54 Senators And Representatives To President Trump: Don’t Let Sessions Break Your Marijuana Promise

On Wednesday, January 24th, fifty-four members of Congress representing both political parties sent a letter to President Trump denouncing the recent rescinding of the Cole Memo by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Led by Senator Elizabeth Warren on the Senate side and Representative Jared Polis in the House, the signers stated:

“These new policies have helped eliminate the black market sale of marijuana and allowed law enforcement to focus on real threats to public health and safety. This action by the Department of Justice has the potential to unravel efforts to build sensible drug policies that encourage economic development as we finally move away from antiquated practices that have hurt disadvantaged communities.”

The Cole Memo was a Justice Department memorandum, authored by former US Deputy Attorney General James Cole in 2013 to US attorneys in all 50 states, directs prosecutors not to interfere with state legalization efforts and those licensed to engage in the plant’s production and sale, provided that such persons do not engage in marijuana sales to minors or divert the product to states that have not legalized its use, among other guidelines.

The signers further pointed out the during the course of the 2016 presidential campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump declared that “we should leave (marijuana) up to the states.” You can read the full letter by clicking here.

At a time when the majority of states now are regulating marijuana use in some form, and when nearly two-thirds of voters endorse legalizing the plant’s use by adults, it makes no sense from a political, fiscal, or moral perspective for Attorney General Sessions to take this step.

It is great to see leaders like Senator Warren and Representatives Polis, Blumenauer, and others step up to demand action to comport federal law with majority public opinion and to end the needless criminalization of marijuana — a policy failure that encroaches upon civil liberties, engenders disrespect for the law, and disproportionately impacts communities of color.”

Should the Trump administration go through with a crackdown on states that have legalized marijuana, they will be taking billions of dollars away from regulated, state-sanctioned businesses and putting that money back into the hands of drug cartels.

Send a message to your elected officials to speak out against AG Sessions. 

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  1. Hahaha…
    I was just thinking about an acronym concerning Pain Origin Managent I had to invent for lack of a better term to describe marijuana’s supernatural advantage over opioids to identify and manage the source of pain… But I never thought marijuana could do that to the US Senate!!! HA! Hahahaha…

    1. Full disclosure, I had NO idea POI was a traditional Hawaiian food when I invented that acronym! Sorry Hawaii; if it catches on maybe you’ll export more POI?

      1. Correction; Pain Origin Identification: POI

        (POManagement will be an acronym for another day… and no, I will not call it POM POMS!)

      2. Yes, that’s profound. Supports Peron’s Dictum “All use is medicinal”– what cannabis does is smarten up the socially and dietarily degraded/stupefied organism and RESTORE your
        natural Pain Origin Identification ability!
        By the way, right before your next vapetoke, try singing the word “POI”, long and slow with lots of jazz and pezzazz intertwywhined into it on an upward pitch deflectory.

    2. And I was sure it was an acronym for Pot’s Often Imperative. Sorry, I know that’s terrible, lol.

  2. Impressive show from Congress. That alone represents progress.

    But don’t expect a goddamn thing from Trump. Surely, by now, nobody on the planet (except a Trump voter) is stupid enough to think that Trump’s promises would ever mean a damn thing.

    My own letter to Trump might have gone something like this:

    “The Dishonorable Donald Trump,
    The Shithouse, Washington DC

    Mr. Trump (or currently presiding lickspittle),

    Please keep your dog, Jeff Peckerwood, off our grass! And stop leering at my daughters, you disgusting creep, if you know what’s good for you.

    P.S. Do us all a favor and resign now.
    P.P.S. Elizabeth Warren for President!

    1. I’m going to respectfully disagree here. It’s NOT an impressive performance by congress, but more of their usual avoidance of tough issues (although this one should be tough at this point).

      First of all, I’m a big believer in full legalization . Furthermore, I don’t like Jeff Sessions AT ALL. Now that being said, I actually don’t really have that big of a problem with what he’s doing. An AG (and the President for that matter) should NEVER be in a position where they get to chose which laws to enforce and which ones to ignore. That’s a really really bad thing as a general rule.

      CONGRESS, though a bunch of fake testimony, lack of interest in the subject, and NO GUIDANCE from the American Medical Association (all of which I’m assuming most of us here are familiar with) made a HUGE mistake back in the 1930’s which has cost us as a country and society big time in wasted lives and money. CONGRESS needs to fix their mistake and make it right (even if that is simply to cede regulation over to the states).

