Join us this summer for the 2018 NORML Conference

2018 NORML Conference and Lobby DayNORML is pleased to formally announce the dates for our 2018 National NORML Conference and Lobby Day. The conference will run from July 22nd – 24th in Washington, DC at the Capital Hilton. This year, we are excited to add an additional day of activities in addition to our traditional programming. Click here to register now!

July 22nd: NORML Activist Strategy Summit

For 2018, we’ve going to do a deep dive into grassroots organizing with the NORML Activist Strategy Summit. Attendees will be able to choose from a number of important areas of interest and engage in free-flowing, peer to peer strategizing on issues including running an effective chapter, communications strategy, social media and online activism, and more. Each topic area will be moderated by outstanding NORML activists from across the country paired with a member of the National staff and provide an outlet for individuals to share stories based on their advocacy experiences, exchange tips for best practices, and come up with new concepts to put into play to help push us closer to the end of prohibition.

Topics include: Organizing political candidate forums, “big organizing” for lobby days, personal narrative development, and more.

July 23rd: NORML Conference & Benefit Party

On Monday, July 23rd we will host our formal conference programming. There will be panels, debates, and individual speakers covering a wide range of topics including: marijuana and its impact on the opioid crisis, how to engage in local reform efforts, NORML’s role in the 2018 midterms, marijuana reform as a social justice issue, and updates current 2018 ballot initiative efforts.

In the evening, attendees will gather for a NORML benefit party to enjoy live entertainment and networking.

July 24th: Congressional Lobby Day

For the final day, NORML supporters will once again descend upon Congress to advocate for federal reforms. The reason we chose to hold the conference and lobby day at this point in the calendar was because this week represents the final week of legislative session before lawmakers go home for the August recess when they will be explaining to voters why they should be reelected.

Last year, we had activists from 24 different states attend over 150 scheduled meetings with Congressional offices and we aim to exceed that this year, with your help!


We are at a critical time for our nationwide movement to end marijuana prohibition. Join citizens from all across the country to learn new strategies, hear about the latest scientific and political advancements in the reform movement, and meet in person with your elected officials and their offices to advocate for legalization. With over 60 percent of the American people in support of ending prohibition and three-quarters of voters supporting the states that have done so, the time to act is now.

Can’t wait to see all of you this summer!

The NORML Team

P.S. Can’t make it in July? Our efforts are supported by thousands of people throughout the country as we work to advance marijuana reform in all 50 states and the federal level. Can you kick in $5, $10, or $20 a month to help us keep going?

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  1. I already have plans to be there on the 12th. Seeing as how my Rep is Lamar Smith, the Unbeliever of Science, I’ll just focus on getting Senator Cornyn to sign Turtle-man’s hemp bill and Cruz to lose to Beto Orourke.
    Wouldn’t mind catching Beto in DC… Why hasn’t he joined the Cannabis Caucus already?

  2. Could like to be part of this great convection so that I may bring this good tidings to our great nation Kenya

  3. The marijuana legalization community must accept the fact that there is no middle ground with respect to the issue of Traitor Trump — we must oppose him.

    There is no middle ground in the choice between Democracy and Fascism.

    The Democrats openly support marijuana legalization. The Republicans openly support treason against America.

    From Daily Kos, referencing a piece by Adam Serwer at The Atlantic: “There Is Only One Trump Scandal.”

    “There are not many Trump scandals. There is one Trump scandal. Singular: the corruption of the American government by the president and his associates, who are using their official power for personal and financial gain rather than for the welfare of the American people, and their attempts to shield that corruption from political consequences, public scrutiny, or legal accountability.”

    That will never be good for us. Support for Traitor Trump will always be incompatible with support for marijuana legalization. The marijuana legalization movement believes in the rule of law; otherwise, why bother? We want to be law abiding citizens. We want to pay taxes.

    But Trump does not believe in the rule of law. Trump is a crook. He does not respect the rule of law in any way. He is corrupt, completely.

    Governmental Corruption is precisely what we oppose, because governmental corruption is the only way for marijuana prohibition to continue to exist.

    With Trump, we are losing not only American marijuana legalization, we are losing America.

    Fight Trump! VOTE!!

    1. Now then… A thousand Trump trolls are about to tell me “I smoke pot, and I support Trump!”

      So fucking what? That only puts them in conflict with their own values. It certainly does not justify treason against America.

      Their unstated implication is that, because they support legalization, therefore Trump supports legalization, a conclusion which is clearly false and fallacious. This bogus reasoning is nothing but a heavy-handed marketing tactic.

      1. These MAGAts come on this site expecting graciousness and civility. Now let that sink in for a moment, given that they support a president who seems to think that civility is for wimps.

      2. Sean,
        Yeah. The thing I want most here is not so much to persuade Trump supporters to abandon their cult leader, which appears to be a futile task; but rather, to protect from deception those other good-faith readers of this NORML website.

        I am trying to expose the lies and the deceits and the trickery of the alt-right trolls. They are wolfs in sheep’s clothing, and their debates and discussions are merely illusions designed to hide the fact that what they are pushing is a marketing campaign, and the product is Traitor Trump. In this way they emulate their cult leader, who does precisely the same thing.

        The purpose is power.

        When Trump declares martial law, establishes a curfew, and suspends all further elections indefinitely, maybe that will wipe the shit-eating grin off the faces of one or two Republicans.

        The rest of us better make damn sure to vote.

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