Los Angeles: Voters Approve Marijuana Tax Revenue Measure

Los Angeles, CA: Some 60 percent of Los Angeles voters decided on Tuesday in favor of Measure M, a citywide ballot measure that imposes new taxes on the sales of medical marijuana at brick-and-mortar dispensaries.

Measure M allows city tax officials to collect 50 dollars out of each $1,000 in “gross reimbursements” that dispensaries receive from their clients.

The advocacy group Americans for Safe Access opposed the measure, arguing that it “threatens to increase the cost of an already expensive treatment for many medical marijuana patients in the city.” California NORML was neutral on Measure M.

Municipal voters have approved similar local tax ordinances in other California cities, including Oakland, Sacramento, and San Jose.

On Wednesday, the Los Angeles city attorney’s office released a list of 141 medical marijuana dispensaries that it has warned must shut down immediately or face legal action. City officials have claimed that they are operating in violation of a newly passed citywide ordinance that aims to cap the total number of dispensaries at no more than a hundred.

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