Gallup: Most Americans Say It Is Morally Permissible To Smoke Marijuana

Over six in ten Americans believe that it is morally permissible for adults to use cannabis, regardless of the plant’s legal status, according to nationwide polling data compiled by Gallup.

Pollsters reported that 65 percent of respondents personally believe that “smoking marijuana” is morally acceptable. Thirty-one percent defined the behavior as “morally wrong.”

The Gallup data represents a significant shift in Americans’ attitudes. According to prior data compiled by the Pew Research Center, only ten percent of Americans in 2006 agreed that cannabis use was morally acceptable.

Survey data compiled by Gallup in 2017 reported that 64 percent of Americans – including majorities of self-identified Democrats, Republicans, and Independents – believe that the adult use of marijuana should be legal, the highest percentage ever recorded by the polling firm.

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  1. Of course, marijuana use is perfectly moral.

    In order to illustrate the difference, here are some current and timely examples of immorality:

    1. Child snatching at the border
    2. Taking NRA political money to oppose gun safety legislation
    3. Calling murderous, (tiki)torch-bearing Nazis “good people”
    4. Calling Mexicans “rapists”
    5. Sexual assault
    6. Treason
    7. Ripping off the government
    8. Ripping off the American People
    9. Fucking up the water and the air and the land with pollution
    10. Rolling back civil rights
    10. Wars of aggression
    11. Lies, lies, lies, lies… and more lies…

    1. Uh… I think that’s twelve.
      Maybe I can’t count to twelve so good, but at least I know goddamn well that it is IMMORAL to steal children from parents seeking asylum.

      Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump are evil men. The Republicans are totally cool with that.

      No getting around it:
      Republicans are immoral.

      1. According to Chuck Todd on MSNBC recently, Traitor Trump has an 87% approval rating among Republicans. He was blown away by that number, as am I.

        But, it certainly puts me on solid ground when I said that Republicans are immoral. How could that be overstated, given every evil thing Trump and his asswipe co-conspirators have done, when 87 percent of Republicans still openly support him?

        There is no way to justify that. They are complicit. Fact is, they actually go for that sick shit! Only way to get rid of them all is to vote Democratic.

        The charge being made against the Democrats is that “they don’t stand for anything.” But, first of all, that’s not true — they now support marijuana legalization, just for starters. But more fundamentally, the Democrats should not want to be a cult like the Republicans. We don’t need to be force-fed an ideology. That’s putting the cart before the horse. The Democrats are now making the Democratic Party represent our views, and not the other way around. They will be our tool, our weapon of choice.

        We are going to use the Democratic Party as a tool in order to kick that bully Traitor Trump’s pansy white ass!

      2. Dain,

        I believe the 87% is easily explainable. Fox News and hate radio. They’ve hammered home the message to their flock over and over that they must circle the wagons and protect THEIR PARTY. The good of the nation? Democracy itself? All of those notions take a back seat to the security of THEIR PARTY.

        For years the GOpers played themselves as the protectors our country and our democracy. For years they’re labeled the Democratic Party as weak on security, and indeed, democracy itself.

        But now they have revealed their true nature as protectors of THEIR PARTY. And the only security they’re interested in is that which protects THEIR PARTY.

        Their willingness to ignore Russia’s interference in our elections vividly illustrates this. Had somebody told me, say 20 years ago, that the GOP would readily excuse Russian interference in one of our elections, I would’ve thought that impossible. Had someone told me, 20 years ago, that the GOP would turn on the FBI and CIA, for purely political reasons, I would’ve thought it impossible.

        But now I know, and I should’ve known 20 years ago, that with Republicans, party is always more important than country.

        They must be voted out of power.

  2. Fascism is immoral.

    Leroy, I will bet a dollar you don’t know the meaning of the word “fascism.” Define the essential elements of fascism. Give examples; show your work.

    1. Remember, Leroy… it’s okay to look up information in order to answer the question. Especially if that information conflicts with your own current assumptions! Understand? That’s how it is done.

