Just Announced: 37th Annual NORML Conference in Berkeley; Come To The Country’s Largest Pro-Cannabis Reform Conference!

In the wake of a busy week at NORML, the organization proudly announces the 37th annual NORML conference, to be held October 17-19, 2008 in Berkeley, California.

The theme of this year’s conference: ‘It’s Not Your Parents’ Prohibition!’
NORML’s national conference serves as the cannabis law reform movement’s central organizing hub and community-building event, and serious minded cannabis law reform activists, consumers who enjoy cannabis and medical patients are rue to miss this terrific annual gathering.
Conference details including discount room reservations, money saving early-bird registrations, travel details, conference scheduling and NORML socials are all found at the NORML Conference 2008 registration page.
Bonus for car renters, locals, vendors and day-trippers @ NORML 2008:  Parking is free!
You can review prior NORML conferences here to see what you’ll be missing!
Contact your like-minded friends and family member and consider making NORML’s conference part of your annual vacation this year.
My recommendation: Space is limited and NORML always sells out the host hotel’s discounted rooms, so make sure your room reservations are made ASAP!
Please join me, NORML’s board of directors and the best and brightest speakers in the world about cannabis this October, right on San Francisco Bay, to review the past year’s law reform efforts, strategize about future reforms and celebrate cannabis’ unique place in culture, medicine and humanity.
Make your plans now to join NORML at the organization’s 37th annual national conference, to be held in Berkeley CA, October 17-19, 2008.
I hope to see you at NORML 2008 in Berkeley!

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  1. Is it possible to apply for scholarships for the NORML conference similar to ones you can apply for for the DPA conference?

  2. My God, Look at all those Criminals! You can tell their just a bunch of long haired flip flop wearing Hippies bent on the destruction of American way of life!
    Really though where are all the scumbags? It looks a like a friggin PTA meeting. Give the government something to work with, you know at least have a token violent looking bike type guy. Even if it turns out he’s doctor it doesn’t matter as long as looks scary for the picture.

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