April 20: First Nashville Marijuana Movie Festival!

If you live in Tennessee please consider attending the first ever ‘Nashville Marijuana Movie Festival’, being held at the beautiful ol’ Belcourt Theatre. This is a benefit event to support NORML’s nationwide cannabis law reform advocacy efforts–including support for pending medical marijuana legislation in Tennessee.
Purchase tickets via the Belcourt Theatre
For more information about the event: TNNORML@comcast.net
Featured films starting at 4:20PM on April 20:
Reefer Madness (1936)
Grass (1999)
Busted (1998)
Super High Me (2008)
If you’re not already planning on hosting a Super High Me DVD screening, what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon on 4/20 than to join like-minded friends and NORML supporters for an afternoon of cinematic ‘cannabis culture’ highlighting one of our favorite plant species—and the people who enjoy and/or rely on it as an effective therapeutic. Enjoy!
Since 1970, NORML is the cannabis law reform group for and supported by cannabis consumers. Please join, make a donation or purchase NORML-branded products in support of the organization’s longstanding advocacy efforts.