State-Legal Marijuana Industry to Employ Nearly 300,000 Workers by Year’s End

Marijuana Dispensaries

By year’s end, nearly 300,000 employees are expected to be working in the state-licensed cannabis marketplace, according to an analysis by the news website Marijuana Business Daily.

Their analysis projects as many as 295,000 marijuana-related jobs by the close of 2020 – a total that is slightly higher than the total number of computer programmers working in the United States. The newsgroup projects that there may be as many as 470,000 cannabis-related jobs by 2022.

The estimates are in line with those published earlier this year by the online content provider, which at that time identified some 243,000 full-time employees in the state-licensed cannabis industry.

For more information, see the NORML fact-sheet, ‘Marijuana Regulation: Impact on Health, Safety, and Economy.’