Medical Cannabis Protections Extended As Part Of Short Term Federal Budget Agreement

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) addresses NORML members in September, 2017

A recently approved plan by the members of the US House and Senate to temporarily extend federal funding through February 8, 2018 also extends provisions protecting statewide medical cannabis programs from federal interference.

The short-term funding plan authorizes the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment to remain in place for the time being. The amendment, enacted by Congress in 2014, maintains that federal funds cannot be used to prevent states from “implementing their own state laws that authorize the use, distribution, possession or cultivation of medical marijuana.”

Because the provision was initially approved as a budgetary amendment, it must be explicitly re-authorized by Congress as part of either a continuing resolution or a new fiscal year appropriations bill in order to maintain in effect.

Urge Congressional leadership to include a re-authorization of the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment in all future spending bills by clicking here.

Explained co-sponsor Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA): “I expect that during this time period, we will be maneuvering on the cannabis issue and the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment. So this is a time for people to make sure that they contact their own member of Congress to make sure that they get behind the amendment for the final bill.”

Presently, the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer is included as part of a Senate finance bill. But this language is absent from the House’s funding proposal because House Rules Committee Chair Peter Sessions (R-TX) refused to allow House members to vote on it. As a result, House and Senate leadership will ultimately decide on the amendment’s fate when when the two chambers’ appropriations bills are reconciled — which may or may not be prior to February 8.

Tell Congress to take action by clicking here.

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  1. Everyone please copy the following federal link:

    (Just delete the quotes)

    “Urgent Federal Action Alert!

    The Rohrabacher Blumenauer amendment to protect medical dispensaries from a crackdown from Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been temporarily extended until spending appropriations can be reconciled between the Senate and House before February 8th! It will expire unless we contact our Federal Representatives here:

    Or call your Representative’s office here:


    Tell the staffer your name and that “I am a voting constituent in your district and my vote hinges on your support of renewing the Rohrabacher Blumenauer amendment. Will the Congressman stand up for our states rights?”

    Keep calling, be polite and keep up the good fight!“

    Copy it and send it to the email of the executive director of the closest NORML chapter to your state capitol (see “chapters” on this web page).

    If it’s up to Congress that means it’s up to US to let them know we VOTE!

    Keep the wave growing.

  2. everything, rests upon false, erroneous, incorrect
    misleading and simply – wrong – poisons scheduling
    of non-toxic nonaddicting nonnarcotic cannabis
    as a ‘highly addictive supertoxin’..

    worldwide advanced societies have and continue to recognise our brains endo-cannabinoid system
    and its real and specific uses of cannabis cbd’s as, medicine.. it is a farce to continue
    treating this god given medicine as if heroin
    ignoring demonstrated medical effects on such
    as intractible childhood and adult epilepsy..

    the worse forms of epilepsy, one of the worste
    forms of brain disease, that thing you would not wish on any, child or person,, has and is
    being treated successfully with natural cannabis..

    this is but one example anyone can understand,
    in a range of disorders from pmt headaches
    [hi there half of america] to alzheimers..

    if 80 – 70% of usa citizens approve of legal
    cannabis,, how is it that the worlds example of
    democracy cannot change this fundamental error
    in scheduling [?!]

    canada will be selling govt managed cannabis
    in a matter of months..
    a responsible society and allie has recognised
    the wrong in prohibition,, exchanging that massive drain on public funds for sane and
    rational management,, of this multi billion $
    industry.. which will pay taxes..

    the option old condtioned minds cling to
    is prohibition, and the inevitable massive
    criminal blackmarket drugs cartels that
    – creates – the very opposite of claims
    of preventing,, organised crime…

    it is past time for congress and the people
    to correct this so easily corrected error..
    simply reappraise then re or deschedule
    this non toxic god given herb..

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