Support For Medical Cannabis Is Broad And The Numbers From Michigan Make It Clear

By George Rohrbacher, NORML Board Member, medical marijuana patient
By a huge margin, 3,008,980 to 1,792,870, Michigan’s voters approved a ballot measure legalizing physician directed medical marijuana, making it America’s thirteenth state to legalize medical marijuana. State medical marijuana laws now cover over 25 percent of the nation’s population. Michigan became the first Midwest state to join this growing green fraternity.

Michigan Voters Pass Medical Marijuana Initiative Into Law, 83-0
A review the Michigan State Auditor’s website and their county-by-county election results proves interesting reading. Medical marijuana won in every single county! All 83 counties in the state of Michigan—urban, suburban, or rural passed the measure, and by a margin of over a million votes. It had won in farming, logging, mining, and manufacturing counties! Everywhere the question was asked in Michigan on November 4, the electorate said yes to medical marijuana. In the state’s five largest urban counties, the margins were enormous, an eye-popping 2:1 vote for marijuana.
Medical marijuana received 130,000 more votes in Michigan than even the Obama victory did.
What a vote like this means is that in every part of Michigan, in every school district and voting precinct, every family and every church, in every community, that the people, one by one, have learned the undeniable truth of the utility of marijuana as a medicine—a ‘Truth’ with no expiration date.
The publics’ first-hand knowledge on the subject (over 100 million Americans have tried pot themselves) is finally overcoming the wall of 71-years of lies and distortions about medical marijuana by our federal and state governments. The American public is slowly re-learning the truth about marijuana as a medicine, one person, one patient, one family, one neighbor and one election at a time.
When Uncle Bob uses cannabis for his MS, and Mom needed pot when she underwent chemotherapy for breast cancer, and the kid next door uses it for his migraine headaches…the government can’t continue to lie to the voters anymore that pot is used only by ‘slackers who’re faking illness just as an excuse to ‘get high’. Sorry Congress and Executive Branch, America has seen too many instances where medical marijuana works, and works well. And, there are also now 17,000 scientific studies on the subject!
The great state of Michigan, as a microcosm of America, showed November 4th we, as a country, have passed our tipping point on medical marijuana. Knowledge is tyranny’s biggest enemy. In the 2008 election, the Michigan voters showed, no matter how thick the government lays on the propaganda, nothing can cover up the truth about marijuana as medicine.

3,008,980 63%
1,792,870 37%
BARACK OBAMA 2,875,308 (57%)
JOHN MC CAIN 2,050,655 (43%)
BARACK OBAMA 48 Counties (57%)
JOHN MC CAIN 35 Counties (43%)

In 1937, when marijuana was outlawed against the American Medical Association’s recommendation, cannabis was a component of at least 28 patent medicines made by many pharmaceutical companies still in business today. This national prohibition not only removed cannabis from use as a medicine, but has also produced the social wreckage of 20 million arrests (with an additional 2,200 arrests daily) and today’s pot prohibition bill to taxpayers approaching $25 billion annually.
With the ever-growing national realization that cannabis is one of “the safest therapeutically active substances known to man…”, the American people are taking back their rights to cannabis as medicine, one state at a time. Starting in California in 1996, thirteen states (eight states via voter initiative – five via state legislation) have now taken back their rights to marijuana as a medicine. After this week’s massive victory in Michigan, it is a clear sign that this culture war over medical marijuana is finally over, and the American people (and science) have won—the citizenry refuse to be denied the use of pot in their medicines chest any longer.
President-elect Obama immediately upon taking office should seat a national commission to update the Shafer Commission and bring forward national legislation to address this vital health care and social issue.

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  1. I think it is a great victory but I fear that it will still be a long time till marijuana is ACTUALLY accepted nationwide

  2. Excellent article, and I can only hope that you’re right and the trend continues. Ideally, at a faster rate than it has in the past.

  3. Michigan is also the 2nd most populous state with medical marijuana laws. Unfortunately, I found out today (Nov. 12) an acquaintance of mine will most likely not live to see the Mich Dept of Comm Health set up it’s system 130 days from voter validation (2 weeks after election). He was, however, happy to see Prop 1 pass, and uses his best medicine for his ALS symptoms on a daily basis. But if he gets caught right now, he looses his medicine, which means he will die sooner.

