A Cannabis Christmas Carol With Willie Nelson and Stephen Colbert

NORML Advisory Board member and legendary American music man Willie Nelson demonstrates his genuine knack for self-deprecation when he joins Comedy Central’s straight man Stephen Colbert in singing ‘Let Not Mankind Bogart Love’.
Safe and hempful holidays from NORML!



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  1. colbert report show is retarded. I cant see at all whats funny about his show. I used to watch the daily show back b4 john stewart was on it. I think it was craig kilborn who was on that show. there both equally funny but the colbert show. Lame.

  2. I love Willie’s vocals, which express the true sentiment of this “gift.” However, I find Colbert’s backup vocals offensive and demeaning. It is a sad commentary that so much cultural prejudice exists against cannabis consumers. Additionally, the title of this song is “The Little Dealer Boy,” preys on the paranoia and prejudice of the anti-cannabis establishment. “Are You High?” I find Colbert to be very self serving as this song is available to download from iTunes only if one purchases the entire album. Sorry Willie.

  3. While Willie is always superb in his performances I do believe that he has lost momentum in the effort to legalize cannabis. He is on the Board of Directors of NORML, or whatever the title is. Nevertheless …
    I do hope you’re reading this Willie and that you come off the comfort of your cannabis smoke filled house to once again provide support and needed help to the thousands that cannot do what you can, that being smoke cannabis freely. You have the voice Willie, you have the pull, you have the public interest. Isn’t it time to go all out and help all those who believe in you and have admired you throughout the years?
    Colbert is o.k., I think it’s mostly spoof and bullshit on his part and he’s just sucking up to the elite’s in order to keep himself safe.

  4. Johnny D and Lea… i think you miss the point – completely – of the colbert character. i’m pretty sure that he didn’t have Willie on just to demean him. its all satire.
    Willie: its a brilliant peace (i mean… piece.)

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