Medical Cannabis Activists' Gift To DEA: A Lump Of Coal

The purpose of the Christmas Eve medical cannabis activists protest held in downtown Los Angeles was to deliver bags of coal for Christmas to the DEA because they were bad this past year by raiding medical marijuana dispensaries, stealing money and medicine along with items like cars and jewelry all under the so-called ‘color of authority’. Activists called on “President-elect Obama to keep his campaign promise and end the raids on the medical marijuana dispensaries here in California. To stop this wave of ‘domestic terrorism’ by President Bush’s Drug Enforcement Administration against California medical marijuana patients and providers.”
Protesters included care providers Virgil Grant and Patrick Duff, both of whom suffered at the hands (and taxpayers’ expense) DEA raids in 2008.

Mark your calendar for Sunday Feb 1, 2009, also known as Super Bowl Sunday, as a major protest in support of medical cannabis patients’ rights is being planned in Los Angeles for that day. More details to follow………

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  1. It seems we already have a so called president that is already going back on his word,, where is these peoples honor? Why can’t they just tell the honest truth for once instead of trying to hide behind the same bull we have heard for years now?
    Medical evidence plainly shows that it is medicine for some people. How can one man make something illegal when the world is asking for legal use of it?

  2. Letting these criminal organizations know how we feel about them at every possible opportunity is doubtless an important part of our war to restore liberty in the United States. I salute all of those brave patriots who stood up to tyranny in support of Truth, Liberty, and Justice for All. How strange that the very government that was founded on these principles, is the biggest violator of them. Peace, Jim

  3. If the super bowl idea works, and gets tv airtime. Then how could something/ somebody deny that rules( I say rules because it seems like the gov’t has to babysit us, as if we can’t decide what to do ouselves), like ours are effective and helpfull with our failing economy. LOL now that seems like a run on sentence.

  4. While I’m definitely a supporter of the cause and I applaud what these people did, I can’t help feel like this is an example of something that we, as people whose goal it is to legalize marijuana, are doing wrong…
    To be frank, I’m talking about how these people look. Now, I know that just because someone sports some unkempt hair or wears a rasta-colored article of clothing means absolutely nothing as to how intelligent or thoughtful that person is, but that’s not how our government (those who have the power to change laws) sees it.
    The government sees people in suits as equals or at least someone worth talking to. It doesn’t matter if he’s in reality a nuclear physicist, they don’t give a fuck what the guy with the dreadlocks has to say. Is this wrong? Yes, but it’s reality, and I feel we need to accept this truth.

  5. Not to be a jerk…. But this is why supporters of marijuana look like jokes. It looks like the YMCA of randomness.

  6. I don’t think they care what anybody thinks about how they look. It’s pretty sad that’s the only people that showed up though

  7. The efforts to legalize marijuana don’t have to be “all for naught”, but it will take several different approaches to stem the tide of DEA raids and end the days of prohibition. One contributing factor could be to overwhelm state law enforcement by simply tossing your seeds outside. This simple and effective act could have far reaching implications were enough people convinced to “dispose” of seeds in this way.

  8. To be frank, or a jerk, I think the point of all this is to make people understand the truth, not to put it in a pretty box, wearing a suit, and hope they throw us a bone. If it would come to that, we would get nowhere. Sure we need people in suits going before congress, but we also need people being themselves, having a good time, and poking fun at the DEA. We do not need people in suits delivering coal, THAT would get us nowhere.
    Really, grow up people. If a few people dressed “differently” can stop truth, then that truth will NEVER be accepted. You are getting just as bad at blaming pothead stereotypes as we accuse them of being.

  9. I believe we made a point in our protest/rally. We will continue our fight!
    More info to come on our Feb 1, 2009 event in Los Angeles. Hope everyone will be able to join us for a Super Sunday of Cannabis.
    Thank you to everyone for their kind words.
    brett (the one in the Santa suit)

  10. Well. in my personal opinion believing in something has never been a so-called “joke”. And as far as appearance goes, or what the people above have discussed at least they are trying. At least we are all trying. Of course the government and everyone else puts us down for our habits…but so what we do the same thing to them when they do their own thing. What we can do, and what everyone else can do is educate. There is a great force behind us all and if everyone can stop being so negative and be more positive about our situation in general then alot more can come from it. I believe that the protest will be a hit…and if not…then at least we can continue to set the standard…go for more appealing ways to get the word out….its trial and error until we hit the jack pot! And yes i also believe that we will hit our goal! Have faith, and keep the PEACE!

  11. In college i took a poll, this was back in 2002
    81% of the people i questioned at OSU (Ohio state)
    Openly admitted they use Marijuana, 11% refused to answer my questions, 8% did not like the feeling and did not at that time use Marijuana for any reason.
    Look our goverment is corrupt has been since the early 1900’s everyone running the goverment is in it for one thing, WHAT THEY CAN GAIN. The goverment doesnt give a dam about we the people, and personaly i dont give a dam about the goverment nor will i ever support our goverment for this reason. It is absurd that pot is considerd a dangerous drug and the tv ads saying above the influence, bs, pot doesnt influence anything but a healthy eating habit, some good rest and a relaxed mind, and various medical benifits, IN WHAT WAY IS THAT DANGEROUS. our goverment is no longer the peoples goverment or a goverment for the people but a ruse or ploy if you will for rich highly educated miscreants to get richer and have their way with things so they themselves dont wind up in jail. im over this country and its bull-sh!t politics. IM OVER IT. If i could afford to up and move to another one i would but sadly because of our current recession (Thanks to bush and our gov of course) i lost my job, my wife lost her job, we lost our house one of our cars and any ability to change the situation has been cut to 0, Not only can we the people no longer be protected by our constitution, but infact we are assulted by the goverments ways of manipulating the text in which it was written, in reality the constitution no longer holds power for the people of this once great nation, but is a tool for the rich and politicly powerful, the corrupt and the drug rings, truely owned and operated by the goverment. I live in florida, and at one point in miami but after witnessing the DEA intercept a shipment of cocain and then letting it continue into the country ive lost faith in all things in our “Democratic” goverment. The only true part of this democracy is this…The people get to put their “Vote” in for the next president, although every election tens of thousands of votes just “Vanish”. Frankly, as far as im concerned I’m an american (native by blood and birth mind you cherokee)
    but i refuse to count myself among this corrupt civilization. I would rather rot in hell then spend the rest of my life in this bullsh!t country and others like it. If it werent for my family primarly my wife and kid, i would of already acted out in a radical fashion. But seeing as i have those who depend apon me i cannot. I guess my point is…Pot is the best natural herb one can ingest/smoke for ones health and it comes with many benifical effects. and that our goverment is purely corrupt seeking ways to imprision people not willing to conform to their thoughts of a perfect society. when we are suposed to beable to conform the goverment to the people of our nation.

  12. I first must thank all who attended this event, it was a good show of unity and a symbolic way to ring out the old year. Our goal wasn’t to impress weak minded people with fancy suits or a fresh hair cuts, it was to make a statement that nobody else would make, especially those folks who make the argument that suits would make a difference.

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