Meta-Analysis: Cannabis Use Associated With Weight Loss, Lower BMI

Belo Horizonte, Brazil: Subjects who consume cannabis or cannabis-related products in clinical trials typically experience weight loss, according to a meta-analysis published in the International Journal of Obesity

Brazilian researchers reviewed results from randomized controlled trials involving subjects’ use of cannabis or cannabis-related products. 

They reported: “In general, cannabis use reduced weight … and WC [waist circumference]. When examining subgroups, longer follow-up periods were associated with a more pronounced BMI [body mass index] reduction.”

The study’s authors concluded, “These findings suggest that cannabis and sub-products could be considered adjuncts in obesity treatment by helping to reduce relevant anthropometric measurements.”

A 2022 ecological analysis published in the journal Health Economics reported that the adoption of state-licensed marijuana sales is associated with a decrease in state-level obesity rates. 

Case-control studies have consistently reported that those with a history of marijuana use are less likely than abstainers to be obese or to suffer from type 2 diabetes. Studies have also previously linked cannabis use to greater rates of physical activity. 

Full text of the study, “Effects of cannabis and sub-products on anthropometric measures: A systematic review and meta-analysis,” appears in the International Journal of Obesity