NORML PAC Endorses John Fetterman for PA Lieutenant Governor

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws Political Action Committee (NORML PAC) has announced its formal endorsement of John Fetterman for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania.

“Mr. Fetterman has been an unrelenting champion for reversing Pennsylvania’s failed and draconic policies when it comes to marijuana,” stated NORML PAC Executive Director Erik Altieri, “He understands the absolute devastation prohibition has wrought on families across the state, most acutely in already marginalized communities. Having John Fetterman as Lieutenant Governor would be a huge step forward in advancing civil liberties and racial justice in the Keystone State, we are proud to support his candidacy and call upon voters to cast their vote for him in the upcoming primary and then send him to Harrisburg in November. Together, we can make real progress towards sensible marijuana policy in Pennsylvania.”

Upon receiving the NORML PAC endorsement, Fetterman said, “I will never shy away from the doing the right thing, and fully legalizing marijuana is the right thing for Pennsylvania. We should go full-on Colorado. It’s a simple solution to the devastation I have seen first-hand of the Opioid Crisis, and the disproportionate impact of mass incarceration on communities of color. As Lt. Governor I will be the leading voice on this issue in Harrisburg.”

Jeff Reidy, Executive Director of the Lehigh Valley NORML chapter commented on the National group’s endorsement saying, “Presenting John Fetterman with this National NORML endorsement represents the unanimous support of NORML Chapters statewide, and the community’s support for his campaign and his family values. Mr Fetterman has long been a supporter of cannabis reform, our organization, and our end goal of legalization.”

According to the latest polling conducted by Independence Communications & Campaigns, Fetterman is leading the field of six candidates in the race for Lt. Governor with 20% of the vote. A September 2017 poll from Franklin and Marshall revealed that 59% of Pennsylvanians believe marijuana should be legalized and only 31% were opposed, the highest level of support the firm has reported for legalization since they began asking the question in 2006.

Learn more about John Fetterman and his campaign by visiting his website, Facebook, or Twitter.

The Pennsylvania Democratic Primary will be held on Tuesday, May 15th. You can check your voter registration and find your polling place by clicking HERE.

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  1. Good endorsement.

    Been a while since we’ve seen a NORML PAC endirsement post: until we end Citizens United this is thepolitical reality we live in. It was Beto Orourke receiving an endorsement from NORMLPAC that helped him Represent El Paso. But now he rejects PAC money… I know, because I lobbied National NORML and asked Beto to his face if he would accept PAC money from NORML and he respectfully and reluctantly refused.
    While I believe we need NORML PAC to support candidates who are struggling to reform marijuana policy and dont have the campaign financing structure to Act Blue or crowdfund small donations, I also believe we need to support marijuana reforming candidates like Kristen Gilibrand and Beto Orourke who reguse PAC money… a reason why they get so many small donations. Perhaps one could say “I only take money from NORML PAC… no others,” but that sounds contentious in a doubting political climate. Best thing to do is vet our candidates face to face and ask them how they feel about PAC money… less the greed monsters like ALEC from Koch Industries get a hold of them…

    1. Expect many more PAC endorsements in the coming weeks for the 2018 midterms. Stay tuned. Also, just because some candidate won’t take donations from NORML PAC, doesn’t mean they won’t take the endorsement alone – so we won’t be avoiding races just because of the no-PAC money issue.

      1. Very good, Erik. I would expect no less. A decision by a candidate to reject or accept PAC money has to be respected. And NORML PAC should continue to support any candidate that supports quality marijuana reform breathing for donation air.
        With that said, we should greatly respect what Beto and Kristen are doing and continue to support them as individuals with small recurring donations.
        Why can’t we set up an ACT Blue link for those candidates? Is there a conflict with non-for-profit registration on this NORML Blog? If NORML PAC can excercise their free speech here, why can’t links to support marijuana reforming candidates of any party affiliation exist here too? Justin has my email, $#!+, I’ll post the links as comments!!! 😉

      2. I’m itching to find out who NORML will endorse in the NM gubernatorial race.

  2. You and yours have my support, John! Best from MI! You will do your state proud! And thanks, PENN NORML!

    1. Yes, I noticed when I accidentally hit the hyperlink in your fu€king name. You want ads? Contact and pay NORML appropriately.

  3. If John is PRO Cannabis I am Definitely Voting for him in 2 days..

    Its Past Time to Legalize Cannabis for Medical AND Recreational Use among Consenting Adults…

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