Oklahoma: Lawmakers Move Forward To Preemptively Quash Medical Marijuana Vote

Legalization in DCSenate lawmakers this week passed legislation, Senate Bill 1120, that seeks to preemptively quash many of the provisions of State Question 788 — an expansive voter initiative that provides physicians the discretion to recommend medical marijuana to those patients for whom they believe it will therapeutically benefit. Oklahomans will be voting on the measure, which NORML has endorsed, during a special election on June 26.

But state politicians who oppose the plan do not want to wait until June for the results of a statewide vote. Instead, they are trying to kill the measure now.

The language of Senate Bill 1120 guts State Question 788. It limits the pool of eligible patients only to those diagnosed with four distinct ailments. It arbitrarily caps the total number of licensed cannabis producers at no more than five providers. It limits the quantity of medical cannabis patients may possess, and also places undue limits on the formulations of marijuana products. It bars patients from smoking herbal cannabis and arbitrarily caps the potency of marijuana-infused products to no more than 10mgs of THC. Finally, it removes the right of patients and their caregivers to cultivate their own medicine.

Although SB 1120 initially failed to gain the number of votes needed for Senate passage, lawmakers reconsidered the legislation on Thursday and passed it by a vote of 26 to 11. The bill now awaits action in the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

If you reside in Oklahoma, please take action here to urge your representatives to oppose this undemocratic piece of legislation. Oklahoma voters, not a handful of politicians, ought to be the ultimate arbiters of State Question 788.

Unfortunately, as prohibitionist politicians become more desperate in their opposition to marijuana law reform, we are seeing more frequent attempts to undermine the voters’ will. In Maine, lawmakers have yet to fully implement key parts of a 2016 voter-approved marijuana legalization initiative, and are now pushing to either kill or amend many of its core provisions. In Massachusetts, lawmakers have also enacted numerous delays in the rollout of its 2016 voter-approved adult use law. In Tennessee, legislators last year passed legislation nullifying the enactment of citywide marijuana decriminalization ordinances in Nashville and Memphis, and prohibited municipalities from enacting similar marijuana reform measures in the future.

That is why it is more important than ever that the electorate remain engaged and vigilant. Please utilize NORML’s Take Action Center to stay abreast of pending federal and state legislation, register to vote, access NORML’s 2018 Candidate Packet, and review NORML’s Congressional and Gubernatorial Scorecards to know who is standing with use — and who is acting against us.

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    1. Here’s the rest of the fucks. Suggest googling their name and district to get contact info, then call them. I could not find a roll call on the vote itself.


      President Pro Tempore
      Sen. Mike Schulz (R)

      Majority Floor Leader
      Sen. Greg Treat (R)

