Marijuana Ballot Initiatives

How to Prepare for the Upcoming Elections and State/Local Ballot Efforts

With multiple states and cities across the nation deciding upon adult-use legalization this fall , NORML is redoubling our efforts to inform, educate, and get voters to the ballot box. In many states voter registration deadlines are approaching and early voting is on the horizon. It is imperative that each of you have the tools to be an active and informed voter. 

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California: Multiple Reform Bills Advance to Governor’s Desk

State lawmakers have advanced several priority bills to Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk and a few more remain pending but are up against a  tight timeline. The legislative session in California ends on August 31st. Any bills not transmitted to the Governor will die after that date. (Once advanced to the Governor, he has 30 days to act on the bills.) 

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Marijuana-Related Ballot Initiatives and Referenda: 8/19/2022 Update

Voters in several states and in dozens of cities and towns will decide on marijuana-related ballot measures in November. Here is an update of where these efforts currently stand in Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Oklahoma, as well as cities in Colorado, Michigan, Montana, Ohio, Rhode Island and Texas.

Nevada Marijuana Laws

Nevada: Cannabis Consumption Lounge Regulations Approved, Licensing to Start in the Fall

Yesterday, the NV Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) voted unanimously to approve regulations for the licensing and operation of cannabis consumption lounges. Regulators said they expect to open the first round of licensing for consumption lounges this fall, with the first lounges opening as soon as the end of the year.