Update: Judge Drops Charges Against Medical Marijuana User Todd McCormick

Judge Anthony Gretick has dismissed drug charges against medical marijuana user and activist Todd McCormick. McCormick, who has a prescription from a physician in Holland to use cannabis as a medicine, was arrested this past summer when Ohio State Patrolmen discovered in excess of thirty pounds of marijuana in his van.

Judge Gretick ruled that state troopers had illegally searched McCormick’s vehicle and ordered that the evidence be suppressed. It is expected that the state will appeal Gretick’s verdict.

Since the beginning of this case, McCormick has maintained that the search had been illegal and that the marijuana seized was intended solely for medical use and not for sale. McCormick, 25, is the founder of the San Diego Compassionate Use Club in California and was driving to his home state of Rhode Island to establish a similar club when he was arrested.

McCormick’s case garnered national headlines this past fall when it was revealed that Judge Gretick was considering allowing McCormick to have legal access to cannabis while in jail. For much of his life, McCormick has used marijuana as a therapeutic to alleviate pain associated with a rare strain of cancer he suffers from known as histiocytosis X. While in Holland, McCormick received a prescription for the use of 1 to 10 grams of marijuana daily from Dr. R. T. Trossel of the Preventive Medicine Center in Rotterdam.

“I’m sure he can’t live without it,” Trossel notes, “because he becomes completely paralyzed. …I am convinced [that] there are no other drugs that would give him the same relief. He’s tried them all … [and] … this seems to have the best effect on him.”

McCormick, who had recently been residing in the Netherlands, states that he is pleased with Gretick’s ruling and plans on returning to Rhode Island shortly. He notes that he is considering filing charges against the state of Ohio.

For more information, please contact Allen St. Pierre of NORML at (202) 483-5500 or Don Wirtshafter of The Ohio Hempery at (800) BUY-HEMP.