Legislation To Protect Legal Consumption In Federal Housing Introduced

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) has introduced legislation to protect state-lawful marijuana users from housing discrimination.

Entitled the “Marijuana in Federally Assisted Housing Parity Act of 2018,”  the legislation includes protections for consumers in both medical and adult use states. It states, “A public housing agency or an owner of federally assisted housing may not establish standards prohibiting admission to the program or federally assisted housing to any household with a member who engages in the use, distribution, possession, or cultivation of marihuana… in compliance with the law of the State in which such use, distribution, possession, or cultivation takes place.”

Under the current federal policy, those who consume any controlled substance defined as illegal under federal law, including medical marijuana, are prohibited from being admitted to federally assisted housing. Federal law also allows landlords to evict current residents based on their use of marijuana for any purposes, including the use of medical cannabis by state-qualified patients.

You can contact your Representative and urge their support for this measure by clicking here. 


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  1. When there is smoking either of Tobacco or Cannabis and the evidence shows that a repaint and/or cleanup will be needed between occupants, then a small monthly fee might be appropriate for anywhere smoking is practiced. The rest is best left alone regarding what citizens do in their home, for this is America.

  2. How fitting that after nearly 5 years straight commenting on my favorite NORML blog the last comments available before (understandably) reading “comments closed” involve my birth city, our nation’s capitol, where Representative Eleanour Holmes Norton still represents a population greater than Wyoming without an eligible vote by introducing just marijuana reform.

    I don’t blame the blog for shutting comments down. Frankly, we need people clicking on the ACT tab, NORML is busy getting ready for lobby days, Canada just legalized marijuana (Can’t wait to visit in July!) and recently we had a troll invasion that was a distraction to say the least.

    Now it’s time to citizen lobby. It’s time for us to take our messages face to face with our elected officials, candidates for office and make our message to reform marijuana law and turn it into law.

    In D.C. we have a woman representing our capitol for the last several decades that helped us navigate through Congress to legalize marijuana. The seeds have grown and she continues to stand up for those least able to defend themselves from our archaic laws.

    Commenting on this website has been a resourceful tool for me over the years to learn about the laws and ACT upon the links. To hone my message to my reps and encourage others to participate in the legislative process. I have excercised my 1st amendment rights, vented, educated and been educated, enjoyed comments over the years from Oracle, Mexweed, Evening Bud, Miles, Mark Mitcham, and Dain Bramage and I am greatful to the staff and interns at NORML for encouraging our engagement and activism.

    I will continue to use the scorecard:


    And just say thank you for the opportunity. I’ll be up at headquarters July 11th, and let’s legalize some marijuana!

    1. Julian, I am humbled by the effort made by you, NORML, and so many more.

      Standing down.

      1. Stand UP, oxygen will fix your delirious oxygen depletion.
        President Trump Making America Great Again ????????
        Legalizing Marijuana.

    2. Wow, this is shocking news. And I have to say that I’m saddened. I always looked forward to reading comments by advocates, positive or negative.

      Julian, I feel like we’ve been friends on this forum, and I was hoping some day that you and I could share a blunt.

      You know that I love playing board games (always partaking while so doing); last month, on a website called Boardgamegeek, a consummate website devoted to board games, there was a lively discussion about playing board games while partaking in pot. There was a surprising number of conservative board gamers who couldn’t help but disparage MJ; but us pot-smoking board gamers gave them an earful of arguments, including yours truly. That discussion ultimately had to be shut down too because of rancor and also because the discussion had evolved to include religion and other unrelated topics.

      I don’t know if this comment will even be posted–I still can’t find any references here about the end of the discussion board.

      In any event, it’s been fun and instructive participating; hope to talk with you guys again some time in the future. And good luck to everyone with our endeavor to legalize and decriminalize pot.

      1. Bud:
        Contact Justin@norml.org
        He’ll give you my email.
        There’s a road trip through Albuquerque on my bucket list at some point in the future.
        Hermanos en la lucha!

  3. Also want to say if the cops can take your kids away to foster homes during a marijuana raid, what is the difference from taking them away from illegals trying to cross the border.

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