      While there are a growing number of congressmen and women that are willing to make change, Congress as a whole is more than content to do nothing themselves and point fingers at the executive branch. This way, no matter what happens with legalization, they can still do nothing, point fingers and say that it wasn’t their fault.

      1. @ Jim Blume,
        Those are fair points, and I’m inclined to agree with you, overall. I guess the reason I was mildly impressed is, I have always said hell would freeze over before Congress legalized marijuana. I can still remember Congress issuing a “Sense of the House” Resolution opposing legalization, and there weren’t even any legalization bills in play! They had to make one up in order to stomp all over it. So the fact that it’s no longer virtually unanimous against us, and the fact that any Reps at all are signing this thing, is somewhat remarkable to me, as I am pushing sixty years old.

        Agreed, however, that it is not sufficient.

      2. If pro means good and con means bad the opposite of progress is Congress

    2. Do you actually realize that you are a Piece of Shit? With your head up your ass I believe not. Scumbags the likes of you and your ilk are the main reason that America has turned into a Shithole. Liberals are the demise of this country & liberalism is truly a mental disorder. You fit the bill perfectly! President Trump is making America habitable again and he will let the states make the final decision regarding the legality of cannabis. Liberals never will get it as they don’t have the mental capacity to do so! Put that in your pipe and smoke it you clueless moron……

      1. If you wish to be an effective member of a troll farm, try using more comprehensible syntax instead of

        “With your head up your ass I believe not.”

        Soooo… he doesn’t have his head up his ass?

      2. @Jose: I don’t think you are for real. You’re just joker trying to get a rise out of folks. If you are not joking and assuming you are Hispanic, Jose (unless your name is a put on), you’re just another chicken for Colonel Sanders. Anyways I stand with cannabis patriots like Dain, Evening Bud, Julian, Mark Mitcham, and the all the other good ones who’s names I didn’t mention. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Jose.

      3. Thanks Sean, I consider that good company. (And there are plenty of others too!)

        As for Jose Valdez–don’t worry about him. There’s a middle school bathroom wall just aching for his intellect–and I’m positive he’ll scurry down to the closest one soon to relieve the pressure. Jose’s one of those guys whose “patriotism” extends only as far as the Fox News studios.

      4. Surprise that someone thinks there is something worse than being a piece of (current version of) POTUS.

      5. It’s easy to figure Trump out. If his lips are moving, he’s lying. He has no diplomacy skills and wants a war with N. Korea. What all you Trump supporters don’t get is your sons, daughters, grandchildren, nieces and nephews will be on the front line if war does occur. I’m ashamed to be an American.

      6. Then fuckn leave! Nobody is forcing you to be Americans (Or pretend to be anyway). It’s so sad to see people bitch and complain about how they hate America…yet you are too pussy to just leave. Stop bitching and start supporting something other than your bong!

  3. the voice of sanity..
    speaking to those 30-40% of voters
    still infected with ‘marijuana madness’
    but in a form not easily dismissed..

    this is one of those ‘no turning back’
    points,, a balance-tipping action that
    all can see,, including all elected
    and other members of governments..

    thank god for the human mind
    unburdened of conditioning..

  4. Jeff it is a new day,medical marijuana has its place in our society. Our government is finding away to screw up that industry up. Please by all means publish my comment!

  5. Regarding marijuana, medical or recreational use the pro’s outweighs the con’s. Total control by our government as usual!!

    1. But this is not “total control”. The unregulated market leads to a lack of control that harms consumers by providing easy access to children, unregulated agricultural and packaging practices and the ability to add dopants and other additives without legal recourse or regulation.

      If the government wanted “total control” over cannabis, then they’ve failed completely.

      1. Thanks for supplying that word “dopants”, almost made me dough in my pants. Fact is, these 80 years reefer has gotten the bum rap for harm addi(c)tives did (especially the carbonmonoxide and 4221 combustion toxins thanx to “smoking”. Here’s to your next microdose vapetoke).

  6. Reinstate the Cole Memorandum that Jeff Sessions axed or remove cannabis from the current Schedule I classification.

  7. Why do the Senators act like they are handcuffed (pun) by the Attorney General’s approach to marijuana law? They wrote the the definition of marijuana (i.e. the law) to be equivocal, they can correct it, and we can tell them how to do so.