      Alphabetical Directory

      Mark Allen (R)
      District 4

      Randy Bass (D)
      District 32

      Micheal Bergstrom (R)
      District 1

      Stephanie Bice (R)
      District 22

      Larry Boggs (R)
      District 7

      Josh Brecheen (R)
      District 6

      Michael Brooks (D)
      District 44

      Bill Brown (R)
      District 36

      Nathan Dahm (R)
      District 33

      Julie Daniels (R)
      District 29

      Kim David (R)
      District 18

      J.J. Dossett (D)
      District 34

      Tom Dugger (R)
      District 21

      Eddie Fields (R)
      District 10

      Kay Floyd (D)
      District 46

      Jack Fry (R)
      District 42

      AJ Griffin (R)
      District 20

      David Holt (R)
      District 30

      Allison Ikley-Freeman (D)
      District 37

      Darcy Jech (R)
      District 26

      Chris Kidd (R)
      District 31

      James Leewright (R)
      District 12

      Kevin Matthews (D)
      District 11

      Greg McCortney (R)
      District 13

      Casey Murdock (R)
      District 27

      Joe Newhouse (R)
      District 25

      Lonnie Paxton (R)
      District 23

      Roland Pederson (R)
      District 19

      Dewayne Pemberton (R)
      District 9

      Anastasia Pittman (D)
      District 48

      Adam Pugh (R)
      District 41

      Marty Quinn (R)
      District 2

      Dave Rader (R)
      District 39

      Paul Rosino (R)
      District 45

      Mike Schulz (R)
      District 38

      Paul Scott (R)
      District 43

      Ron Sharp (R)
      District 17

      Wayne Shaw (R)
      District 3

      Joseph Silk (R)
      District 5

      Frank Simpson (R)
      District 14

      Jason Smalley (R)
      District 28

      John Sparks (D)
      District 16

      Rob Standridge (R)
      District 15

      Gary Stanislawski (R)
      District 35

      Anthony Sykes (R)
      District 24

      Roger Thompson (R)
      District 8

      Greg Treat (R)
      District 47

      Ervin Yen (R)
      District 40

      1. Excellent work, Julian. Thank you. Now, with that info, here are their party affiliations:

        YEAS: 26
        Bergstrom (R)
        Floyd (D)
        Rader (R)
        Stanislawski (R)
        Boggs (R)
        Jech (R)
        Rosino (R)
        Sykes (R)
        Brecheen (R)
        Kidd (R)
        Schulz (R)
        Thompson (R)
        Daniels (R)
        Murdock (R)
        Scott (R)
        Treat (R)
        David (R)
        Pederson (R)
        Shaw (R)
        Yen (R)
        Dugger (R)
        Pemberton (R)
        Silk (R)
        Fields (R)
        Quinn (R)
        Sparks (D)

        NAYS: 11
        Brooks (D)
        Ikley-Freeman (D)
        Paxton (R)
        Simpson (R)
        Dahm (R)
        Leewright (R)
        Pugh (R)
        Smalley (R)
        Griffin (R)
        McCortney (R)
        Sharp (R)

        EXCUSED: 11
        Allen (R)
        Brown (R)
        Holt (R)
        Pittman (D)
        Bass (D)
        Dossett (D)
        Matthews (D)
        Standridge (R)
        Bice (R)
        Fry (R)
        Newhouse (R)

        So, unless I have miscounted, 48 total in Senate: 40 Republicans, 8 Democrats.

        There’s your first problem, right there: way too many fucking Republicans. Ew.

        Two D’s did the right thing: Brooks, and Ikley-Freeman.
        Two D’s did the wrong thing: Floyd, and Sparks.
        Four were AWOL: Pittman, Bass, Dossett, and Matthews. Lame, Democrats, lame! Better join with The Resistance, if you know what’s good for you!

        But the Republicans are much worse. Of the 26 “Ayes”, all but two were Republican. The fucking Republicans are responsible for this travesty.

        Punish them at the ballot box, severely!

      2. Oklahoma: Farthest state from any US Coast or international border. This means that the information and attitudes, especially of the politicians, who traditionally seen drug law reform as a political third rail, costing anyone who appears weak on the issue their seat…and yes, they all want to keep their seats first, both R & D. Policy considerations are way down the list of priorities.

    2. Not picking on Yen over the others. Yen came up in a comment section of another website, apparently he is one of the bad votes. He’s first here, only because I found him first.

      Then again, Yen is a doctor, and he should know better.

      And yet then again, he is a Republican. We should never be surprised when they put the cult of the GOP ahead of all other considerations.

      Republicans, or marijuana legalization. Pick one, you can’t have both.

  1. C’mon you lazy Okie’s from the stokies get off yer arsess and VOTE for the right to live your life the way God intended.

    1. Well it’s kind of pointless since the government controls all aspects on what we are voting for just like you see here. Elites making all the decisions for everyone just for money or they are closed minded as fuck. For all I care everything should be legal and it should be up to the person to use drugs… pisses me off we live in a shitty ass state for not just weed but for schooling, housing, police suck ass help people not make their life hell

    2. The stokies?

      Perhaps this is what you meant?

      JUst so you know, this song was done tongue-in-cheek.

  2. The law makers in Oklahoma remain behind the times and out of tune. Their failed due diligence will not go unnoticed. The people of Oklahoma spoke with hundred of thousands of signatures yet we are still in a dictatorship headed by Sen Yen an out of touch MD with no evidence based reasoning on keeping cannabis from the people. We need an indep investigation to possible big pharma lining these people’s pockets..only explanation other than possible ignorance.

    1. There definitely needs to be an investigation on Sen. Yen. He has more than likely taken $ from big Pharma at some point in his previous career. He will be voted out but that is not justice. It should be unlawful to pre-empt a vote and make regulations on laws that are not even in existence yet.

      His personal beliefs are being put ahead of the entire state. Ive lost all hope for this state. Not a place to raise a family.

  3. Money,power,greed, Thats what drives their machine.
    Doctors aren’t all bad, just most interested in their bottom end first.
    Not curing a patient using something that can cost virtually nothing.
    I usually think of what the $ amount their looking for before I go to see a doc.

