76% Say War On (Some) Drugs Is A Failure

According to a Zogby Poll released today, three in four likely voters (76%) believe the U.S. war on drugs is failing, a sentiment that cuts across the political spectrum-including the vast majority of Democrats (86%), political independents (81%), and most Republicans (61%). There is also a strong belief that the anti-drug effort is failing among those who intend to vote for Barack Obama (89%) for president, as well as most supporters of John McCain (61%).
When asked what they believe is the single best way to combat international drug trafficking and illicit use, 27% of likely voters said legalizing some drugs would be the best approach — 34% of Obama supporters and 20% of McCain backers agreed.
One in four likely voters (25%) believe stopping the drugs at the border is the best tactic to battle drugs — 39% of McCain supporters, but just 12% of Obama backers agree.
Overall, 19% of likely voters said reducing demand through treatment and education should be the top focus of the war on drugs. 13% believe that the best way to fight the war on drugs is to prevent production of narcotics in the country of origin.

The survey results were released this morning at the Miami Herald’s 12th Annual Americas Conference, which is taking place Thursday and Friday in Coral Gables, FL. The Zogby Interactive survey of 4,752 likely voters nationwide was conducted Sept. 23-25, 2008, and carries a margin of error of +/- 1.5 percentage points.

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  1. Of course the war on drugs IS NOT WORKING because there are so many lies from this goverment and the BIG money they make. Cannot stop at the borders either, again BIG money. If this goverment is so worried about the children, iam sick of that excuss, roll it up in papers and sell in a State Store,minors are not allowed in there!!!!
    Now that BUSH got his bailout, STOP THE WAR ON DRUGS and we will have enough money for the American people, this war is so stupid, it is just a plant!! When you sit down and really think about it, it really is just a plant. This goverment is scared to death of this wildflower(Audabon).
    Now HEMP should be legal for our farmers to grow. HEMP is stonger than cotton and not as many pesticides are needed.But, no we have to import HEMP. Iy would help our farmers keep their land and not sell it of to greedy developers. REMEMBER IT”S JUST A PLANT!!!!!!!!

  2. Stopping it at the border?? prevent production in the country of origin? These are serious scenarios going through potential voter’s minds? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!!! Scary, and depressing, thought.
    I was very happy to see that both dems and reps agree the “war” is failing, though. That is encouraging.

  3. This is why we have to stop acting like supporting democrats just because their democrats we need to demand our rights from both parties not attack one and act like the other supports us even though they won’t come out and say it plainly.
    Unless a candidate publicly states support for our rights we should not support them end of story. No more wink and a nod, No more ambiguous answers.
    We are not the a minority, WE ARE THE MAJORITY.

  4. And I’d guess that just about 100% of libertarians would call the war on drugs a failure. And if libertarians were in charge, they, unlike the democrats, would push for decriminalization at the federal level and leave the issue to the states, where it belongs.

  5. I too support the legalization of marijuana, but as a disabled person, depending on Social Security (oxymoron in the first place) I just can’t trust the Libertarians with my safety net. Unfortunately in these times single issue voting can be dangerous.

  6. Greg I agree single issue voting is not a good idea but you just rejected the whole libertarian party on a single issue.
    I am a libertarian I wouldn’t abandon you I doubt any of the others would either. Social Security is a pyramid scheme it is going to collapse no matter who’s in charge it is mathematically imposable for it remain solvent.
    libertarian’s are just being honest about the future of SS. The only way to keep SS going is by bailing it out by adding to the National Debt witch is just another pyramid scheme.
    Republican/democratic politicians may make you feel better but their position is to ignore the coming train wreck. Just like they ignore the millions brutalized by Prohibition.