    1. Realist thing any one could have said. Congress has constitutional authority of law and policy making.

  8. Make no mistake, I think Trump is a real disaster for our country. To some extent however, I fear the thought of him being impeached and replaced by Mike Pence. He just might be even worse… I would not put it past Pence to further encourage Sessions to go ahead with his evil plans.

    So please contact your elected officials and let them know your thoughts.

    1. I think you’re right about Pence. He’d be worse because he wouldn’t be as erratic as Trump or as much of a lightning rod. He’s far more of an establishment GOPer.

      1. Scary thing is, if Pence had ran against Trump he might have won, and in 2020 if Dems or Progressives do not step it up and he would run, Pence might actually win. Nightmarish moralist, religion, police state that would come….same if Romney would have won. He wanted to apparently fight legalization “tooth and nail.”

      2. Pence fits that perfectly groomed, religious, (supposedly moralistic) picture that older Conservatives love. My conservative mother-in-law (I suspect) thinks he’s dreamy.

        But Heinrich Himmler was a perfectly groomed sort too, a mild-mannered banker-looking type. And in reality he was the epitome of evil. Too many people are impressed with outward appearances (I consider them yokels), instead of what’s inside. Jefferson Peckerwood Sessions is exactly the same–well-groomed, mild-mannered, covering up the demon lurking within.

    1. If, given the opportunity, I would vote for Senator Warren to be our next president- Absolutely!!! I believe that she is a true American. I trust her.

      Trump says “They call her Pocahantas”. As far as I know, the liar in chief is the only one to have ever called her that…

      1. I’ve met my share of people who look white but say they’ve native American blood. I’ve wondered what they think of Drumpf’s bigoted comments about Warren.

        I’d vote for Elizabeth Warren in a heartbeat–those rich banking CEOs hate her guts–and that says everything I need to know about her.

        The bankers hated FDR too, and, hell, even tried to instigate a coup against him in 1932, one that was exposed, thankfully, by Smedley Butler, former Marine and two-time medal of honor winner, and one of the greatest TRUE patriots this country has ever had. (So much for the great conservative and GOPer patriotism.)

        Anyway, back to Warren, my dream ticket today would be Elizabeth and Bernie (in either order).

      2. Speaking as an Indian-Country-tested-and approved “white-looking” Indigenous identity…
        We should all embrace our American Indian heritage, regardless of how much blood or ancestory we claim. Hell, the Superbowl wouldnt be happening this Sunday if Eastern Tsalagi and Haudenousenee Lacrosse hadnt merged with British Rugby to create traditional American football.
        Whether we can find our ancestors on a census or it’s pure oral tradition, American Indian culture.., the people that lived on the lands we are born, marry and die upon… is always worth honoring regardless of our personal cultural identity. Who knows? Might learn somethin useful.
        Trump divested himself of the opportunity of participating in an honorable Indentity when he brought up “Pocahantas” in front of our war hero Navajo Code Talkers when they received their medals of honor. Just wish he would divest himself of his emoluments… But he made that self-influcted wound too. *tch* Too bad. His loss.

  9. I really hate looking at that picture of Jeff Sessions. I could literally look at a picture of actual shit and not be offended as I get looking at Jeff Sessions.

    1. I have to agree. Sessions is the more disgusting of the two! It’s probably why Trump chose him to be his AG…

  10. When we hit the Act tab and write our Congressman we need to politely and correctly personalize our message to our Congressman. (Or just call our Congressional staffers at 202-244-2131).

    The message to Congress is clear; (feel free to copy and paste):

    “The Journal of the American Medical Association released a peer-reviewed study in 2015 showing a %37 reduction in opioid addiction and nearly %25 reduction in opioid suicide in states with legalized medical or responsible adult marijuana markets. That study is controlled from other substances and is now longitudinal evidence for marijuana’s medical efficacy as a gateway drug OUT of opioid addiction.

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions just spoke to new DEA recruits yesterday and blamed marijuana for the escalating opioid epidemic that is killing Americans. Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions is a threat to our national security and must be censured from deadly, treasonous misinformation he is spreading. The predatory opioid industry has campaigned Sessions to his current position and as a reward is being protected by Sessions from investigation and prosecution for overprescribing, giving kickbacks to doctors, merging with AETNA and privatizing our military to eliminate Congressional oversight of the DOJ’s interests and profits from opioid cartels… while dozens of Americans overdose on fentanyl, oxycontin and oxycodone every day.

