Vote for Marijuana in 2020

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NORML is very proud to announce a new partnership with our friends at HeadCount’s Cannabis Voter Project to register voters who want to make marijuana legalization a reality across the United States. 

To do this, we’re setting a goal of registering thousands of new voters over the next three months, as well as helping our supporters update their voter registration status to make sure they are eligible to cast their ballot on November 3. 

Get registered now and/or confirm that your information is up to date. 

Next, share this tool with your friends and networks to make sure they are ready to vote this November. Do it in just two clicks: 

NORML continues to ramp up the pressure on federal candidates to call for the end of the federal prohibition of marijuana. It is high time for our federally elected officials to take action.  

It’s been nearly 24 years since the first medical cannabis legalization initiative passed in California in 1996. Today, 33 states and Washington, DC regulate medical cannabis, and 11 states have legalized adult use. 

But our focus is not solely on federal offices. Cannabis voters can make an enormous impact in local elections. Earlier this year NORML launched Smoke the Vote, and with the help of hundreds of NORML volunteers and contributors just like you, we have created the most comprehensive marijuana policy voter guide ever compiled. 

As we get ready for November 3, we’re continuing to expand our database to arm you with the information necessary to educate your community. Please consider making sure that we are up to date regarding the candidates running for office in your community by visiting Smoke the Vote.

WIth this new voting platform, you can:

Get registered ✅
Check your current registration ✅
Change your current registration ✅
Easily access our candidate database ✅
Spread the word ✅✅✅

Further, given the COVID-19 pandemic, requesting absentee ballots is more important than ever, and thanks to our friends at HeadCount, you can do that too! 

Register to vote / Check your registration / Request an absentee ballot NOW!

Your friends and families may think a lot of things, but don’t let them think that voting is not important. Turnout is going to be high and we need to make sure that our people go to the polls. Spread the word on your social networks:

Elections are decided by those who show up. Will our community’s voice be heard on November 3?

It’s up to us. Let’s legalize it.