NEW POLL: 63% of Americans Believe “Marijuana Should Be Made Legal”

Legalize MarijuanaSixty-three percent of US voters believe that “marijuana should be made legal in the United States,” according to survey data released today by Quinnipiac University. The percentage is the highest support level ever reported in a nationwide Quinnipiac poll.

The result is similar to those of other recent national polls, such as surveys by CBS News, Gallup, and Fox News.

“Never in modern history has there existed greater public support for ending the nation’s nearly century-long failed experiment with marijuana criminalization,” said Justin Strekal, NORML’s Political Director. “As this momentum and public pressure continue to build, now is the time for elected officials to find their way to a political evolution. We are ready to welcome them to the cause of justice, fairness, and individual liberty.”

He added, “In 2018, NORML members and marijuana reform supporters will be attending town halls, knocking on doors, and making political contributions with every intention of defeating candidates who maintain their reefer madness hysteria as a justification to treat cannabis consumers as second-class citizens.”

The poll’s results also revealed overwhelming support for medical marijuana and sweeping opposition to federal intervention in states that have reformed their marijuana laws.

From Quinnipiac:

Ninety-three percent of voters support the medical use of marijuana, as authorized by a doctor. This widespread support is in line with the results of prior polls.

Voters oppose the enforcement of federal laws against marijuana in states that have legalized medical or recreational marijuana by a margin of 70 percent to 23 percent. Seventy-four percent of respondents say they support federal legislation to prohibit the federal government from intervening in states that have enacted marijuana regulatory laws.

Twenty-two percent of respondents acknowledged that they reside in a state where the recreational, adult use of marijuana is legal, and 61 percent of Americans reject the claim that cannabis is a supposed “gateway drug.”

Read the full results here.

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  1. It’s a win for The Left, and USA, if we all unite behind the Democrats, defeat Trump by defeating the Republicans who protect him even now; and, legalize marijuana nationwide. It’s a win for everyone but Nazis and traitors.

    1. I love Trump & I love Marijuana. I don’t see what trump has to do w/ what us people think haha. #legalizedevillettuce

      1. Of course Brain Damage is the first to engage in name calling like a true leftist. It is an automatic response to anyone who disagrees with you.

      2. @WhoreU: What you really mean is that love a sociopathic grifter who rips off contractors, who praises Filipino President Duterte’s campaign of murder, who also praises hangman drug warriors in Singapore, and is a lying sexist egotistical bigot,and even kicks Puerto Rico when it’s fighting for it’s life. Well, if you can see Kay off……

      3. No sane person loves Trump!

        Seriously, how could anyone love someone I would describe as a sociopath, liar, cheater, devoid of integrity, cowardly, sexist, racist, cares only about himself, would throw his best friend under the bus in a heartbeat to benefit himself in some way, and on and on. There is literally nothing good about him.

        Seriously, do you really love this guy?

    2. Some interesting points raised by Dain. Regarding Trump, the casino purveyor, think what will happen when masses of citizens are cannabinoid literate and start to find work (or what their own hands can do) more interesting than $$ “entertainment” or watching “realty tv”.
      The issue of Left versus Right may be connected to the appearance, some 30,000 years ago, of a configuration of stars in the north sky which was interpreted by village elders as a diagram posted by God to teach children to be right-handed. (The five “left” stars are holding a shield, or a tablet; the two “right” stars indicate the right fist holding a stylus (“write”) or weapon (“fight”), the outer tip of which is indicated by the dominant “Never moves” north star. Cannabinoid-literate users are ambidextrous (or -sinistrous).
      Regarding naughtsee/naughtsay, the cannabis prohibition really began with certain “America first” factions either wanting to foster hitlerism over here or believing that to win the approaching war it would be necessary to do what hitler does but more so– and we’d win because we and the Brits have more money than hitler can get hands on. Children were taught that George Washington’s mother said the reason he became a great commander was that she taught him to obey.

      1. Mexweed, it’s an awakening from the yuppie dream when you realize the ways in which our society is set up like an amusement theme park. One is a parody of the other, and it is impossible to say which is which.

        But like Bob Dylan said, “You shouldn’t let other people get your kicks for you.”

    3. This is the only thing I agree with the leftist libturds on, and I am gay and every gay man or woman I know voted for trump, so we are not nazis, the left are not American they are the true racist of this country , turn off cnn or whatever msm you’re watching.