    One of the unintended benefits of marijuana legalization will be that it will finally begin to rid our society from saprophytic politicians like Jeff Sessions that care more about profit and propaganda than the life, liberty and happiness of the American people.

    Please support states rights and pass legislation that protects marijuana legalization and the American people you represent. We cannot allow people like Jeff Sessions to allow another child or veteran die from opioid overdose that could have been prevented by the very plant he blames… marijuana.”

    1. Knew he spoke to recruits or grads. or someone per the DEA website, Julian.

      I say let him keep speaking. Hope the DEA recruits are not DUMB ENOUGH to believe it. Just let him keep spewing this stuff, it means nothing at this point.

  11. Change the law through congressional process so that there is no longer a battle between local and feds. We must not willy nilly enforce laws we like but not those we dont. Change the law so enforcement is no longer an issue.

  12. Y’all; hear me out. This is a good thing. Think about it. He can’t go after Sanctuary cities and leave weed alone. Right?
    He probably knows what the reaction is gonna be, and whether he intends this or not, states are mad at the fed, this will piss them off much more, and this will push states TOWARDS legalization. Look at Vemont. Vermont is as big as Colorado because it’s legislatively driven and signed by the governor. First state EVER. It’s just not getting the big publicity. It’s HUGE! He can not win. No way. Not after Vermont. They can’t send the Feds in and arrest pot shop owners. The backlash would be catastrophic politically. In politics, many times these things are a smoke screen. Idiot Jeff knows he can’ NOT do this and get away with it. Prices are plummeting on the black market. California is the weed breadbasket of the USA, and now it’s unleashed. Michigan and New Jersey are next. It’s over, y’all. He CAN NOT do this. Why isn’t Trump speaking out on this? It’s because he knows better. This proves we have won.

    1. @ John O,
      Let’s legalize weed in order to protect our immigrants from deportations. They can’t be tossed out for the crime of marijuana if marijuana is not a crime! Let’s support the efforts of Sanctuary Cities to protect immigrants from Trump. If that was your point then I agree.

      On the other hand, if you are suggesting that legalizing weed is good because, somehow, that will make deportations easier for Sessions, then you are a Nazi and you can go fuck yourself. Inside out and sideways.

    1. the couple and the Christmas tree raid was actually in South Carolina. Another episode showed the police sniffing around outside an apartment but not finding any weed activity. Just pathetic that the police waste SO MUCH TIME when people report the smell of cannabis. So stupid. Legalize and stop the stupidity. And this criticism also goes for those apartment landlords who report marijuana use as well. Sick and tired of it. Just leave people alone, college kids, esp. too.

    2. Matt, you’re right, that is sickening. My local Albuquerque stations can’t get enough of news stories about crime (and showing people in orange jump suits). And this despite the fact that crime is actually down to levels not seen in 40 or so years. Just another of the American media’s goal to keep Americans frightened of their own shadows. Frightened and controlled.

  13. More bad news out of Maine…

    can you smell that ultra-moralist conservative family values tradtionalist police-state stiiiiink?

    The veto from the old man will probably happen, again.

    Good thing to know they cannot stop us forever.

    What the hell was Maine thinking when they elected these outdated old men?

    It’s just disgusting. They will not succeed forever, however.


    1. Matt, I smell it and it stinks. LePage is a New England version of another living, breathing turd–Sheriff Arpaio. They’re both the epitome of right-wing politics. And both are the enemies of MJ legalization. Trump, another living, talking lump of stool, of course pardoned his soul mate. I can hardly wait until they’re all flushed down.

      1. lol, he DOES resemble Arpaio. Don Young, but only in apperance, lol.

        I remember the Young, Brinkley confrontation in 2011, lol.

  14. Trump is a disease, and Jeff Sessions is a symptom of that disease, as is every glaringly corrupt appointment that Trump has ever made.

    We must cure the disease, and not merely treat the symptoms. But the disease is systemic. Getting rid of Sessions, without getting rid of Trump too, won’t help those of us who don’t want to live in a fascist police state, or fry in a nuclear furnace.

    Impeachement, even if the Republicans in Congress had the moral fiber to go there, which they don’t, won’t help us. That’s because of Mike Pence, who is just another festering cancerous ulcer on Trump’s ass.

