Study: Marijuana Use Not Associated with Deleterious Effects on Male Sexual Function

Winnipeg, Canada: Cannabis use does not appear to have any significant adverse effects on either male reproductive health or sexual function, according to longitudinal data published in the Canadian Urological Association Journal.

A team of Canadian investigators assessed male reproductive health in a cohort of nearly 8,000 subjects over a ten-year period. 

Authors reported that subjects with a history of cannabis use “had a higher mean Sexual Health Inventory for Men (SHIM) score and mean total testosterone than non-users.”

They concluded, “[T]he present study provides compelling evidence against significant deleterious effects of cannabis use on male sexual function. Further studies, particularly large randomized controlled trials, are needed to establish causation of cannabis use on levels of testosterone and other reproductive hormones, semen parameters, sexual function, and fertility.” 

Full text of the study, “The impact of cannabis use on male sexual function: A 10-year single-center experience,” appears in the Canadian Urological Association Journal.