Connecticut: Regulators Amend Marijuana Purchasing Limits

Hartford, CT: Beginning December 1st, adult consumers will be able to obtain greater quantities of cannabis products in a single retail purchase, according to regulatory changes recently approved by the state Department of Consumer Protection.

The new rules increase transaction limits for adult consumers from one-quarter ounce of cannabis flower (or its equivalent) to one-half ounce. 

Regulators initially limited consumers’ purchase amounts in order to ensure that retailers would maintain sufficient inventory to meet the needs of state-registered medical patients. Licensed regulators in the states dually serve both the adult-use and the medical cannabis market. About 48,000 patients in Connecticut are registered in the state’s marijuana access program

Currently, there are 27 licensed dispensaries operating in the state. 

Under the law, adults ages 21 and older may possess up to five ounces of cannabis in their home.

Additional information about Connecticut’s adult-use law is available from NORML.