Delaware: Governor Signs Legislation Regulating High-CBD Products for Anxiety

Dover, DE: Democratic Gov. John Carney has signed legislation into law permitting registered patients to obtain plant-derived products high in CBD for the treatment of anxiety.

Senate Bill 170, which became effective upon signing, mandates regulators create a new type of registration identification card for those patients whose doctors have recommended that they access CBD-dominant varieties of cannabis for anxiolytic purposes. The law states that “a patient who qualifies for a CBD-rich card may only receive cannabidiol-rich medical marijuana products” at state-licensed dispensaries. Health Department officials are tasked under the new law with “establishing requirements for cannabidiol-rich medical marijuana profile concentrations.”

In clinical trials, such as those here and here, the administration of CBD is associated with reductions in anxiety.

An estimated 11,200 Delaware residents are currently registered to access medical cannabis products under the state’s marijuana program.

For more information, contact Carly Wolf, NORML State Policies Coordinator.