Calling All College Campuses To A National Marijuana Forum

NORML encourages college chapters of NORML and SSDP to follow CU NORML’s lead by organizing ‘marijuana forums’ on their campuses next week, as college students are disproportionately arrested at higher rates than most other subgroups of Americans for cannabis possession charges and can be denied access to federal loans for college if convicted of a single cannabis possession offense.

Marijuana Laws

New Drug Czar Nominated; ONDCP To Be Removed From The Cabinet

Chief Kerlikowske’s former colleagues on the police force, cannabis law reform activists, medical patients, civil rights lawyers and public health officials all seem to recognize that science and ‘smart on crime’ (as compared to ‘tough on crime’ and ineffective platitudes like ‘just say no’ or ‘drug-free America’) drive his policing—not ideology and a twisted sense of personal morality.

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Take A Marijuana Use Survey, Advance Science, Possibly Win iPod or $250 Amazon Gift Card

Some questions are directly about marijuana and some are more general beliefs and opinions. the survey also takes a close look at drug and alcohol use, some symptoms of anxiety and depression, and personality characteristics.
It’s markedly shorter than surveys in the past NORML’s highlighted and should intrigue most folks in the NORML community.