High Times' SMOKE THE VOTE In NYC On October 26: A Benefit For NORML

Event: HIGH TIMES presents…

SMOKE THE VOTE: A Benefit Concert for NORML
Date: Sunday, Oct. 26th
Time: Doors open at 7pm
Location: Don Hill’s, NYC
511 Greenwich St. at Spring St.
New York City
Host: comedian Rob Cantrell
Performers: Schram-8pm, The Stoned-9pm, Black Water Rising-10pm, Warrior Soul-11pm
Tickets: $12
C’mon out to Don Hill’s this Sunday for a smokin’ night of fun, music and pot-n-politics– all in support NORML’s cannabis law reform advocacy work in New York and nationwide.
Many thanks and praises to longtime supporters High Times, Bobby Black, Rob Cantrell and all the great bands.

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  1. who gives a flying fuck about political bullshit. that shits too damn boring…
    im getting to the point and saying exactly how i feel
    weather or not we like it, he is already president and there is nothing that any one of us average people can do about it…but get high and hope he does the right thing
    all i gotta say to you obama is “LEGALIZE WEED!!”
    if salvia and peyote are legalize, why isnt weed? ill tell u one thing, both salvia and peyote will give a person a waay harder trip then marijuana. and obama should know that [he inhaled haha]
    plus…it is used for medicinal purposes. salvia and peyote sure ass hell arent. how much sense soes that make??? not a fucking lot dude. the dumbass prude people of america need to pull the sticks outa their asses and spark up a joint.
    i think we should focus our efforts on stopping the meth heads and crack whores of this world, leave the pot heads in peace, and fucking legsalize for christ sake!

  2. How well spoken of you, kae. That’s exactly the kind of thing we need to be showing the public.
    On a serious note, long live Smoke the Vote.

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