Oklahoma marijuana laws

Oklahoma: Court Rules that Voters Can’t Decide on Legalization Ballot Measure This Year

“In a healthy democracy, those with competing visions on public policy vie for voters’ support and abide by their voting decisions. However, it is becoming clear that those who oppose marijuana policy reform would rather take voters out of the equation altogether. Whether or not one personally supports or opposes cannabis legalization, these cynical and undemocratic tactics ought to be a cause of deep concern.”

No Drug Testing

California: Governor Signs Legislation Providing Employment Protections for Cannabis Consumers

“Urine tests are a highly offensive invasion of workers’ personal bodily privacy,” said Dale Gieringer, the Director of California NORML — which had lobbied for several years in favor of the bill.  “They are too frequently abused to discriminate against unpopular workers and minorities.  Workers should have the same right to use cannabis as to use other legal substances off the job.”