Woman’s Christian Temperance Union: First Wrong On Alcohol, Now Wrong On Cannabis

Seventy-five years after the American people and its representatives in government rejected prohibitionists’ ‘great social experiment’ by repealing alcohol prohibition with the passage of the 21st Amendment, one of the leading anti-libation organizations of that era these days espouses Reefer Madness and pseudo-science.

According to WCTU: “Perhaps the greatest tragedy in the use of marijuana is the fact that the harm is so subtle that it is not realized by the user until severe damage has taken place.”

Recently a college student contacted NORML rightly confused that after conducting extensive online research and presenting a speech regarding the benefits of legalizing cannabis (a favorite topic among college students to be sure!) her college professor told her that cannabis is very harmful, so much so that 20% of AIDS patients who use cannabis die prematurely because of ‘immune deficiency syndrome’.*
When the student asked her professor for a citation for the claim, she was given the URL to the anti-cannabis section of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union’s webpage.
WCTU also claims that nearly 20% of all drug-related deaths in 1999 were attributable to cannabis. However, the WCTU webpage lacks substantive citations or references. Heck, they have no love for hemp either!
Still Crazy After All These Years…
The WCTU was wrong-headed about fostering alcohol prohibition as a means of social control in the same way that it and numerous other so-called anti-drug organizations that exist today, many of which are little more than organs of state or federal government anti-drug bureaucracies (i.e., Partnership for a Drug-Free America, National Families in Action or Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America) are equally wrong to foster public policies that treat responsible adult cannabis consumers as violent criminals.
*According to the most recent scientific research, cannabis use by HIV-AIDS patients is not only common it apparently is a safe therapeutic that does not compromise the human immune system.