    I believe in the Art of medicine not the practice of medicine. ( no money in the Art. That’s been used for thousands of years.

  4. There are certain things that should not be decided upon by the States and drug laws are one of them. It should be decided at the Federal level and apply to all states. That said, cannabis should be 100% legal for any adult over 21 (maybe 18 since people serve in the military at that age).

    As for other drugs, the really dangerous ones, we should be treating and helping those who are addicted or abusing them; not further ruining their lives by incarcerating them and taking away their rights.

    It just can’t be right that it is possible for every state in America to legalize cannabis while Oklahoma decides they will lock up for life if you get caught with even one gram of it.

    For that reason, I do not support States rights; at least not on this subject.

    I could say something similar regarding military grade assault weapons in that I don’t think they should be legal anywhere except in the hands of the military or law enforcement. No state should be able to allow their citizens to have them.

    1. Great insight Don M! I agree with you 100%.

      That said, Oklahoma is the last place in America I would ever want to live. It seems that the so-called leaders there are about as nasty as any third world dictators.

      Cannabis should be legal in all of America. Anything less greatly diminished the intent of the idea of America – The Land of the Free.

      Keeping cannabis illegal greatly diminishes our trust in our government. Most of us know they have lied to us for decades about this amazing herb.

      And now, with Trump for a president, I find that I can no longer trust anything coming out of the White House. Talk about “Sad”!

    2. I wouldn’t say that they would lock you up for life for one gram. I got caught with distribution and I got probation. Trust me, I’ve read all about Oklahoma law. It’s off my record now upon walking a straight line for five years. It is possible in Oklahoma to get locked up for 45 years for possesion sure. Buuuut there are probably 14 other felony convictions behind such a person to receive such a prison sentence. That’s how you hear such stories like, “Damn, man! Dillon got locked up for 30 years from a scraper baggy!” That is probably strike 20 for that guy. Life for one gram…. haha

  5. Oklahoma will never have medical weed. Our people do not deserve it ! Our states biggest employers are tinker air Force Base (that makes cowardly bombers to drop bombs on kids and women) and private prisons. And in Oklahoma ,white assholes are pretending to be Indians to steal their money! Fuck Oklahoma and the dumb ass crackers that live here! Take your opioid pills and die! You will have weed, 2 decades AFTER Trump legalizes it ! New York states’s gun laws overrule the federal gun laws. Oklahoma will outlaw weed 20 years after the fed legalizes it. Eat your burgers ,take your pills ,fuck your cousins, and lock up black and Hispanics while your daughters have mullato kids! Oklahoma is a joke, oklahomans are the bigger joke

    1. Soooo… did you click on the take action link?

      Oklahoma may have white Indian Reps that have defied and lost their ancestoral medicinal roots to wealth and privilege, no doubt about it, but thats no excuse not to contact them on the link and let them know we vote.

  6. Oklahoma legalized tattoos less than 10 years ago. They are the most primative state in the USA. In actuality the rest of the US should call them out for being a narco state , cuz they (NGJC & Sinaloa) distribute meth and herione to the rest of the state while having protection under the OHP and local law enforcement. That’s why oklahoma is anti weed,cuz they want everyone buying meth and H. Duh

  7. Just the other day I read about the upcoming OK MMJ vote, afterwards I thought to myself no way, any doctor for any reason and can grow your own, in Oklahoma, THE most prohibitionist wackbards state in north America, no way, and then guess what, I knew it, I may be as fucking stupid as an Oklahoma resident living under North Korean dictatorship but I knew it sounded too good to be true. Okies will take it up the butt and give the lawmakers what THEY want and then turn around and vote them in for another term in office, then repeat the cycle. I knew it.

  8. Okies, should do something about SB1120. If the people do nothing then obviously the politicians will have their way and will continue to do their way in the future. Question is…are the people going to let them get away with this? What Okies do, will certainly define the State of Oklahoma.

  9. Rep Jordans HB3468 supports the state question as written and sets up a cannabis commission for regulation. Yens SB 1120 will die in the house committee because he’s lost favorand people call email everyday and double down on vote days. When 788 passes it is believed that it may supercede a bill that strays from the intention of the peoples action, otherwise law suits are being planned. Please don’t be negative Nancys, all you have to do is make calls to your reps tell them your watching for him to vote with the people THEN make sure you are reg to vote by 6/1 and vote 6/26. OK politicians will learn big on this one. I am on a search for how ethics are applied to med bills, I intend to hurt Yens reputation..oh yea, Connie Johnson for gov will cont our med canna and criminal justice reform, she will use taxes to bolster schools and promote free higher ed and healthcare. Okies are not the stereotypical backwards people that are continuously made fun of. We did this, our progress is real, people on the scene know how this ends…the people are making tremendous progress this sesh. Go vote YES to SQ 788 6/26 rather than poopooing the hard work thats been done since 2013

    1. I’ve read the whole SB1120. In my opinion, it’s not an amendment to SQ788 but a bill that totally changes the original content of SQ788.