    The problem is the Republicans.

    Their unwavering support for Trump, no matter how treasonous and dangerous for Americans that support most certainly is, undercuts and invalidates any domestic policy positions these Republicans may have, like marijuana policy, rendering their positions irrelevant.

    There is only one solution: it’s us.

    Get on the Big Blue Wave! Crush the Republicans at the ballot box on Election Day! Vote!

    1. From where I sit, it appears that Republicans are facing a choice: go down in History with Trump and Hitler’s Nazis as examples of the worst kind of scum that Mankind has to offer; or, they can become Independents, or Democrats.

      The Republican party cannot be saved at this time; Republican voter, I advise you: if you value your humanity, save yourself.

      1. totally agree. As I have stated, GOP thinks the Dems and Progs are in trouble perhaps because of Trump winning. When in reality, the outdated GOP, as social issues become more and more important to younger voters, and the future, along with the environment, etc. are the real dinosaurs. The GOP must adapt to reality and change or die, esp. on social issues like cannabis legalization. The party will NOT be popular with future generations of voters, at least, the majority of them. We are a global world now of diverse people and changing social ides, and if the GOP cannot moderate themselves or make some exceptions even with their own morals and standards, traditions, they will continue to decline in popularity. Conservatism only goes so far and for so long. As far as the nationalists and champions of building the wall go, it is another waste of resources and time, based on anger and fear. We are a world of nation-states, yes, but we are, at the end, one world, one island in space. About time we stopped building walls and started constructing bridges. Globalization, too, does not have to be only a negative thing. And it is not.

        More to say, but have to run for now.

        Peace on Earth


    2. One of the problems with Republicans is their attempt to completely control this country politically through nefarious means. Voter suppression, phony ID laws, obscene amount of gerrymandering, attacks on the press and an FBI they think should be more compliant, dirty tricks (see Sen. Al Franken), etc etc. Those are the methods of a party that KNOWS it cannot retain power fairly.

      Those are not the actions of a party that cares about democracy, but instead one that intends to remain in power by whatever means.

      That’s why, the day the Dems get control of the House, I’m going to be harping on my elected Dem officials to begin identifying and prosecuting these offenders of our democracy. Scott Walker and most of the GOP politicos in Pennsylvania and North Carolina are just a few of those I’d love to see frog-marched.

  15. While showing progress – meaningful progress – in the level of congressional support, this still represents only 10% of Congress. No heads of any significant committee are signatories. The most prominent signatories are long-time advocates, and we all know this fell on deaf and dumb ears.

    Advocates: please get out and vote in this midterm. It really does matter because R’s are much more likely to vote in midterms, and the R’s that do vote in midterms tend to be the most hardlined in their views and choices.

    Heavy D turnout is the only chance of resuming the momentum the issue had before the ‘16 cycle. Districts are already gerrymandered to favor R candidates, so this cycle requires major D turnout to effect change.

    This time, it’s on the voters. If you did not vote in the last cycle, are dissatisfied with the current state of affairs, and still are too lazy to disrupt your daily routine and spend 30 minutes exercising your rights, then you have no one to blame but yourself.

    1. I completely agree. It’s time to send the Regressives to the dustbin of history. Our freedom and democracy depend on it.

  16. Questions: I know Session has always been against it but Still trying to understand Session’s timing. Hatred for Californians? Or, was it to stall efforts and buy time until Big Pharma can produce synthetic, chemical laden equivalent? Could Senators just put the whole thing to rest by rescheduling?

    1. He knew when California came online he was going to have a MAJOR problem if he did not do something soon. Once California shops, over 1000 potentially, are all up, if the state makes it there without Federal interference, Sessions knows it will, even with a RICO charge or SCOTUS action, whatever, be very, VERY hard to do much long-term damage to the movement.

      Sessions knows he has lost, Becky. I think he pulled the Cole Memo stunt because it is the only thing he can do is throw up his hands and hope in his mind that the Fed. prosecutors do a serious crackdown, which, I believe, they will NOT. Even many of them may be sick of Sessions and the outdated war on weed. They will probably do the MINIMUM, a few major raids once and while, but we shall see.

      All I know is that we have already won. Sessions, Bennett, Sabet, all the others know they have lost. Fear not if raids and lawsuits start. They will NEVER stop the movement now.