      If you actually want to be correct, as opposed to just popping off with an opinion, then your answer must be founded on good, reliable information. You should always want to find and correct your own mistakes before your critics do, for the sake of truth and accuracy. Also, you would prefer not to look like a fool, presumably.

      1. Your presence is so offputting. Like, dude, go away. Take some time off, loser.

      2. Not so long as Trump is in power, Leroy. I have all the time in the world to fight that bullshit.

  3. Only 6 in 10???

    OMG, it’s really sad that so many American’s remain so ignorant about this amazing herb.

    I would venture to guess that the 4 in 10 that think it is immoral are Trump supporters!

    Still, you would think that if our way of governing is based on taking into consideration the will of the majority of the people in this country that we wouldn’t still be having this conversation…

  4. The immoral thing is to punish responsible adults who choose to prevent or cure their diseases with an effective natural herb whose basic side effects are simply euphoria and a pleasant psychoactive experience. Well, by now the truth is finally understood by at least a super majority of our citizens. Tolerance and empathy are the best ingredients of any successful culture.

    1. Good point, Ancient James. I don’t know how I missed that one on my list. Marijuana prohibition is immoral.

      I hope I am not becoming numb to horror. We must put a stop to this god-forsaken shit show.

  5. It’s past time for our elected officials to catch up to the people. We must replace these professional politicians with real people.

  6. Oh for fucks sake, right, it’s Trumps fault that pot isn’t legal and only Trump supporters could be hesitant about legalization. Forget that Obama was in office for 8 years before this and acceptance and legalization is at an all time high under Trump. For the record, I support both our president and legalization.

    1. You just contradicted yourself by supporting Trump and claiming to be for legalization. Trump supports drug war murderers like Duterte and he supports the hangman drug laws of SE Asia. And don’t think that your false equivalencies go unnoticed. How do you feel supporting a poor excuse of human being that swears that Obama was born in Kenya? How do you like having a willfully ignorant president who thinks that Canada burned down the White House in the War of 1812? You support a president that thinks that neo-nazis are good people? Your vote for Trump speaks volumes about yourself. And don’t come here expecting graciousness and civility for your MAGAtry. Your hero Trump won’t model those attributes himself. You MAGAts brag about being up front and honest, and you dish out a lot of abuse onto people you don’t like. So you little MAGAts should be able to take a little ribbing on NORML. If you can’t then you all are hypocrites.

    2. Okay, “Anonymous,” we have you down on “the record!” Brace yourself for the paparazzi!

      1. Anonymous,

        I strongly suspect that you’re one of those people who bitched and moaned about Obama’s “jack-booted” thugs during the entirety of his presidency. Sorry, I have no sympathy for the Cheeto-in-Chief. He surrounds himself with prohibitionists and other corporate slime and we’re supposed to celebrate?

  7. With polls like these showing massive growing public support of marijuana, and more importantly, the willingness for Democrats to finally get out and VOTE on these issues, it’s no wonder Republicans ñike Chair of the House Rules Committee and the real Green Goblin, Pete Sessions, R-TX are doing everything they can to block mj votes on the floor:

    Representative Pete Sessions faces a threatening election for his unpopular stance in Dallas County district. Many Republicans either are or have family or children with epilepsy, a veteran suffering from trauma or PTS or soneone suffering from meth or opioid addiction and seen the mitigating effects of whole plant marijuana on these family tragedies. Sessions can only lose 1,200 votes for Dems to flip this district. Collin Allred, his Democratic opponent favors medical marijuana. Some big mj legalization doners are focusing on eliminating Pete Sessions from district 32.

    But at the state level in Michigan Republican state legislators were too late to stop an mj voter initiative. Some Republican state legislators openly expressed concern of increased Democratic turn out with an mj initiative on the ballot and suggested introducing watered down legalization in order to thwart Democratic turn out.

    Make no mistake; the number one reason marijuana remains illegal in the U.S. since the CSAct of 1970 is not simply timber and petrochemical patents, Big Pharma or Big Agribusiness: these prohibitionist lobbies are the symptom, not the cause… The main number one reason for Republicans keep pushing prohibition is to supress Democratic voter turnout. We have a chance to prove them wrong in November. And it may be our last.

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