  4. Weed beet obama by 130k because just as many republicans as democrats smoke weed.Hopefully some day the procannabis movement will figure out that constantly attacking republicans is counter productive.
    This idea that only democrats can bring change insures change will not come or at least not come quickly as legalization will not happen without republican party support. The republican party can’t support weed reform because they will be seen as having failed. You can see from Obama/Bush/Clinton’s various answers that politicians will do just about anything avoid admitting their wrong
    The currant system of some kinda legal states some totally illegal can easily last the rest of our lives.
    Anyone who really wants change had better start finding ways to appeal to both left and right.

  5. Every time a change in the law is proposed to reduce or eliminate marijuana-related penalties, prohibitionists proclaim disaster if the law gets passed.
    Every time the law gets passed (which has happened fairly often), no such disaster seems to have occurred.
    Does NORML, or anyone else, have a database containing every such prohibitionist proclamation (articles, video clips, etc.)?

  6. “President-elect Obama immediately upon taking office should seat a national commission to update the Shafer Commission and bring forward national legislation to address this vital health care and social issue.”
    Wouldn’t that be nice. I doubt it’ll be much of a priority unfortunately.

  7. We are still not moving fast enough. In Atlanta 11/10 a young black man was sentenced to 8 thats eight years in jail for selling less than one oz of weed to a friend. Another non-violent young man who has his life ended with a feloney record. It is so bad the local grocery store here checks your back ground and if you have a felony they will not hire you at 6.00 an hour to stock shelves. The 0nes that amaze me the most are the followers of Christ that advocate continuing the War on US (drugs) how can these people still want to put there fellow humans in jail for using a herb? The modern church uses this issue to raise money with scare tactics, sounds like they took a lesson from our crooked senate/house. If they were true followers of Christ they would try to help people that need help not put them in jail. Also the need to quit trying to make everyone follow their way of thinking. This will never happen so quit trying to convert people that are not interested! If you follow your bible there is no section that advocates you judgeing others and ruining there life by following a scare tactic used to raise money. We that live and let live and do not judge are closer to the teachings of the bible than the one that shows up ever time a church opens the door. We will not support a war on the American poor and powerless like they do. I will never support an action that denies you the basic right to choose for yourself. The war was started for pure racism is perpetuated by greed and supported by lies. Stop the madness help those that want it and leave the rest of to choose and be left alone not jailed….

  8. I would love to hear from a follower of Christ. Explain the church advocating the War on US (drugs)? Could someone please explain where in there bible it says don’t help your fellow man but put him in jail?

  9. Marijuana is not the problem the government is clearly the problem. I have smoked marijuana and enjoyed it for years. I have also abused alcohol for years and many times the morning felt like someone hit me in the head with a baseball bat. That being said I found I can control my alcoholism by simply smoking marijuana. In away marijuana is saving my life surely my liver.
    That being said the federal government seems to me to be acting like witch hunters in the 17 century! He smokes pot he is a witch lets kill the SOB! Hang Him From Nearest Tree we aren’t going to fool around with these evil witch’s and their magic potion that will completely destroy civilization HANG THEM! Boy if we caught you smoking a joint we are going to destroy your life forget about a job! Yo boy get your ass over here piss in this bottle now we got you now you no good pot smoker DIE DIE DIE!

  10. Send this article to Obama to let him know the depth of support for medpot in Michigan was even greater than the support for his being president. The people have spoken but make sure Obama hears!

  11. It is so nice for a little vindication in those numbers! We as Michiganders know that a lot of people smoke here, but keep their heads down. These numbers just show that there is more support here than anyone really thought.
    Hell, my wife’s 70 year old mother even voted for it!
    Now for the work. There is a new association forming here for Michigan Medical Marijuana patients/caregivers/health care professionals. A good source of information on the ongoing process that is happening here now. So Michigan go register! a 501 (c)(3), Not For Profit Community Service Agency. Our mission is to provide supportive services to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Community.

  12. I hope Tom Crosslin and Rollie Rohm are resting in peace knowing they actually did make a difference here. I doubt without their influence this would have ever happened so soon. Their Rainbow Farm lives on through the voters of Michigan.