      I’m not sure that is totally legal. I’snt an amendment done to clarify certain issue or issues? I don’t think SB1120 is an amendment but a distinct Medical Marijuana bill by itself that is totally different from SQ788. That’s pretty sneaky to pass that bill as an amendment. That only shows how devious these politicians are. Sounds to me a betrayal of the will of the people.

    2. Good work, Pamela. Don’t let people complain if they don’t vote and call their Reps! Put’m on the phone!

  10. An even bigger obstacle than Republican voters who seek marijuana reform reelcting prohibitionist Republican candidates are Democrats who seek marijuana reform that stay at home on election day.

    1. It is possible to call both groups out at the same time, no?

      We call “Bullshit” on the Republicans, and yell “Wake up!” at the Democrats!

      1. I have said before, how the movie “They Live” by John Carpenter makes an excellent metaphor for the ways we are manipulated and deceived by corporate propaganda (aka “advertising”). “They” lay it on so thick that their very existence is hidden and camouflaged.

        Wake up, Democrats! The fascists are already here, right now.

        “They” know all about us. Have you ever seen or talked to one of “them”? It is horrifying. In the clip above, watch for Traitor Trump on the TV set. There the monster is, followed by the Trump supporter wearing the fur coat.

        It is happening, now.

        “I don’t like this one bit. Not one bit.”

  11. 1. SCIENTISTS warn us,
    that the WHOLE WORLD is dying…

    greenhouse gasses,
    and ocean acidification, from fossil fuels,
    plastics in the oceans, killing all sea life,
    fukushima radiation,
    bees dying off,
    mass deforestation, for paper products,

    …and they are still against the cure;

    clean, green, infinitely renewable, non-fossil fuels, paper,
    and bio-degradable plastics, made from hemp, and other plant sources.

    2. what if there REALLY was a ‘war on drugs’ ??

    these traitors would be in constant fear, for their lives.

    and while they were in the capitol, voting, their houses would be burned down.

    instead, 300 million sheep, live under the tyranny of a few hundred wolves.

    we will not use violence against them,
    so they do not fear us.
    but they use violence against us, every day.
    so we fear them.

    we work within the law,
    to change the law,
    then they,
    cheat us out of our victories.

    if there is a hell,
    they will all go there,
    and fry for all eternity.

    they are LOWER than a bacteria,
    living on a dog turd.

    they are the epitomy of evil.

    E-V-I-L is the opposite of L-I-V-E.

    and life, is the opposite of death.

    they are killing the whole world,
    and with it, all of us, and themselves,
    for a few extra zeroes on their portfolios…

    1. One of the tragic ironies of this medieval rejection of climate and environmental science, is that many of the same people who reject this, readily and willfully accept the predictions of charlatans and other alarmists.

      I’ll never forget the panic as the year 2000 approached. We heard continuous warnings about the computers crashing the moment the year 2000 struck because somehow, according to these prognosticators, the computer programmers, developing the computers in the 1900s, had not anticipated 2000, so–all the computers would crash!!! LOL!!

      I knew reasonable people who actually stocked up on food and water in anticipation of the apocalypse that was sure to follow. (To those too young to remember this phenomenon, the apocalypse of course didn’t happen. Shades of Orson Welles and the War of the Worlds panic of 1938.)

      Yet, these same people (modern medieval bumpkins), who readily accepted and fell for that ruse–refuse to believe the warnings of actual scientists!

      Yep, we’re doomed as a species.

    2. anon, You’re not wrong…

      They’re not afraid of a low turnout vote between tweedledum and tweedledee. But they ARE afraid of massive turnout against the Republicans. They ARE afraid of a BIG BLUE WAVE!

      Vote, and vote Democratic for the foreseeable future, while vetting out the Republicans in sheep’s clothing, and you will see their fear!

