Cincinnati Buyers Club Founder Takes Offensive Following Police Raid

Richard Evans, founder of the Greater Cincinnati Cannabis Buyers Club — one of an estimated 30 underground clubs located across the country that supplies marijuana as a therapeutic to seriously ill patients who possess a physician’s recommendation — has taken the offensive since his home was raided by police on February 16. Evans’ home served as the headquarters for the club which distributed marijuana to approximately 30 patients.

Evans and his attorney, marijuana activist Gatewood Galbraith, held a press conference on the Covington courthouse steps at the Kenton County Municipal Building to protest the police action. “If they want to make this the battle [for medical marijuana clubs,] then we’re ready to do battle,” Galbraith told the press. “Only a fascist nation would keep this premiere medicine from the hands of seriously ill patients … for whom it is the best therapy.”

Even though Evans’ house was raided over one week ago and marijuana was confiscated, law enforcement officials have yet to produce a warrant for Evans’ arrest. Even so, Evans’ case and subsequent press conference have drawn an exceptional amount of favorable press coverage including features in the Kentucky Post, Cincinnati Post, Cincinnati Enquirer, and at least two television news stations. Covington police have refused to comment on the situation.

“I am sick of living in a country where I can’t be free,” summarized Evans. “Give me liberty or give me death. We are going to have a cannabis buyers club.”

For more information on the Cincinnati Cannabis Buyers Club, please contact Americans for Compassionate Use at (606) 431-8719. For more information on medical marijuana and cannabis buyers clubs, please contact Allen St. Pierre of NORML at (202) 483-5500.