  13. This is great news. To me it’s an overwhelming response from the people that we are tired of this game that the government is playing.
    My hope is that this event causes even more people to wake up and try to better understand the whole situation.
    Keep up the good work everyone!

  14. This article is great. It makes me excited to see that more and more people are opening their minds and not always believing the bull shit.

  15. Genesis 1:11-12 (New International Version)
    11 Then God said, “Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds.” And it was so. 12 The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.

  16. This Ann Arbor native is so proud to learn that ALL counties passed Prop 1! Congratulations. Now LEGALIZE IT!

  17. congrats Michigan!
    bring that reform to Arizona please! first time offense is FELONY even if its just a gram. i know cuz i was arrested at 18 and charged with a felony and did jail time. first time offense and it was under an ounce.
    marijuana didn’t ruin my life, marijuana laws did!

  18. Richard: I agree. I am not from A2, but about an hour away. I go to Hash Bash every year, and the Monroe Street Fair. Oh well, I digress. It would be a huge step forward for “the movement” to get AARP on board. I can’t have been the first person to think of this. The more time goes by, the more prohibition will fall. But when?

  19. This is great. The overwhelming vote to legalize medical marijuana could have a major affect on the mindset of many Americans. It is even more amazing that it is unanimous across the state showing the broad acceptance of the use of medical marijuana. Once this movement gains some steam, I believe that people will begin to recognize the fact that marijuana is not as bad as the government makes it out to be. Next step is the decriminalization in a few more states, and maybe the movement will even move to the south. Michigan proves that even the conservatives can be in favor.

  20. Medical legalization is a compromise to simply legalizing it. I am a full-time professor of kinesiology, in my 40’s I’m in better shape than most of my 20ish students. I enjoy alcohol in moderation. I also enjoy marijuana in moderation. I believe that marijuana should be legal for patients AND for recreational users. Any intelligent person analyzing all credible arguments that are justified with peer-reviewed (i.e. unbiased)evidence would have to conclude that marijuana should be legal.

