believe the racist ignorance that exist in our society today. Why is this guy in office? We are dummer than dirt. Cannabis could help.

  19. If they would legalize medical marijuana it might bring the state of Kansas out of his slump and help the schools and the rest of the State and all of its problems Especially financial

  20. Legalization of medical marijuana may save the state of Kansas From all of our financial problems including schools

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