  7. The last thing that Pfizer and all the big drug companys want, is to put healing power in the hands of joe doobie. they’d loose billions if every one on their drugs could grow their own medicine. i don’t need to tell you guys that the giants like glaxo smith kline, exxon mobile etc… are the ones writing the laws. thats the first thing that needs to change. not just to do away with this prohibition bullshit, but to really focus our lawmaking on the people. the fucking people, the ones who pay our taxes every year, work shitty jobs to keep those ungrateful fucks in office and this country running. Were the god damn life blood of this country. were really not asking too much when i say we shouldn’t be thrown in jail or fined for smoking pot, or harassed for being part of the cannabis culture. im 20 years old and i owe the state over $900 for having less than a gram of weed left in a jar. That means i cant go back to school this year, and im picking up a third job for this bullshit. while the cops are fucking over kids, in my nighborhood, cars are getting broken into, people are getting mugged, kids are being neglected and abused…..but i gues the most important thing is that i didnt get high off of my half gram of bud. so, i wonder if my neighbors feel safer now that they know the cops are cleaning up the streets, bowl at a time. im sick of being polite and trying to sound professional and respectable when i challenge prohibition. if were all going to the length of reading up on the issue and writing out politicians, they could do us the respect of taking a deeper look at the facts in front of them.

  8. I’m suprised only 27% of respondants said legalizing some drugs will solve the problem, and only 34% of democrats agreed! That tells us that Nancy Pelosi might be right – we’ve got allot of work to do.
    Most republicans appear fixated on solving our problems at the Border. Good thing Bush has been diligently working on solving that problem.
    Border level drug interdiction has changed the drug supply line landscape for sure. It’s driven more drug production to a domestic level. I bet if you surveyed how many grow houses existed before they tightend up the border, vs. today – merely 2 years later, the # of domestic grow houses has skyrocketed. They cannot clamp down on small distributed grow houses without severe invasion of privacy of the general public, and even then, they still can’t clamp down on it. Right now, the DEA is stomping out ants, a la carte. Problem is, for every ant they stomp out, 2 more take it’s place. That alone means the gangsters and thugs running the majority of for-profit illicit grow houses are STILL WINNING, their just now doing it in OUR neighborhoods instead of shooting rockets at each other in Tiaujana. Great job DEA and President Bush!

  9. yes this war has failed to eliminate MJ. its a god given medicine. how can those who call themselves god fearing condem this plant. it is given to us to use as we see fit, in all aspects. what happened to we the people,of the people, for the people. or is it your poor and you dont count. i just heard a dem from luisianna state that if you make 200,000 ayear your not rich, well i hate to say it but lady your wrong, espcialy when most people dont make 30,000 a year. damn, wish i made 1/4 a million a year. Maybe then my kids would go to collage also, with out the help of the gov interferance,ie student loans.IN ORDER TO “CHANGE” THE WAY THINGS ARE GOING. WE MUST COME TOGETHER AS A PEOPLE. A 20,000,000, PERSON RAINBOW GATHERING AT THE WHITE HOUSE WOULD MAKE THE GOVERNMENT BEND TO THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE! And the legalization of a “GOD” given herb! peace. AL

  10. Most of our elected officials use fear mongering to sway good people to vote against our medicine. The Creator allows us free will to exercise God like power over our spheres of influence. It is a sad to be on the receiving end of this Situation. Much like the person who robs us is using their free will to do unto others. These unrighteous acts cause increadible suffering, which the Creator hates. This is why after people leave this earth (death) they will be judged. I will forgive my hate of people who are persecuting me for no good cause. Just like my King!!!
    But will the Creator forgive these unfeeling, cruel, and I might add evil indiviguals who caused millions to suffer unimaginable harm.
    Religious people, your Creator is watching!!!! I may not get justice down here on earth, but I have not been forgotten by my God and just like Santa, He is making a list and checking it twice. People try to be merciful to each other before it’s too late!!!!!

  11. im with you on that albert. if we all showed up in d.c. pushing the issue on an important date we could easily get what we want. the government should grow/ or pay farmers to grow, tax it in stores, and build our economy back up one gram at a time. it could even go as far as possession is legal but growing is not if the government really wanted toget a grasp on things. next month in joplin, mo it might decriminalized…if thats the case it looks like im moving there.

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