    I have been saying this for 20 years, ever since my economics professor at the BYU-Hawaii suggested to me that we would have fewer problems with drugs if they were not illegal.
    At the very least, marijuana should be dropped from the drug warriors targets.
    Face it. Marijuana smokers have won. Nixon declared war on us, and we are still here in greater numbers with a whole bunch of lovely strains of cannabis to enjoy, albeit at unbearable prices.
    And he is dead, and so should his war on Marijuana smokers, as, despite the best efforts of an army of law enforcement personnel and huge heaps of money expended on, for example 350 actual marijuana possession only arrests in New Yor City alone, the most of any city in the world pot smokers prevail.
    Way to go!
    But checking who get arrested should turn any guilt ridden liberal completely white. The white guys don’t get arrested.
    One good question for the new president, who I believe will say exactly this when it comes to his desk… “pfffffft. Don’t bring this to my desk again,” as medical marijuana patients will be the first hopeful group to be sacrificed.
    This will prove my point, as many think Bush invented the war on marijuana, that the war on drugs and especially the war on marijuana is a fully bi-partisan subject, being the most successful bi partisan policy of all time. It can also be called the full employment act for Police, prosecutors, and Prison Guards, with the latter being the most powerful union in California. This is a jobs issue, and also a budgetary issue for chiefs of police, sheriffs, and District Attorneys, for it takes a great many law enforcement personnel to arrest 775000 marijuana users each year. That is nearly 10 million arrests since 1993. Which party does not benefit from this arrangement?
    When O When will this policy begin to work?
    The Congress has not, either in session nor in person been willing to discuss any kind of drug law reform whatsoever, and the media made drugs and the “casual drug user,” and the danger he/she posed to the society and himself/herself, although LA Police Chief Darryl Gates, founder of the now failed DARE program called for their deaths by summary execution, story number 1 from the late 1985 death of college basketball star Len Bias until the rumblings prior to the First Gulf War.
    This had its culmination in the 1990 report on CBS’s 60 Minutes about the development and closure of Zurich’s infamous, “Needle Park,” which everyone to a person in America seems to have seen.
    Too bad the story stopped there, and did not report that Needle Park was closed because it was an eyesore attracting foreign heroin users. The park was replaced by 13 regional injecting rooms only accessibly by Swiss citizens.
    Too bad the media never report on the success of Swiss and Dutch heroin maintenance programs that, while only available to those who have failed in multiple attempts at more traditional modes of treatment in order to prevent criticism that the program is “just free drugs,” morbidity, mortality, homelessness, and unemployment disappear in around 80% of cases. In Holland, against massive opposition of the government in power, it, itself expanded the scope and size of the trial programs based upon their success.
    And the media have yet to do the story on the circa 775,000 simple marijuana possession arrests in 2007 according the FBI crime statistics.
    Since the beginning of the Clinton administration, which saw the militarization of local police forces via Byrne Grants in order to fight this war, marijuana arrests have nearly tripled, with the major increase happening during the Clinton Administration, and not the Bush administration. Bush’s arrest numbers went down at first then nearing 2007 began to set records.
    One wonders why the Congress and the DEA and the DOJ and the ONDCP, or drug Czar’s Office, are all unwilling to speak about or debate anyone in any forum, accept in the media, who are on this issue incredibly sycophantic and in sync with the government on this, and where there is only time for posturing, and no time to check the assertions of either side.
    I have always wondered when the “war on drugs,” would have to undergo a cost/benefit analysis, but it seems the only policy which is not offensive to either side of the Isles in Congress, and the media actively loves and cheers on the policy of prohibition which underpins this War on some drugs started again by Nixon, every media member’s favorite politician, as pictures of minorities in handcuffs being escorted out of filthy apartments, preferably with multiple children for the dramatic effect make for better video and news copy than ALL of the drug peace in Amsterdam’s Coffeeshops. There is no story in Amsterdam, which is why you never hear about its success at say… splitting the hard drugs market from the marijuana market. Most examinations of the alleged, “gateway theory,” put forth by drug warriors as the reason NO alternatives to the status quo can be considered…
    More than once in the past 15 years, bills in Congress have come forth which have contained provisions forbidding the very discussion of “Alternatives to the war on drugs.” Senator Feinstein of California is associated with many of these.
    Clinton’s drug Czar made the sick and dying the major sacrificial pawns in his war on marijuana, and he was not afraid of lying, in international news conferences like the one held in Sweden in July of1998, about the results of the internal policies of extremely close allies like the Netherlands, when he went on his fact-bringing tour of drug policy execution in various European countries. Despite being taken to task for overstating the Dutch murder rate by a 400% and directly attributing this to the Dutch coffeeshops on the Dutch News program “Twee Vandaag,” I heard General McCaffery, as he was only on the phone on this TV program, maintain that the murder rate in the Netherlands was greater than that in the USA… a blatant untruth according to the Dutch Central Bureau for Statistics, and everyu othewr measurment of murder rate except for Barry McCaffery’s… and as McCaffery occupied a Cabinet Level position, one has to extend this opinion to Bill Clinton as President as well.
    President-elect Obama has said “he doubts the efficacy,” of marijuana as medicine, even though the US government owns patents on certain medical properties of marijuana, despite the fact that the government he will come soon to control sends a dwindling via death number of people 300 marijuana cigarettes monthly, or 10 joints a day.
    And the media doesn’t do stories on hard working, well-meaning people who get caught smoking pot at the wrong place and time, who are arrested, who then have their children taken away and property confiscated and also driver’s licenses revoked (a federally mandated penalty after any drug conviction) and then as a result lose their homes and likely find divorce, all because…well just because…
    We really don’t know why things have to be the way they are, as nearly everyone working in law enforcement, media, government, and politics started after the adoption of the UN Single Convention on Narcotics Abuse and Control of 1961, and they simply cannot remember things any other way.
    But “this is the way we have always done it (which isn’t even true)” is not a valid reason for continuation of an obviously failed and counterproductive policy.
    It is as if “Thou shalt not take cocaine, marijuana, heroin, LSD, XTC, or amphetamines,”were a part of the 10 Commandments. Many who support the war on some drugs equate drug taking with murder. They say in the only response they will give when questioned in any way about this pet policy,”if we remove the penalty for murder, then we will not have a problem with it, right?” Funny that they usually do not say the same about alcohol, even though it was once prohibited by an Amendment to the US Constitution, and even though there are many “dry,” counties in the USA, and booze is prohibited in many parts of the Middle East.
    And the media could not care less about the monthly series of improperly served warrant searches, no knock warrants, at the wrong addresses, which usually sees elderly people shot by police in their easy chair while reaching for or aiming their gun, for they don’t expect it will be the -police- coming through the door, now do they?
    How all of this has gone unnoticed as a syndrome caused primarily by bigotry and self-righteousness…your intoxicant is worse than mine, or my intoxicant is better than yours.
    Eric Johnson
    I think tat is enough for now.
    Eric Johnson, Los Angeles