      Peace be with you.

      1. I think you’re right Matt. I think California’s legalization sent shivers through the prohibition community. Made for many sleepless nights for the Elf.

        On a slightly-related note, I’d like to ask the Trump supporters here why they’re not clamoring for his Orangeness to rein in Sessions. Or for Trump to unequivocally express his support for legalized pot. You were so sure he was all for states’ rights. God knows many of these same people continuously complained about Obama and “his jackbooted thugs.”

  17. Does anyone really care about the memo? Who cares about the memo, those who were able to get their cannabis businesses started?

    What about those across our nation that are being arrested and incarcerated for this benign pant?

    Are we supposed to be caring more about business and banking as opposed to American citizens lives being completely destroyed due to the unconstitutional prohibition of cannabis?

    Where is the outrage? I see none, I see people greedy for getting in and protecting those privileged enough to start a business while at the same time countless other American citizens are having their lives turned upside down.

    It’s time to stop fight for little things and end this evil perpetuated on our nation and persons around the world over a benign plant that has never killed or really harmed a soul on this earth.

    Cut the head off the snake at the source and completely end cannabis prohibition. Put this plant back where it belongs which is in the hands of the people.

    The easiest and best solutions for all the new cannabis industry is simple.
    Completely unscheduling cannabis from the CSA or Controlled Substances Act = No more arrests and access to banking for business growth.

    What more can you ask for? Each state regulates the open market according to how individuals decide to be involved just like any other business in the world. This is not rocket science. So in the words of my physics prof. I bid you to take heed to the K.I.S.S. principle.

    1. @ zO,
      If were left up to only you and I to settle, then maybe we could work it all out. But as you already know, the prohibitionists in power have no intention of being reasonable, or compromising in any way.

      We all here on the NORML blog want the obvious: just legalize it. It should have happened a long time ago, I agree. But it doesn’t just happen in one fell swoop. Sad but true!

      The answer is called Harm Reduction.

      Each state that legalizes it prevents real people’s lives and families from being ruined by arrest and incarceration. That’s a good thing, and it reduces the harm, and we should make and take opportunities to reduce the harm, whenever we can.

      Meantime, we can all still work to legalize it!

  18. Reefer Madness, a phrase taken from the classic propaganda film by the same name, represents a belief system about marijuana which is so divorced from reality that it is indistinguishable from insanity.

    But hold on — exactly who is crazy here?

    The propagandists? No. Dishonest, corrupt, immoral… Sure. But they don’t actually believe the bullshit they peddle. They have ulterior motives, such as asset forfeiture, voter suppression, racism, etc.

    No, they’re not the ones acting crazy. We are. We behave as if we are insane whenever we accept the existence of marijuana prohibition in our society.

    We ordinary Americans were the ones who fell for the lies, and we became insane as a result.

    The comedian Steve Martin once did a skit where he suggested it would be a funny “prank” on a kid to teach him all the wrong words for things, right from birth. So, while the kid isn’t actually coo-coo, he’s using all the wrong words for things; and so, when the kid gets to first grade, his teacher says “Wow. Give that kid a special test, and get him out of here.”

    We are all in that same predicament. We were all born into a Grand Lie about cannabis, which we must all now unlearn.

    Don’t worry, you’re not crazy; you’ve just been deceived.

    Legalize it!

    1. It is sometimes difficult to overcome years of propaganda. But it’s possible, and it’s happening. I’ve personally seen it.

  19. I have a feeling that Jeff Sessions feels the same way and this recinding of the Cole letter is just a kick in the ass to law makers who would in my own personal opinion would have to go against their doners ie big tobacco, big alcohol, petroleum industry, cotton industry, and some others that the outright legalization of marijuana would disrupt. The paper industry, if they came out in support of legalization. LETS JUST COME OUT AND SAY IT. The Cole letter was nothing more that a lower executive guideline. A letter of guidelines kicking the bucket down the alley some more. Its not law so what needs to happen is the recinding of marijuana off of the controlled substances act. Truly leave it up to the individual states to decide.

    1. He lacks the resources and army of DEA agents it would take to wage a major crackdown, and even if he wins in even the Supreme Court, the states will still ignore both him and the court! They would ignore Trump if he issued and exec. order for a crackdown, which is doubtful to ever happen. Sessions has already lost, memo gone or not. This move is really all he can do, frankly, to a major extent, and hope his prosecutors crackdown. I suppose he could threaten them or fire them and replace them with die-hard prohibitionists and accelerate the damage, but he and they, even working with local police, will STILL not stop the movement, the subsequent black market explosion, speakeasies, constant protests, and all the rest.

