These States Possess the Highest Number of Cannabis Consumers Per Capita

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Oregon possesses more cannabis consumers per capita than does any other state, according to data compiled by the online news outlet BestLife.

Authors collected data on the percentage of adults in each state who acknowledged having used cannabis within the last year, as compiled by They then cross-referenced those percentages with the most recent population data from the U.S. Census Bureau to calculate the number of cannabis users per capita (per 100,000 residents) in each state.

Predictably, most jurisdictions with the greatest number of adult consumers per capita were states where adult-use cannabis is legal. These are:

#1 Oregon

#2 Colorado

#3 Vermont

#4 Maine

#5 Alaska

#6 Washington

#7 Nevada

#8 Rhode Island (medical only)

#9 New Hampshire (medical only)

#10 Massachusetts

States with the lowest number of adult-use cannabis consumers per capita are:

#50 Utah

#49 Texas

#48 Mississippi

#47 Virginia

#46 North Dakota

The full list of all 50 states is available from BestLifeOnline here.