  22. I too,am the Victim of Modern Drug Warfare(WITCH HUNT)
    I am currently facing an 8 YEAR SENTENCE for the use of
    Marijauna (w/ a Doctor’s Recommendation)
    *Thank God! At least some of His Followers are starting
    to realize; That DEMONIZING God Given Medicine,only disputes their claims of being Good God-Fearing People.
    Modern Day Christianity and/or Organized Religion,is a
    Complete Contradiction/Hypocrocy.
    Love thy Neighbor huh!? Your neighbor is laying in a Hospital Bed fighting to survive;While you lay in a pile of your own B.S.;Trying to figure out ways to throw them into the Lion’s Den!
    “Judge Not,lest Ye’ be Judged yourself”
    *”Let He without Sin,Cast the 1st Stone”
    THAT THEY SAY OR DO,Practice What They Preach,& DO NOT
    SORRY GOD! Unfortunately,your people Continue to throw
    your Teachings/Doctrine under a Bus…..Along with the Descent GOD-FEARING PEOPLE that Truly Love You & Live
    by the Word!!!!!!! “I’ve since de-nounced my Christian
    Faith,but I was,am,and will always be;A TRUE CHILD OF GOD!!!!!! ORGANIZED RELIGION;You can keep it! My Walk
    With God is,was,and sha’ll always be;MY WALK WITH GOD!!
    Anybody Know A Good Lawyer!?-lol (Not a Trick Question)
    Michael Richards

  23. Now that MI has passed the prop. The issue is finding a doctor who will prescribe it. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack. Any advice?

  24. I live in Michigan and I was proud to vote for the first time. I voted for Proposal 1 and talked to my mother and changed her mind, so she voted for it also. Now I’m excited for even more change, because even though the law makes medical marijuana legal, the laws regarding such still need a bit of work. People who are prescribed it legally can grow their own in a locked, enclosed facility but obtaining it otherwise (for people incapable of growing their own or who want a different quality or strains) proves to be a hassle. The laws are slowly changing, and I hope someday the change will come on a nation-wide scale.

  25. Looks like California just lost some business!!! First state in the midwest to take advantage of distribution for there neighbors!!! Instead of a 2500 mile trip, now the flood will start & there will be no turning back. Congratulations Michigan & Illinois don’t give Michigan the revenue for to long! Dumb ass law that tears family’s apart & ruins people’s lives for no reason.

  26. I’ve posted this comment before, and I’m going to keep on doing it until it picks up steam. And it will work if we all join in. Since I contribute to Democratic causes, I get a lot of fund raising requests (both in email and snailmai).
    Starting today, I am sending all the requests back (except from drug policy reform organizations) saying;
    A personal word to (whoever has sent the letter:
    I’m not sending you guys another penny until I am assured that you will demonstrate a true desire to rethink and CHANGE our failed drug policies, that have only resulted in more arrests AND more drug use.
    Our drug policies should be based on science, not politics.
    Take a page from the Netherlands, and from states that have legalized medical cannabis, and decriminalized small amount of cannabis for personal use. These are place where illicit drug use has gone down.
    Then I sign my name, address and phone number.
    Use your own words, but hit them where is hurts: in the pocketbook.

