Illinois: Retail Marijuana Sales Begin Next Week

Adults will be able to purchase cannabis from select retailers next week, beginning on Wednesday, January 1.

Under the new law, state-licensed retailers may provide up to 30 grams of cannabis to those over the age of 21. Those who are visiting from out of state may purchase 15 grams of cannabis. An estimated 30 retailers in the state are now licensed to engage in adult-use marijuana sales.

The law also enacts several other changes. Specifically, it permits qualified patients for the first time to engage in the home cultivation of up to five plants, while decriminalizing home grows for non-patients. The law also establishes procedures for the automatic expungement of low-level minor convictions (possession up to 30 grams) and facilitates a process for the expungement of cases involving the possession of up to 500 grams.

Illinois lawmakers passed the legislation, The Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, in June. Illinois is the eleventh state to legalize adult marijuana use, and it is the first state to legislatively enact a comprehensive regulatory scheme governing commercial production and sales.