New Jersey: New Governor Calls For ‘Patients First’ Expansion Of State’s Medical Cannabis Access Program

Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy signed an executive order on Tuesday calling on state regulators to review the state’s eight-year-old medical cannabis access program and to recommend ways to increase participation from patients and physicians.

“Our goal is to modernize the program in New Jersey, bring it up to current standards, and put patients first,” he said.

The Governor’s order mandates state Department of Health and the Board of Medical Examiners to submit recommendations within 60 days on ways to improve the program.

Presently, only five dispensaries statewide are licensed to service an estimated 15,000 patients. Compared to other medical cannabis access states, New Jersey possesses among the lowest rates of participation among eligible patients and doctors. Retail costs for medical cannabis products are also among the highest in the nation.

If you reside in New Jersey, you can urge regulators to take actions to improve the state’s medical cannabis law by clicking here.

Former Republican Gov. Chris Christie routinely voiced his disapproval for the program, which was signed into law by his predecessor Jon Corzine, and he pushed for various rules and regulations to both delay and limit its implementation.

While campaigning for Governor, Murphy pledged to reform the state’s marijuana policies, and spoke in favor of legalizing adult marijuana use.

Again, if you live in New Jersey, take time today to tell regulators to put the interests of New Jersey’s patients first!

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  1. NJ state bill A1557


    My name is Ronald Pires and I am a native & constitute of the this 3rd state to the Union.

    I write to you concerning bill A1557.
    I am in favor of this bill because Cannabis Prohibition is a law based on racism. I am fully against racism as is our Federal government which has implemented laws pertaining to this criminal activity.

    Cannabis is medicine, as 30 states of the union agree with me. With centuries of knowledge & research no human being has ever overdosed on cannabis.

    Your short sided stance and shallow argument concerning our children is hypocritical. Your sincerity and concern with the future and our children is a fallacy. You must first enact bills concerning alcohol, our medical professionals who prescribe opiates- addiction and eventually an early death, homeless, starvation, lack of education, employment, affordable housing ect. and violent crimes against your constitutes. There a far more pressing needs not only in our state but the entire United States to exhaust your efforts towards.
    I will reiterate again that support for Cannabis Prohibition is a support for hate & social injustice. You actions are hindering your constitutes health, wealth and wellbeing.
    I would like to further discuss and inform you of the error of your actions. The coldness of your heart is beaming with hate & incompetence. I will not support you or your party for these reasons.

    Conversation not confrontation…

    Ronal Pires

  2. Forwarding the link to relatives in Jersey. NJ is in the best position to legalize mj markets legislatively in 6 months. Great news!

    Heres the bad news:
    Federal protections to the Rohrabacher Blumenauer amendment are still needed from the latest budget agreement so click on the ACT tab!
    Meanwhile, things just got worse for private armies and the CIA acting without Congressional oversight:

    The language of the law appears to focus on providing private armies without accountability to Eric Prince and the Devos family where they only answer to Trump and CIA director Pompeo. But the CIA is under watch from the DOJ, that is Jeff Sessions. Which means there will be pressure to swap money with the DEA… sadly, these operations will cause a black market for opioids and poppy to grow in Afghanistan and Mexico, allowing pharmaceutical companies to merge DOJ cartel operations with black market cartels… causing murdering attrocities and forcing more poor farmers to grow poppy or die on our tax dollars.

    And here I was worried about Mexico deputizing their military to act as police (a decision sent pending in the Mexican Supreme Court). What this Republican Congress just did is worse: The US Congress just authorized our tax dollars to fund violent opioid cartels from the poppy fields to American people without oversight. The merger of AETNA and Big Pharma seals the deal. Trump can now sign off on private wars without Congressional oversight.

    1. New Jersey….gov. will have to stand firm, possible huge opposition in the Garden State from Big Pharma. But he will succeed. Stay strong, New Jersey.