  27. It’s certainly encouraging that we (NORML suporters) are seeing what appears to be the beginning of a tidal-change taking place in more and more this country’s state’s anti-cannabis laws, albeit many not as beneficial to ALL as the wonderful “Question 2” results out of Mass. (Even though a small fine will be issued for carrying <1 “Z”). “Medicinal Marijuana” laws are nice, but come on, let’s get real. At best they are nothing more than a “foot in the door”.
    The true battles are ahead. There is way too much money being made in this country’s failed “War on Drugs”. It provides far too many warm bodies for the privatized prisons and offers way too many ways for the US government to launder “our” money and divert it where some of the powers that be want it to go without it being on the books. And if you fully decriminalize cannabis you decriminalize a vast amount or today’s non-violent drug offenders. And it doesn’t take too much intelligence to realize that marijuana offenders are the collective anti-drug establishment’s bread and butter when it comes to the drug-bust chest thumping of the local/state/federal government interdiction numbers; seizures, arrest numbers, etc.
    It’s not so much the individual referendum wins that are what is encouraging, it’s all in the vote counts. Question 2 easily won with a margin of 65-35%, in Michigan 60-40%…OF THE POPULAR VOTE! If we continue to see numbers like these there may just be hope that before I die I won’t have to travel to Holland to not be a criminal. Wouldn’t that be nice?
    My biggest question is this. If this is truly a democratic society, why not let the people vote nationally by referendum? (<–rhetorical question of course) It would give all who may be leaning toward decriminalization an out if it were to pass and it would truly be a reflection of what the people of this country want. I wonder if the high success rate in the recent vote numbers help or hinder that proposal.

  28. Im glad every bod is pumped and happy about this, but i am gonna take a step back and let everybody know that it will get worst before it gets better.

  29. I am a recreational user, and also suffer from migraines. Every time I get a bad headache, I smoke. It works like a charm!!

  30. As a person whose home was raided by police ( and I use that term LOOSELY ) on November 4, for 7 10″ plants and a small amount of marihuana, I was happy beyond words when I read the part of the law stating “Anyone with charges PENDING on Dec 4 can use this law as a defense”. I suffer from chronic pain and muscle spasms, and I will be ACTIVELY pursuing a recommendation from my Doctor. I have suffered for 3 YEARS, and have taken opiate therapy for even longer. Marihuana is the ONLY thing which alleviates the frequency and duration of this, and I thank God I will never again have hide like a criminal for something I use for medicinal purposes. Thank you.

    Press Conference Announcement: 10:00 AM, Thursday, December 4, 2008, EMC Conference Room, Suite 200; 2000 Town Center, Southfield MI 48075
    Michigan’s Proposition 1 Takes Effect Tomorrow, 12/4/2008
    Physician Authorizes First Patients for Medical Marijuana in Michigan
    A national nonprofit organization, THCF Medical Clinics, opens a new medical marijuana clinic Thursday at 2000 Town Center in Southfield. Eric Eisenbud, MD, along with the executive director of THCF, Douglas P. Stanford, and several medical marijuana patients are holding a press conference at 10 AM in the EMC Conference room at Suite 200 in 2000 Town Center in Southfield.
    Michigan’s marijuana law takes effect tomorrow and Dr. Eisenbud will issue the first authorizations for patients who have qualifying conditions under the new law.
    THCF Medical Clinics have helped over 45,000 patients obtain their state’s permit for medical marijuana. The Hemp & Cannabis Foundation (THCF) has offices and has helped implement the medical marijuana laws in seven other states: Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Montana, Hawaii, Nevada and California. Dr. Eisenbud has helped over 3,000 medical marijuana patients in Colorado and Montana.
    THCF Medical Clinics does not provide medical marijuana to patients, but provides physicians who can help qualified patients get state authorization. Initially, our patients will receive a physician’s statement that exempts them from prosecution and allows them to raise an affirmative defense for medical marijuana if they are currently being prosecuted. In April 2009, the Michigan Community Health Department will issue new forms and procedures to begin issuing Michigan Medical Marijuana Registry Identification cards. When those forms are available, Dr. Eisenbud will complete them for all Michigan patients of THCF Medical Clinics.
    Medical marijuana was approved in Michigan by 63 percent of voters in Prop 1 in November. Michigan becomes the 13th state to allow medical marijuana, in addition to California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Alaska, Colorado, Nevada, Montana, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island and New Mexico.
    THCF Medical Clinics contact info: Phone 800-723-0188

  32. I currently live in michigan and nneed some advice on how to aquire my medical marijuana permit for anxiety and stress relief.any info please contact above email

  33. Thanks! I love having a little swipe file I can reference any time I??m stuck for ideas ??.Although?? I have to admit most of the time my brain is on overdrive. Lol

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