    3. Scientfic fact is the planet we live on is one living, breathing macroorganism no different than the microbrs and bacteria that symbiotically lives within and around us that keep us alive. The planet, just like our bodies, is constantly compensating to achieve homeostasis and balance. Marijuana can help us achieve both goals from our bodies to our planet, getting two birds stoned at once.

  12. All of those Politicians who vote against HB788 are PILL PUSHERS who would rather see you and your family members risk DEATH and suffer negative side effects rather than become healthy and live a pain free better quality of life.

  13. Sorry to be so hard on you Okies the other day, I love you good people, Just wanted to get you fired up cause this is a serious issue when those we elect know what is best for us. When Arkansas passed MMJ in 16 everybody in office freaked, this will not be allowed until medical marijuana is legal in every state under federal law, then it was OK but maybe only in the form of a cream or salve to rub on the skin, then OK maybe some form of vaping would be allowed but not smoked marijuana, then the Governor, a republican by the way announced that he would honor the will of the people and it would go into law as written, But it has been going on 2 years now and so far there is nothing but patients on waiting lists.

  14. to Dain Bramage;

    of course, getting kicked in the nuts by the dems,
    is WAY better than getting shot dead by a reppie, but…

    the dems get $$$$ from the same donors as the reppies; pharma, fossil fuel, alcohol and tobacco, private prisons, police unions, drug test co’s, ect.

    jimmy carter was supposed to legalize,

    bill clinton was supposed to legalize,

    barry oh-bummer was supposed to legalize,


    why not ??

    big money rules everything.

    including the dems.

    bernie sanders was supposed to legalize,
    and even though there was ample evidence of multiple frauds, (some of it on videotape) committed against him by the dems,
    he did not fight back,
    he took $$$,
    and conceded.
    and told us to vote for the woman who commited the fraud against him,
    even though her platform was the opposite of his.

    the dems are not the saviors, that you make them out to be.

    1. anon,
      I never said Democrats were saints or saviors; but I vehemently reject your bullshit, deceptive attempts at false equivalency between Democrats and Republicans; and now, in this age of Traitor Trump, there is no comparison at all.

      There is only one viable political party now, and that is the Democrats.

      The Republicans are not a political party. They are a bunch of fucking traitors who sold America to Putin, in exchange for… Trump. Now, THAT is what I call getting fucked!

      You traded America for Trump? Really? And that’s all you got in return? That stupid fucking loser?

      That makes Republicans more stupid than Trump, if that is even possible. And, traitors, too.

      I wouldn’t let a Republican shine President Obama’s shoe. They are unworthy.

      1. Word. Black people in DC been sayin it for years: Them Republicans is lunchin!

  15. Look my pothead friends, anyone who wants pot in the State of Oklahoma has less trouble getting it than if it was legal. First of all, unless you are pushing it onto school kids or growing it in your home for distribution, the cops here usually turn a blind eye to small amount of pot.
    I don’t know of a single pothead I grew up with that has had any trouble getting it or with the law. Only the morons wanting to profit off it or are doing a whole lot of other things actually get charged.
    And we are proud we don’t roll over when the rest of the country is acting like fools and perverts.

    1. Richard Travis,
      I am a pothead, and I don’t want a cop’s “blind eye” goddamn it! That’s corruption!

      I am a goddamn citizen, and I walk with my head held high (pun intended). I am not ashamed. Tell that stinking cop to go fight some real crime!

      Legalize it!

    2. A cop’s “blind eye” is for white folks only.

      But when it’s black folks or latinos or Muslims involved, cops will start seeing all kinds of crazy things that aren’t even there.

  16. This state is broke as shit. They can’t decide where to cut funding so they cut everything. Of course legalizing recreational or medical won’t fix all of our budget problems. No one thing will, but you have to start somewhere. Prisons are over crowded and we keep spending money locking people up for marijuana. There is no prize for holding on to some backwards thinking. Trying to pass legislation that would cut out people looking for an alternative to opioid and benzodiazepine addiction in the middle of an opioid crisis is reckless and irresponsible. Oklahoma lawmakers need to leave this shit up to the people.

  17. The legislature will soon pass this restrictive draconian mmj bill. When Oklahoma voters approve SQ 788 in late June this will set in motion lawsuits to determine what will become law. Will the prohibitionist legislature succeed or will the courts rule for the will of the majority of voters? Stay tuned.

  18. I can’t get over that.. life for one gram… Don…. Jesus.. mythology and fantasy is all that is. No one has ever gotten a life without parole sentence with being caught with a gram of bud Jesus.. Be careful spreading that propaganda…..

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