      1. Hey Jimmy, if you are gay and voted for Trump, then you are a quisling and a quisling that supports sociopaths at that. You Trumpsters really feel the need to come on to NORML and justify your pathetic selves.

      2. Haha… “Please give me forgiveness for voting against my soul!”
        …That’s between you and your Creator Jimmy.

      3. Hey only idots and simple minded people voted for Hillary Rotten Clinton, those that can be controlled or just plain dumb or maybe some of you need to smoke a good joint like me and stay of the meth or crack.

      4. Jimmy, there’s a word for that: masochism.

        Guess you haven’t heard, but your GOP pals in Texas don’t want you or your gay friends around, denying the log cabin GOpers a booth at their convention.

        Yep, masochism.

      5. Jimmy,
        There’s been this Russian bot attack recently, I have read, having to do with fake gay Trump supporters. Do you know anything about that?

      6. Jimmy the Bot. Yep, that sounds like someone who’d be working in the Drumpf crime syndicate.

      7. If there was a like button, you would be getting a lot of them for your comment.

    4. Please. The Neocons running the DNC are no more likely to legalize then your imaginary boogeyman Republicans. They take just as much $$$ from big pharmaceutical and tobacco as the right. Stop wasting your vote on establishment politicians and vote Libertarian or Green party.

    5. Pres. Trump will do what the voters want.
      at 63% we still need more. 75% at least to change the laws in the USA. The failed drug wasn’t about reducing drug abuse beacuse it did not work. It was about GREED that surrounds the Govt and its ineptness to keep America No. 1.

  2. It’s really too bad that the Republican controlled congress doesn’t believe what most Americans believe.

    Throw the friggin’ bums out!

    Vote Democrat and, for real, let’s take back our country and truly make America great again. It is really in the toilet with the current administration…

    1. Go to DEA website. Section 811. Authority and criteria for classification of substances. Title 21 United States Code (USC) Controlled Substances Act.

      Obama/Holder/Lynch and Obama appointed DEA chief Rosenberg. Research what the Obama Admin did & didn’t do to help OUR SHARED CAUSE to legalize marijuana.

      Saying you love/hate Trump won’t change marijuana laws. Do something instead of complaining. People need to set aside political differences for once & be one voice if we truly want to End Prohibition.

    2. Its not about political parties. Its about the health and life of taxpayers. Democrat or republican it still comes down to the taxpayers.
      There is only 1 political party. the American one.

  3. Make your voices heard! Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes! The FUTURE has arrived, and the majority is getting louder and louder. Well said, Justin!

  4. The one flaw in Republics or Democracies is tyranny of the majority. The cure is an educated and empathetic and tolerant electorate.

    Thankfully by now, the big majority of Americans are educated about the benefits of cannabis and have a strong opinion toward ending the tyrannical laws involving cannabis prohibition.

    The much much bigger flaw in political systems that are far Worse than Republics or Democracies, is tyranny by the minority. For this is usually the stuff of dictatorships or monarchies. This is the very core of human enslavement. So the question is this; who are we?

  5. Perfect timing for midterm elections. As the marijuana headwinds back our hemp sails:

    McConnell’s hemp bill predictably became a proposed amendment to the Farm Bill. While admittedly this gives hemp legalization a better chance, if Pete Sessions or Chuck Grassley stop this bill, the Koch is out of the bag for Republicans for midterms. Republican Governor Martinez and rabid prohibitionist of New Mexico just had her veto of hemp overruled by the state Supreme Court. The money to Koch Industries and their timber and petrochemical patents can be more easily traced every day.
    But these Republicans are on their way out. Because not only cant they pass what even a majority of Republican voters want… fairly taxed and legalized marijuana markets… but they cant even promote water and soil conserving, job creating, rural small farmer saving hemp. And that hits them where the vote counts.

    1. Well put, Julian. It’s another glaring example — it’s not that the Republicans can’t govern well (they can, they hold the reins of power.) It’s that they won’t govern, at all!

      It was never their agenda to govern. This is the fundamental fraud of the Republican Party.

      Republicans are parasites. That is their agenda — not to serve America, but to bleed America and drink the blood.

      The trade of the Republican party is War Profiteering. The more the war (war on: drugs, blacks, Muslims, workers, women… DACA, etc etc etc) the more they profit.

      They feed off destruction and suffering. There is nothing they are not willing to put a gun to its head, if they think they can extort a revenue stream. Republicans take everything and give nothing.

