Study: Subjects Report That CBD Products Provide Stress Relief

Detroit, MI: CBD oil products provide stress relief, according to data published in the journal Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids.

Investigators affiliated with Wayne State University’s School of Medicine assessed the short-term use of CBD products in a cohort of 374 participants. Study subjects were instructed to use a 1,000mg hemp-derived CBD isolate product ad libitum for the first half of the trial period. They were then instructed to switch to a 1,000mg broad-spectrum hemp-derived product for the remainder of the study.

Third-party testing confirmed that the isolate product contained CBD and no other cannabinoids. By contrast, the broad-spectrum product contained CBD, CBG, and other cannabinoids, as well as various terpenes.

Researchers reported, “Overall, both products were rated to be highly effective and able to assist with stress management.” However, they added, “Ratings were higher for the broad spectrum as compared to the isolate product, which is consistent with prior data suggesting that cannabinoids can work synergistically to maximize benefits.”

There were no differences in adverse effect ratings for the two products.

The study’s authors concluded: “This quasi-experimental study of nearly 400 adult volunteers compared self-reported effectiveness of two THC-free CBD products – an isolate and a broad spectrum – for stress reduction. Overall, participants reported both CBD products to be effective and able to assist with stress management, and that ratings were higher for the broad spectrum as compared to the isolate product. … Together, these data fit with prior studies, suggesting anti-stress effects of CBD. Nonetheless, more controlled studies are needed to explore these effects in both nonclinical and clinical populations.”

Full text of the study, “Effects of two cannabidiol oil products on self-reported stress relief: A quasi-experimental study,” appears in Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids.