We've Cut Cigarette Smoking By Half — And We Didn't Have To Arrest 20 Million Americans To Do It

An expanded version of this essay, calling on the federal government to legalize marijuana in a manner similar to cigarettes and alcohol, is now online on The Hill‘s influential Congress blog.
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According to a report released today by the Centers for Disease Control, fewer Americans are smoking cigarettes than at any time in modern history.
“The number of U.S. adults who smoke has dropped below 20 percent for the first time on record,” Reuters reported. This is less than half the percentage (42 percent) of Americans who smoked cigarettes during the 1960s.
Imagine that; in the past 40 years tens of millions of Americans have voluntarily quit smoking a legal, yet highly addictive intoxicant. Many others have refused to initiate the habit. And they’ve all made this decision without ever once being threatened with criminal prosecution and arrest, imprisonment, probation, and drug testing.
By contrast, during this same period of time, state and local police have arrested some 20 million Americans for pot law violations — primarily for violations no greater than simple possession. And yet marijuana use among the public has skyrocketed.
There’s a lesson to be learned here — if only our lawmakers were willing to listen.

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  1. God created both marijuana and tobacco. On the other hand he did not create alcohol, cocaine, and many other manmade drugs. Tobacco addicts generally outlive alcoholics. The tobacco industry suffers while alcohol companies thrive. Drunk driving also affects the lifes of others.

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