Poll: Two-Thirds of Americans Support Legalizing Marijuana for Personal Use

Marijuana PollAn estimated two out of three Americans believe that cannabis should be legal for recreational purposes, according to nationwide polling data compiled by PPRI (the Public Religion Research Institute) — a non-partisan research and public policy institute.

Support for legalization was strongest among self-identified Democrats (79 percent) and Independents (71 percent). By contrast, fewer than one in two Republicans (46 percent) expressed support for legalizing cannabis.

Since 2016, when PRRI last surveyed the legalization question, support among both Democrats and Independents has risen while favorability among Republicans has remained unchanged.

The nationwide poll possesses a margin of error of +/- 2.8 percentage points. The survey’s findings are consistent with those of prior national polls — such as those recently conducted by Gallup, Marist, and Pew — all of which report that more than six in ten Americans endorse legalization..