      This is Prohibition II.

      But this time, victory is even more in sight. We have already won. Legalization cannot be stopped, slowed down or attacked or not.


      1. plus the public relations mess, the Mueller and Rosenstein and McCabe affair, and, even if he does not care, how it is going to make him appear to the public. He has already taken so much heat already, I doubt Sessions wants any more. But it does not matter even if he does not care. His options REMAIN limited, even if RB expires again, which I hope it does not, well, the medical protections. He lacks the resources. All the prohibitionists can do at this point is complain and plead, slow us down. But they can no longer stop us or the future, for that matter. Also, I agree, Julian. And for all his detractors, I very much happen to admire Obama. His time in office DID proffer good things for our country, esp. in global relations and the world, human rights, healthcare, education, etc. Compare the U.N. moves and Trump admin on other issues, but I digress. SOTU tonight.

    2. True, and they may be somewhat obsolete, but without the Cole memos we would not have had state legal marijuana markets to begin with. Thanks President Obama!

  20. Update on France:

    Unfortunate, but still a small step in the right direction. Time for France to join neighbors and the FUTURE.

    1. crap, forgot to post the link. Here is another one. They will not decrim. but at least the fines were reduhttp://en.rfi.fr/wire/20180125-france-will-slash-fines-cannabis-useced.

  21. in this–a reply to both this topic and a earlier one to tom cotton wanting my help.same words–i sir shall not help you do anything until you change your views on mmj.i am a christian conservitive whom like many others have run the coarse with traditional meds/damaged liver,kidneys,allergic to opiates and many other pain killers..you sir, stand in the way for suffering and dying children to get the treatment and relief they desperately need and deserve .i do not wish anything bad on you or your family,on the contrary,i hope you and yours are very healthy,but if you had a suffering child,who didn’t respond to trad’ meds’,then you would surely see mmj in a different light,so(are you too lazy to research mmj yourself or just corrupted by big pharma and/or tobacco(campaign contributions)..take five minutes on “you tube” and watch”CHARLOTTE’S WEB-EPILEPSY”..UNTIL THEN SIR, I’LL BE VOTING AGAINST EVERYTHING YOU HOLD SACRED,VOTING DEMS NEXT GO ‘ROUND…JD AVERY

  22. Listenin to NPR’s morning edition cover how marijuana investment is “drying up” over Sessions’ threats to cannibanking, we’d think the weed tsunami was already receding from the Federal wall of prohibition.

    It hasn’t even peaked yet.

    This evening I gotta hit the ol suit and tie like Clark Kent to make it to the NORML Lobby Training in San Antonio. Traffic and two counties might slow me down but it wont stop me. Say, thats kinda like Sessions and prohibitionists during elections are all huddled at the shore defying our movement with towers of pill mills and prisons. Except the Green Tsunami is rising and they wont even slow us down anymore.

    The Green Tsunami is coming, Congress. Just go high!

  23. God Damn the Republicans!!! As if a Trump presidency isn’t bad enough for the Repubs, now this! The Repubs will never get my vote; like never ever!!!

    A vote was just held in Virginia to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. Here is how the votes went:

    Senators voting for decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana: Creigh Deeds, D-Bath; John Edwards, D-Roanoke; Janet Howell, D-Fairfax; Louise Lucas, D-Portsmouth; Chap Petersen, D-Fairfax City; and Dick Saslaw, D-Fairfax.

    Senators voting against decriminalization: Ben Chafin, R-Russell; Ryan McDougle, R-Hanover; Norment; Obenshain; Mark Peake, R-Lynchburg; Bryce Reeves, R-Spotsylvania; Bill Stanley, R-Franklin County; Richard Stuart, R-Stafford; and Glen Sturtevant, R-Richmond.

    1. I’m actually not surprised. I’d love to hear from a few of the Republican apologists on this vote, you know, how the two parties are exactly the same.

  24. This is indeed a Tenth Amendment Issue. Where in the Constitution or any of its amendments, does it say that the Federal Government is entitled to dictate what drugs we may or may not take?

