New York: State-Commissioned Report Will Recommend Legalizing Marijuana

Legalize MarijuanaA forthcoming report commissioned by the Governor’s office is set to recommend that lawmakers legalize and regulate the possession and sale of marijuana by adults.

According to statements made today by New York State health commissioner Howard Zucker, the report’s authors have concluded that “a regulated, legal marijuana program [ought to] be available to adults in the state.”

“We looked at the pros, we looked at the cons, and when were done, we realized that the pros outweighed the cons,” Mr. Zucker said, adding, “We have new facts.”

A finalized version of the Health Department study is anticipated to be released imminently.

The health commissioner’s statements come just weeks after an analysis prepared by the New York City Comptroller’s office concluded that the state of New York would gain an estimated $434 million annually in new tax revenue under a regulated adult use marijuana market.

Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo, in the past, has been reticent to publicly support calls to regulate the adult marijuana use market in New York state — stating that he is “unconvinced” that legalizing is a preferable public policy to criminalization.

During today’s remarks, health commissioner Zucker also indicated that the Department is moving to expand medical cannabis access to those using opioids. Under the new regulations, those with chronic pain wishing to use cannabis as a substitute for opiates will be able to do so. “[T]hat means if an individual is taking prescription opioids, they could take medical marijuana as part of the program that we are pushing forward to hopefully come off prescription opioids as well,” he said.

According to data published in May, patients enrolled in New York state’s medical cannabis program reduce their use of opioids and spend less money on prescription medications. The study’s findings are similar to those reported among enrollees in other states’ medical cannabis programs, including the experiences of patients in Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, and elsewhere.

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  1. President Trump Making America Great Again and legalizing marijuana and draining the swamp and building the wall and more to come…doing good don’t have a end.

      1. There is no correlation with this report and the Trump administration. This is based on some scientific evidence looking at the Pros and Cons. The MAGA heads reject science. Using your mindset we could say, “Trump administration is the reason we had a week of good weather and sun.” Anyone with a brain knows this is not the case.
        Good news for New York.

        Stop spouting MAGA BS! No one cares.

      2. I am guessing that Jack Stinnett works in the distillates industry, because he has managed to distill the essence of pure MAGA bullshit into a single burst of mouth spittle.

    1. Jack Stinnett, (whoever you really are), when you used the name “Pocahantas” in your earlier posts your credibility shot pretty close to zero; that along with your insane support of Trump.

      Trump is a nightmare for any intelligent person who actually cares about our country.

      I have to ask what good is legalization if Trump was to have his way and become a powerful ruthless dictator?

      1. Miles, you have nailed the question.
        It is what I have been trying to say for a long time.

        The answer is: no good at all. It does no good at all to legalize marijuana if we allow Traitor Trump to become empowered as the dictator he clearly is, and clearly aspires to be.

        The reason is this: if Trump gets his way, we lose the very context in which the phrase “marijuana legalization” has any meaning.

        To become legal, there has to be a “there” there!

        That place is: A democratic society in which the rule of law applies to all citizens, the politically weak and the politically powerful alike. We used to call that place USA.

        But not now. Not while we have a Putin operative in the White House, for fucks sake!!!!

  2. Colorado 1 legal month 6/6/2014
    NY maybe 2019-2020 I wish 2018 that would make the east coast only 4 years behind the times. Making north east coast little more progressive than say the South- or Midwest

  3. It seems a miracle that another generation won’t be attacked by their government due to a slightly different lifestyle. It seems a vast blessing that Cannabis, this most healing of herbs, will become a normal part of our society. United we will stand; for divided we had fallen during nearly a whole lifetime by now.

  4. As I have said so many times….New York State will be a MASSIVE gain, a state that is badly, badly needed. 8 million approx. in NYC alone, upstate NY is well-educated, populated, and is long-standing in both American culture and history. New York is a crown jewel and the crown jewel that we need for legalization. Adding New York State will be a MAJOR victory for legalization. MAJOR gain just WAITING to happen, Vermont set the PRECEDENT!

  5. While some knuckleheads would like us to believe Drumph deserves credit for this, believe it or not, Governor Cuomo appointed NY Health Commissioner Zucker.

    There’s some irony here. Cuomo doesn’t exactly have a long track record of marijuana reform. But then neither did Chuck Schumer and look how our efforts in mj reform turned him around?

    But the deeper irony is this is New York State we are talking about, which includes conservative parts of the state bordering Canada, not just liberal NYC. And yet NYC is where Drumph comes from, and where he made ties to the Fat Tony Salerno, the Gambino crime family and the rest of the NY mafia.