      1. The newly appointed HHS director, Azar, or something/one, was involved in pharma, too, I believe.

  3. I use medical marajuana for many conditions. However, I can not afford it. I can get pain killers for free, but after taking them for over 20 years, I have kidney disease. I have a 12 and 4 year old and need to be active. The closest dispensary is Monclair which I refuse to buy anything from due to their over pricing and their lack of professionalism. I drive 3 hours one way to Bellmawr to get lozengers because they are the only ones who sell that and they are professional. And I go to Woodbridge also because they are professional. I live in Sussex county, I’m a single mother who gets $800. a month to live and support my children. I cannot afford my medication. So now I live in pain, live with the extreme anxiety, live with flashbacks and manic mood swings. Or should I go back on pills and die sooner. These are my choices. 🙁

  4. Governor Phil Murphy is my new political hero!

    “Patients first” is exactly right. The health of all medical marijuana patients, registered or not, should be the metric by which the success of the MMJ program should be measured — not corporate revenue streams, not taxes.

    It takes a Democrat. Trump’s little bitch Chris Christie wasn’t going to help. Fuck Trump, and fuck ALL the rest of his ass-clown Republicans, too. They’re worse than useless.

    Congratulations, New Jersey, on your new freedoms; and thank you, Gov. Murphy, for making New Jersey “cooler” than New York now!

    If your state ain’t got weed, your state ain’t got shit!

  5. So my history as strokes go. In 1989 i quit drinking i had diabetes and was dying from that, then i had my first stroke with 14 years sober i survived that stroke and 7 others thats right ive survived 8 strokes after i had mylast stroke (approx.2013) i was having mini strokes (approx.100 a year) at this point i got convinced i was ging to die. Soi was convinced to try marijuana and the immediate result was after the first joint i stopped having mini strokes so i kept smoking pot its been 5 years and i’ve had no strokes since then i am so happy and glad to be alive yes i am disabled (i’ve had 8 strokes)) and 1 side dont work i’vehad physical therapy and i mumble i’ve had speech therapy what i should have gotten was a few months of therapy for each stroke and pehaps i would be able to talk better oh well thats it thank-you for allowing me to smoke pot legally its been 51/2 years since my last stroke and i have no strokes i was a big advocate for being sober and not smoking potnever say never lolnow im an advocate for promoting the health benefits of smoking pot and yes my sponsor knows im still smoking pot every day ill be 29 years sober in may

    1. @ Jamie Pickering,
      Good for you, I couldn’t be happier for you. Mumbling, maybe. Wise, definitely!
      I wish you the best of luck.

  6. You’d think, from the way that Drumpf paraded him around after neutering him politically, that his orange highness would repay his subservience with the old VIP treatment. Guess he’s just to the latest to learn Drumpf’s favorite refrain: what have you done for me lately?

  7. I have been on a rollercoaster ride since August. I went into my Pain Management Center and there where all these signs on the wall about the reduction of all Opiod medications, many of which I am on for Lupus, severe Scolisis, 4 herniated and bulging discs. A non cancerous tumor in my spine, migraines and chronic pain. My doctor is in a different state, can’t find anyone locally, they reduce medicine every month, make me deathly sick, screaming in pain then increase it a bit until the next month. I just found out my PTSD records were shredded so at present I don’t wualify for Medical Marijuana even though I went to a Dr who swore Lupus was on list, took my money, cash and said oh you dont qualify. I have waited and waited, I can’t take much more of this. I qualify for 4 of the newly added conditions but when will they be approved. I am not drug seeking I am asking for a Quality of Life. How much longer??? I wish you could see a video of me screaming in pain or anxiety. I don’t know what Govenor Murphy is doing but if it was his daughter would he keep his promises??? How much longer?? My new treatments are torture treatments, an I’ve bag of vitamins with an anesthetic and Botox every 120 days which only makes me sick as a dog I went down to 85pounds. Govenor Murphy I am somebody’s daughter, sister, cousin, Aunt etc I am a human being and I and many others get treated like dirt! How much longer?

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