  25. Trump supporters are white supremacists who talk pot, but walk Trump. They are playing the marijuana community for suckers.

    The marijuana community isn’t for “whites-only.” That’s never going to change. White marijuana legalizers need to remember that, and never forget who they are fighting for: ALL cannabis consumers, not just the white and privileged ones.

    The reason that Trump supporters perpetually promote a false equivalence between all things political (Hillary v Trump, Democrat v Republican, left v right, etc) is because Trump and his supporters are white supremacists, and they want the one thing they don’t have, and can never have: legitimacy.

    That’s what the false equivalence is all about: it raises their perceived status, from a state of non-status, to a state of legitimacy. They don’t mind being hated, but they cannot bear to be written off.

    And yet they still ain’t nothing but white trash.

      1. Sean, I had an insight on that point recently, when a Trump supporter was trying to “make nice” with me by suggesting that all politics is nothing but a big joke anyway, and so why argue about it? What’s a little “MAGA” among friends, anyway?

        Now, I’m white, he’s white, and his wingmen were both white. No one else was present.

        I realized, at that moment, that it was legitimacy he was seeking. He was doing so by attempting to create a false equivalency between his racism and my outrage.

        I asked him if he was aware of the phenomena where the name “Trump” is now being used as a racial slur. For example, a high school basketball game, where the white kids are chanting “Trump Trump Trump” at the black kids — not political speech, but a racial threat.

        The word “Trump” is now, by definition, hate speech. It’s not his real name, remember. It was always a brand name. Now it stands for White Trash.

        It’s an n-word joke. And I don’t sit and listen to n-word jokes.

  26. Sessions just enforces existing laws. It’s up to Congress (not Trump) to change the laws. As more states come on-board, more of Congress will come on-board or get voted out. It’s up to us to vote cannabis supporters in and prohibitionists out!

  27. Throwing this out there: Does anyone think Session did it to force action by Congress to start the legalization process? Trump may not like pot but loves money and sees the tax revenue going to state. Its paying for things sometimes freeing up fed money. Session cant appear to go back on his stance for his supporters. So, pull the letter creating a hostile environment. Congress reacts, Trump and Session keep up their appearance, negotiate a few things they want and dont upset their supporters plus the banking industry gets involved.

    Also, cant find my original post. Thanks to those who responded to my question. Saw it in my email.

    1. Becky,
      In short, no. Jeff Sessions has been and always will be a Big Pharmaceutical whore and Private Prison Predator. He sold his soul a long time ago and is just acting to suit his benefactors.

    2. Becky, I wish it were so, but I don’t think Sessions is capable of thinking beyond his emotional resistance to pot. Every aging prohibitionist like him is terrified of pot. They’ve never smoked it and never will, and think ill of those who have. It was often said of Obama that he played three-dimensional chess politically. I think it’s safe to say that Sessions (or Trump) cannot think beyond a game of checkers politically.

    3. Hell no, Becky! Trump and Sessions oppose marijuana legalization, big-time! If you ever believed otherwise, get over it! You’ve been suckered!

      These assholes are the very scum they appear to be. These aren’t heroes, or freedom fighters in disguise. They are just assholes.

      Wake up!

  28. Why doesn’t mr trump federally legalize cannabis, and use the tax money for the projects that he wants to do? Infrastructure, his dumb ass wall?

  29. Listen to the majority,then America will make itself great again,by the citizens votes. 45 years a smoker & backer of legalizing for medicinal & recreational use.

  30. The marijuana industry was breeding grounds for Hillary hate. Many of them will proudly tell you that they voted for Stein or sat at home on purpose.

    1. @ Kiko,
      Well, that was dumb of them, wasn’t it? Willful acceptance of the word of a known and proven liar, Trump, would have been required of them in order to believe that they would be better off under a Trump administration. And then, when he appointed Sessions as AG, that should have settled the matter once and for all.

      Trump is a sick cult. Unfounded beliefs are the name of the game!

      But, I guess if they believe in free-market Capitalism over human rights, they will believe in anything!

    2. Well then let’s hope they learned a basic civics lesson about how much investment it takes to start a relevant multi-partied system before they go throwing their votes away to the most irrelevant, unqualified, treasonous, rotten orange President ever to hold office.
      Besides, Congress and our state legislatures during upcoming midterms are more important to marijuana policy than the Presidency. Get’m registered!

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