New British Report: Cannabis Less Harmful Than Drinking, Smoking Tobacco

The Global Cannabis Commission of the respected United Kingdom charity Beckley Foundation released a report today stating that cannabis is less harmful than alcohol or tobacco, and that there needs to be serious reconsideration of current prohibition policies.

Report highlights:

The differences between the annual deaths caused by cannabis and alcohol/tobacco products are stark: Two cannabis deaths worldwide, contrasted with an estimated 150,000 people in Britain alone die prematurely because of alcohol and tobacco consumption.
Many of the harms associated with cannabis use are the results of prohibition itself, particularly the social harms arising from arrest and imprisonment.
It is only through a regulated market that we can better protect young people from the even more potent forms of dope.

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  1. And? This is about the hundredth study that says this. The government will still ignore it, and claim that it doesn’t exist. That’s what they do: ignore the studies that don’t agree with them.

  2. 2 deaths? Anybody know the circumstances? I’ve been reading legalization/decrim news for years, and I always see the figure of “0” when cannabis deaths are discussed. Now to hear “2”.. Is pot’s zero-death perfect record now over?

  3. Ive never been so sure about marijuana deaths being zero.. I mean it dose make you a little slow/stupid there must be at least a few instances a year of people killing themselves on accident because of it. I don’t think its a large number but I find it hard to believe its zero

  4. I’d really like to see the two deaths, out of curiosity.
    If Britain legalizes it, the US will finally look stupid hanging on to stubborn tradition, and peer pressure will hopefully change our laws too.

  5. I don’t recall anything regaurding bud killing anyone, let alone 2 people. If this were true, the governemnt would be all over it.

  6. Cannabis is a health issue NOT criminal. Prohibition’s impact on society is clearly worse than the drug itself. Clearly it is not SAFE, but it is SAFER than almost all legal alternatives and when considering the main players it is FAR SAFER!. The public know this generally but wish to follow the law to be good citizens and thus damaging their health and others badly with the legal alternatives. Educate and set control of supply is the always the best solution. We should be encouraging the use of cannabis without tobacco and to use filtered systems for consumption such as water & carbon based or even via food. Governments actually need to genuinely help health rather than playing lip service, ignoring expert advise they have often paid for rather than being a slave to their own daily mail indoctrinations thinking they know better. IF it is about health as they claim then fine but treat all drugs the same and get that nasty, evil alcohol off our streets.

  7. on the daily audio stash, the 2 deaths were explained.
    The deaths came from vomit aspiration leading to asphyxiation.

  8. angoh315 the 0 deaths is the number of overdoses, which has been 0 since man began using cannabis. The 2 deaths were probably related to accidents while driving, or deaths that occurred while under the effects of marijuana. This would be my guess, but I cant say for sure.

  9. Why don’t we see more news like this in mainstream media ? If the ONDCP found that pot caused toenail fungus it would be front page news, but big stories that question or counter the status quo don’t get mentioned.
    Here’s another one –
    The House of Death – An interview with DEA whistleblower Sandy Gonzalez
    Murder is the WORST crime, yet top officials in Law Enforcement are sanctioning and doing it. They’re as bad or worse than those they’re persecuting…I mean prosecuting.

  10. I managed to find an article citing cannabis toxicity as a cause of death for a guy from Wales. Apparently the pathologist thought there was a sufficient amount consumed due to the cannabis being eaten rather than smoked.
    Really I’ve never even seen numbers for an LD50 of cannabis much less detailed reports of deaths.

  11. let there be light. and there was light. lets bring forth herb of the field that bear seed unto its self. and it was so. Sooo. who are you to tell me that I may not, when HE said I CAN. WHO DO YOU TRUST. PEACE. AL p.s. try this. google this to see the truth.(zeitgeist the movie).

  12. When you see “zero deaths”, it means that there are no recorded deaths from marijuana overdose.
    It is basically impossible to overdose on marijuana, unlike alcohol, as any victim of alcohol poisoning can’t tell you (sorry about that bit of dark “humor” :-).

  13. Beckley has just about ZERO credibility in the UK because it it is run by disgraced UK Deputy Drug Czar Mike Trace who had to resign from his UN post when exposed as working clandestinly in collusion with George Soros, Cannabis is a serious health issue in the UK especially for young males. Comparisons with alcohol are pointless. Alcohol is a problem in the UK-so is Cannabis.

  14. What do we have to do to change something?> Noone is listeng and the more people i try to talk to about cannabis the more turn there head. I had a mother today tell me that it fries your brain,and she would not support even for cancer patients. – I guess im just a criminal…..

  15. those two deaths were both announced by the same pathologist. He’s a big prohibitionist. After other pathologists looked at all the facts, they came to a different, unified conclusion and it was quite the scandal a few months ago.

  16. at least one death was probably that poor woman who was forced to do the DEA’s dirty work and go “under cover” to dig up dirt on crack and weapons (the story is on the front page)
    people loose their careeres, reputations and lives because of this ridiculous national budget ruining proibition
    – 4.0 GPA pothead
    (yeah real brain-frying right?!)

  17. To the person who said cannabis is a health issue, that’s only because of the tar from smoking cannabis. If adults decide to vaporize cannabis and use it responsibly, there’s virtually no health risk what so ever.

  18. David No real comprehensive studies done on long term effects. don’t present as truth what you cant prove

  19. watever im still gunna do it the law has no effect on me because i feel like im not doing anythign wrong at all……no….fun…yes hahah and pot has health benfits as it relieves stress while stress can cause many many many problems

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