New Hampshire: Medical Cannabis Reciprocity Law Takes Effect

Concord, NH: State-registered medical cannabis patients who reside outside of New Hampshire can now legally purchase marijuana products from licensed dispensaries within the state.

The state’s Department of Health and Human Services Director announced on Wednesday that the state’s 2021 reciprocity law is now in effect.

Under the law, visiting patients may obtain cannabis products from any of the state’s seven licensed dispensaries if they present a valid out-of-state registry card. Out-of-state patients are permitted to purchase cannabis at least three times per year.

“People from other states with severe medical conditions who use therapeutic cannabis to alleviate their symptoms are welcome to travel to New Hampshire with the certainty that they will be able to safely access therapeutic cannabis while they visit our state,” said DPHS Director Tricia Tilley.

New Hampshire’s medical marijuana law imposes a two ounce limit on cannabis flower purchases. About 20,000 New Hampshire residents are registered to access medical cannabis