NORML PAC Endorses Jared Polis for Colorado Governor

NORML PAC is pleased to announce our endorsement of Jared Polis for Governor of Colorado.

During his tenure in Congress, Jared Polis has been the preeminent champion for ending our nation’s failed federal prohibition on marijuana and an unrelenting force in standing up for Colorado’s legalization and medical marijuana laws. At this crucial time in the fight for sensible marijuana policy, Coloradans need an outspoken defender of their state’s right to legalize and regulate marijuana. 

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Jared Polis is the only choice for Colorado governor who will truly stand up to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his prohibitionist agenda and aggressively defend the will of the majority of Coloradans who voted to approve and still support the regulated adult use of marijuana.

Colorado deserves a leader who will stand up and fight for the Colorado’s legalization law and serve as an advocate to encourage other states to follow in the Rocky Mountain State’s footsteps, Colorado deserves a leader like Jared Polis. Help us make that a reality.

Commenting on the endorsement, Jared Polis stated:  “I’ve been proud to lead the fight for cannabis reform in Congress, and NORML has been an incredibly valuable partner in that effort, Here in Colorado, we’ve proven that legal cannabis creates jobs; funds schools, not cartels; and boosts our economy, not our prison population, and I look forward to growing this industry. It’s an honor to have NORML’s endorsement, and I will proudly stand with them against Jeff Sessions or anyone else who tries to come after legal cannabis in Colorado.”

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Political campaigns live and die on the support of volunteers. If you can sign up to help canvas voters, phone bank, or just general assist the Polis for Colorado campaign, you can sign up to HERE.

If you want to make a contribution towards his victory in the primary election, you can do so HERE.

Jared is running in in the Democratic primary which will be held on June 26th. Click HERE to check your voter registration, find your polling place, and learn more about voting in Colorado.

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  1. Jared Polis has been for several years a resourceful advocate for cannabis enthusiasts. Legalization has a big big impact on countless millions of people with regard to health, prosperity, happiness and peace. Jared Polis search results show me that he has generally positive policy positions overall, good endorsement.

  2. Jared has my full support, even out here in Michigan! He has done wonders for the movement, and will bring this fight to the final victory on the national level! He will be GREAT for Colorado! Thanks, NORML!

    Also, two sad stories I did find today, which make the fight all the more critical for the national level. Disgusting:

    KEEPING THE PAST ALIVE, and Ignorance, in Vista, and the Facebook activist page:

    Medical is supposed to be on the ballot soon, and Rigby and Scroggins continue to raid shops. Legalization needs to go Federal, this crap has to STOP.

    Activist page on Vista:

    Outrageous, but at least we are winning this fight, and I think they know it.

    Come on, Canada soon!



    1. Thanks, Matt. The Tennessee case illustrates your point, and mine, that legalization needs to occur on a national level, in order to prevent USA from fracturing into what amounts to separate country-states, like in Europe. Decades in prison for pot in one state, but free and legal in the state right next door? That’s just flat-out UN-American. One people, one law.

      Only the Democrats will legalize it federally; it’s the last thing Putin and the Republicans want to do — they do want to divide and conquer USA.

      1. Thanks Dain! I totally agree! 😀 And just listen to the sad reactions from that Assistant U.S. Attorney and the police Lt. Just more of that prohibitionist stink. So brain dead, more “rule of law….”

        Just so stupid and outdated, so sick and tired of the outdated garbage from the DOJ and others. It may be “law” still there but they should know it is so stupid what they are doing. Legalization will come to TN, regardless, and those ppl can get out of prison. I wonder if the prosecutor, Matt Wilson, will push for the maximum and the usual line about “not here in Jackson, TN.”

        TYPICAL. The complainants, who are probably some outdated old prohibitionists and Trump supporters, of course remain anonymous, sigh…it never ends. LivePD, the Richland County Brown marijuana busts, the whole angry, disgusting attitude of the police when making marijuana raids. Seems all they want to do is lock these people up, SOMETIMES, now granted, I have seen many police be very kind when citing for marijuana or even not citing at all. But sometimes…just down right MEAN.

        I actually tweeted to that U.S. assi. Attorney, and posted a review to Jackson Metro. I also contacted Rigby and the Vista police, all legal, just expressing my views, being VERY careful of course. Something I do often, just to make my voice heard.

        But I totally hear you. Listen, computer is about to crash again, so have to run, post is rambling because of this, but thanks Dain! I have faith!

        lol, TN. Lightfoot’s “Sundown” plays over and over in my head. Outdated, backwater police depts. Pathetic. These dudes really need to get with the times!

        Later, and about to start a new job, so will invest in a new computer and post more normal posts very soon, lol. Finally. No more TV remote typing soon either, lol.

        Love to all,


  3. I’m in the process of relocating to Colorado. If I get my Colorado ID and voter registration in time, then Jared will get my vote.

    1. Good luck. Better bring several thousand dollars if you do not want to be homeless; and if you think it would be doable to be homeless here, consider that portapotties are locked, shelters stopped providing showers, using a sleeping bag is a ticketable offense, no vehicle parking overnight on county roads, and all the campgrounds are dozens of miles from cities. Bring good wheels, $4,000, and get working right away. This place eats people alive.

      1. Brenton isn’t wrong, he’s right. It ain’t easy. But, if you can survive, you win. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. The weather, the weed… Paradise!

      2. Thank you Mark (and everybody). I’m very excited about this (and that’s an understatement). To Brenton: I’m staying in the Pueblo area. The cost of living is actually affordable. A lot better than where I am in Southeastern Louisiana as a matter of fact.

  4. If I had one more week on a long road trip
    I’d be trippin in Denver on a weed-beer sip
    If we need-em, have freedom then get out and vote
    Pick the stems, de-seed’em, the CSAct re-wrote
    Save the farm reduce the harm
    Legislators take note
    The new conservative
    Wears a Democratic hemp coat
    Take Action!

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