NORML Activists Take Marijuana Reform Fight to Harrisburg

On Tuesday, January 24th, activists from a wide array of Pennsylvania NORML affiliates, allied groups, and state lawmakers took the fight for marijuana law reform to the state capitol building in Harrisburg.

The event co-sponsored by local NORML chapters, the ACLU-PA, and the Keystone Cannabis Coalition. Activists were joined by State Auditor General Eugene Depasquale and State Representatives Ed Gainey and Jordan Harris, and state Senator Sharif Street. The goal was to further the discussion on the full legalization of marijuana and to support legislation currently pending that would decriminalize marijuana possession statewide.

Watch the news coverage below:

Thanks to committed grassroots advocates, we are continuing to make progress nationwide. Get involved and help us relegate marijuana prohibition to the dustbin of history. Click HERE to take action on pending state and federal legislation, click HERE to find your nearest NORML channel and get involved, and click HERE to chip in $5 bucks or more to support NORMLs efforts.

Together, we WILL legalize marijuana.

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  1. Wow, this is so wonderful to hear! What a great showing and movement! This is awesome! As soon as I replace the battery in my grandfather’s old laptop I will be able to watch the video, but this is great to hear.

    Also, before the laptop shuts off out of nowhere again, lol, I also wanted to share an interesting article I found on France today. Apparently, France is potentially looking toward softening marijuana laws.

    But Pennsylvania would be a great addition, hats off to Harrisburg NORML, ACLU-PA, Keystone Cannabis Coalition, and all these wonderful activists! What a strong statement indeed! Yes we WILL. Thanks to the senator, Auditor, and Reps too, and news reporters! Great to hear!

    The France article I found, not to take away from this awesome news, lol:

    1. and remember to take action, click on those green links!

      Back later, lol, stupid laptop is so old it shuts off out of nowhere, so I have to hurry on the typing until I get it fixed or replaced.


  2. Here is a schedule of the event:

    Arkansas Cannabis Patient Day 2018
    Feb 27, 10:00am – 12:30pm
    Arkansas State Capitol
    500 Woodlane St
    Little Rock, AR  72201 Map
    Help us make history in Arkansas—again!

    It’s time for us to flood Capitol Hill with medical cannabis patients, doctors, nurses, and advocates. Let’s show the world that Arkansans are willing to fight to protect the will of the people!

    Right now, more than ever, the fate of medical cannabis in Arkansas is at risk. There is something you can do about it—SHOW UP—because, right now, state and federal representatives are listening!

    Last year, we more than 75 people showed up to talk with their elected representatives. This year, we need at least 500 people. ARE YOU IN?


    *YOU MUST REGISTER BY 2-12-2018*

    Here’s what to expect during the 2018 Arkansas Cannabis Patient day:

    10 AM – Morning Rally and T-shirt Pickup
    Meet at the rotunda at the Capital and get your free Patient Not Criminal T-shirt.

    10:30 AM – Educate State Representative
    We will divide into groups and visit your state representative. This is the perfect opportunity to share your story with your representative.

    11:30 AM – Regroup at rotunda and march to United States Senator Boozman’s office
    Join hundreds of other Arkansans as we march to Senator Boozman’s office to demand his medical cannabis support on a federal level.

    12:30 PM – Head to Vino’s for pizza and fellowship
    Vino’s 923 W 7th St, Little Rock, AR 72201…

  3. Good work, PA activists. Like ice clinging to a spring flower, the remnants of reefer madness are gradually yielding to the radiant light and heat of the many voices of reason — the citizens who would not be silenced.
    I am grateful.

  4. Our soaring success at the state level continues. Keep up the good work! It’s great to see other state NORML chapters getting active and organized.

    Meanwhile, at the federal level, this administration cant even staff a director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy;

    Yeah, let’s just appoint this kid. He’ll help us sell pills. (Except he has to show up to work first!)

    1. We’ve got to do more to protect whistleblowers;

      This poor pharmacist who mistakenly revealed alzheimers presciptions to members of Federal Congress to a reporter last October is certainly looking for a new job.

      Our President is on Propecia, a drug prescribed for hair loss prevention whose side effects include “shrinkage of genitalia” and “psychosis.”

      Don’t we have a right to know if our politicians are impaired and unable to operate our government?

      I would rather have my Representatives getting stoned off the job or even on the job compared to the side effects and symptoms they are concealing from us. And hey if they can pass the same test we have to for driving impaired… then touch your nose and walk the line Congress! Mid phase dimentia and psychosis just aint gonna cut it. And guess which one will treat your symptoms and keep you unimpaired for office? Synthetic pills or whole plant marijuana?

      This is getting to be like Plants vs Zombies, with marijuana reform for the plants and Trump, Sessions, synthetic pills and Big Pharma as the zombies. Messed up part is the zombies are being created by the opioid cartels within our own government.

      So instead of chopping their heads off we should be handing the zombies and a politician a joint and show kids how to win the game with good old fashioned compromise. We need nurse practioners delivering weed to every house before the zombies eat our brains with propaganda.

  5. We at Lehigh Valley NORML we’re humbled with our turnout, our speakers, and the post-rally activism inspired by our event!

  6. We have plans to move to P.A. its about time that people voice their views and are working to make this happen !

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