West Virginia: Regulators Begin Issuing Permits for Medical Cannabis Dispensary Operators, Qualifying Patients

Charleston, WV: Regulators affiliated with the West Virginia Office of Medical Cannabis began issuing permits this week to dispensary operators and medical cannabis patients – nearly four years after the state’s medicinal cannabis program was initially signed into law. 

Regulators so far have granted approval to over 30 providers to operate dispensaries in over 80 locations throughout the state. A list of providers and locations is available online here.

Registration for eligible patients began on Wednesday. Under the law, qualifying patients can only receive cannabis recommendations from physicians who are authorized to participate in the state’s access program. An estimated 30 physicians in the state are currently participating in the program. A directory of participating physicians is available online here.

Lawmakers initially approved limited medical marijuana access in April of 2017. Legislators expanded the program in 2019 and in 2020 they amended the law again to allow operators to provide herbal cannabis in addition to infused pills, liquids oils, cream, and dermal patches. 

For more information, visit the West Virginia Office of Medical Cannabis.