      In Russian Republican eyes, even friendly, non-controversial hemp is too good for us Americans. They would rather make us buy it from Canada!

      America would do a lot better without Republicans, in every way. They’re just no damn good.

      1. Wow I am a libertarian if I dare to label myself and frankly over 1/2 the country feels the same about the democrats. Corruption and evil and I happen to agree with them (the 1/2 of the country that dislikes the conduct of Democrats).

      2. Clare Croft,
        How does it feel to be part of the problem and not part of the solution?

        Or is everything all about you, and your sensitive feelings?

      3. Dain Bramage, if you actually believe Democrats are the solution you are part of the problem. And judging from your comments you like the knowledge to have an intelligent conversation.

      4. Corruption and evil exist in both, its not politics that create Corruption and evil, Its human nature. The barbarians we are. Ruthless and cruel when we dont get what we want. Humans kill for profit and gain. We are still animals no matter how much we technically we advance. Still killers no matter what you political affiliation is. Forget politics, get on with living.

  6. Thanks survey responders. I appreciate the support. The wild threats about legalization have not come true. And now we have Sanjay Gupta on our side. We will end this war. Good work getting the news out, NORML. I can’t sit here arguing the election or hating one party or another. Some people need to chill with the constant hijacking of threads with political B.S. It does not help our cause. It is highly unlikely we are getting 63 percent support, and all of them on one side off politics or another. Improbable, at least. Eric Schlosser: “This war is over, if you want it.” He did not say anybody had to change party. He did not say we all have to agree on politicians. He made it so simple. If you want it, we are on the same side.

    1. Saferinneworleans,
      I know you didn’t just tell me to chill.

      So it’s political “BS” unless it’s YOUR political BS, isn’t that right, Trumpanzee? Bullshit, traitor. I will “chill” when Trump is in prison, and you have crawled back under your slimy rock.

      1. Hmmmm looks like Obummer and Killary will be there way way way before our President Trump

  7. The interesting thing about this argument is that its simple When something is illegal, people want to do it. Take that away and the problem becomes more normal.

  8. I love our President Trump and I still support full legalization of cannabis in ALL forms across the USA

    1. I have zero respect for anyone who claims to love President Trump because you are probably totally clueless. Feel free to try to change my opinion by letting us all in on why you love him. I can’t think of a single reason. I can think of many reasons to hate him however!

  9. #TrumpSupporters4LegalizationWithTaxation Legalize Now! It Just A plant Created by God! 4 man& womankind !

      1. If we want marijuana legalized,it shouldn’t matter who you supported for President. We must unite as one voice now. If we can’t even do that, we’re doomed.

  10. Cannabis is a winning platform! in up coming elections ! They’re more of Usvthan They Know ! #GetOnTheCanniBUS! B4 Your Left Behind ! The smoke is out of the bottle!aint no going back now! GOP WAKE UP! Smell the Tax Money!!!!And Do something, Good 4The People. Instead of Big Pharma!!!!

  11. Now!!!! Why the Hell R We even Talking about it!!! JustDoIt! We The People have spoken….. any Dem/Repub. Not 4 legalization Must B voted out of Office.! This is Not about either Party it’s about Us! The People unite 2gether And speak as 1 voice ! And mayB; We Can Get What . We All Want Legalization! Stop Fighting. We All Brothers& Sisters let’s Act like it. And Let’s Get Cannabis Legalized . you May B A Trump Lover / Hater. or A Obama / Bernie /Hillary ; Lover Or Hater! The One Thing . We All Love ( besides God ) is Cannabis!

  12. Conservatives & Liberals need to be united regarding legalization of marijuana. Obama and his DOJ had the ability & 8 years to reschedule marijuana! Read the Controlled Substance Act. Imagine if Obama & his Attorney Generals, Holder & Lynch had supported rescheduling; marijuana would have been able to go under studies! The President of the United States & DOJ has more power regarding marijuana that MSM leads one to believe. Forget Republicans & Democrats trying to control the narrative & the MSM pitting people against each other. If you support legalization of marijuana, then stop blaming a particular political party. Obama didn’t do all he had in his power to do! Now it’s ALL of our collective voices to put the heat on Trump/Sessions! Fight the right against the people! We need to stay focused on legalizing marijuana!

  13. So much for civil discourse. I thought cannabis brought people together?

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