    For Governor Cuomo to appoint and stand with his Health Commissioner’s report to legalize marijuana in New York speaks volumes of where we are in mj reform. I can’t help but wonder if the President’s power grabbing and bullying has alienated him from his traditional allies? (Said Captain obvious).

    Anyhow, better call Cuomo’s office and get an official statement. Keep up the pressure Empire State… take nothing for granted.

  6. Trump holds children hostage, to protect himself.

    His supporters, like Jose Valdez and Jack Stinnett, are sick in the head.

    1. As you can see, the Trumpanzees are intent on infiltrating and corrupting the marijuana legalization community, via this NORML blog.

      I am just cleaning up around here.

  7. When Sean Spicer lied about Trump’s inauguration crowd size, knowing the lie was easily refuted by photographic evidence, I knew then that there would be no further information coming from this White House — only pure propaganda.

    Now, we have detention camps on American Soil for… children.

    Trump’s government has gone dark on information. We can’t know where the girls or toddlers are. We may never know.

    Germany has to preserve it’s purity of race — I mean America; but that’s where we arrived: Nazi Germany, as a result of Trump.

    Are the girls and toddlers alive? No way to know.

    Fuck Trump and his supporters.

  8. New York is going to legalize cannabis citing “we have new facts.” Do not believe this for a second. Lawmakers have imposed this inexcusable prohibition for decades, completely ignoring the facts and outright ignoring the will of the people. They dragged this out as long as they possibly could, with police departments kicking and screaming, and now when they have no other choice they finally legalize it. Although I’m glad they eventually made the right decision, I don’t think we should praise them for it. If anything, we should hold them accountable for the damage that was done.

  9. Kinda funny this comes out just ahead of the election… hmmmm, very suspicious.
    The left knows it’s a popular enough issue to grab some voters.

    It would be great to see another state use common sense, but NY? I don know, maybe.

    Personally I don’t care if Trump helps to get it done or some one from the left gets it done… I will congratulate anyone and everyone that fixes this issue.

    I think NORML gets a lot of credit for being unstoppable and relentless in pursuit of the ultimate goal for everyone.

  10. Comments appear to be closed….I don’t know why, but I will continue to help NORML and contribute as I can.

    I hope to see Julian and others on here, again, sad comments seem closed….

    This is out of Nebraska. I have already contacted Nevada State Patrol, and legally let them know my frustration. Nebraska remains a constant irritant.

    Norml, I will follow the appropriate avenues in finding out why comments are closed. This is sad…….

      1. Hi, Paul…..I was just curious, and really would like to know….why have comments recently been closed? Have not checked Twitter, and my Facebook is still down…. thank you for you and NORML’s awesome work, and please know you will continue to have my resolute and undying support for our great and powerful cause. Thanks, and, respectfully, Matt.

      2. Matt,
        While we have enjoyed the educational value of this blog and our freedom of expression, as you may have observed a small troll invasion just isn’t worth policing when lobby days are fast approaching. Believe me I was disappointed too but understood entirely when I saw the degenerate level of discourse from some of the Trumpettes on this blog. NORML staff is just too busy leading up to midterm elections.

        Meanwhile we can still use this website to contact our reps and give them a politely scripted wake and bake of reality.
        I have enjoyed your posts and hope you feel encouraged to continue your citizen activism for our mutual cause to legalize marijuana for all.
        Let’s free the weed for those in need!

  11. NORML, Carly, Paul…I do not understand why comments have been closed, of course if that is your policy, but I really would like to know.

    I have enjoyed my many times contributing here, as both an activist for legalization, and a devout supporter of NORML, MPP, other awesome groups. I will miss Julian, Dain, other contributors to this awesome movement.

    I suppose all I am asking is why comments are closed.

    I have ALWAYS committed to keeping my comments appropriate, fair. I hope I did not play a part in why the comments section has been closed.

    Going to miss Julian, going to miss the others. I will continue my fight for legalization. Every hour, and every day.

    Yours, always, NORML


  12. I don’t know why comments have been closed. What I will continue to do is both follow NORML updates, news, contribute in any way I can. I am very saddened that, for whatever reason, comments have been closed. I am EXTREMELY passionate about legalization, committed to the movement, committed to OUR struggle. I don’t understand why comments have been closed, but will continue to support NORML and the great fight we are in. We WILL be victorious. So will legalization. In EVERY state.


  13. Had already heard about the epilepsy approval.

    Please, NORML….I just want to know WHY comments have been closed.

    I hope it was not in part or full, due to me. I have ALWAYS tried to import intellectual and insightful input in my comments.

    I will call NORML or do what I have to to find out. I miss Julian, Dain, Evening, the others. I loved the comments section.

    Thank you,

    Respectfully, and ALWAYS fighting for legalization,


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