Labs Testing For Marijuana Use By Marinol Patients

By Dale Gieringer, Ph.D, Director, California NORML
California NORML has recently heard increasing reports that Marinol patients are being drug tested and denied employment for use of marijuana. In particular, we have heard from legal Prop. 215 patients who were denied jobs despite presenting Marinol prescriptions after being re-tested specifically for marijuana. Until recently, Marinol and marijuana were indistinguishable on the standard drug tests, so that patients with a Marinol prescription had a valid medical excuse under federal law for testing positive for marijuana.
However, special testing techniques have been developed that make it possible to distinguish the two by testing for non-standard cannabinoids that appear in marijuana but not Marinol. Until recently, these tests were expensive and rarely used except in high-profile criminal cases. However, it appears that they are now being routinely used by certain laboratories in cases where Marinol use is claimed. In particular, we have heard reports of such testing being used to disqualify Marinol-using Prop 215 patients by the transportation industry and by Walmart.
California NORML has accordingly altered its drug testing information to warn against relying on Marinol RXs as a screen for marijuana use:
There is of course no valid scientific or health justification for allowing patients to use Marinol but not marijuana. The only purpose is to enforce compliance with the law. It is a tribute to the power and influence of the drug testing industry that they have prevailed in foisting the costs of this unnecessary and obnoxious procedure on employers.

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  1. seems better to just smoke normal marijuana from a vaporizer, you get at least 30 different analogs of d9,THC – each with different and beneficial half-lives and pharmacological effects.. D-9-THC isn’t exactly “The One” when it comes to cannoboid receptor stimulus… Lets hope Barrack Obama has actual biochemist advising him in the Office of National Drug Control Policy and not your standard partisan hacks….

  2. Corporations will go out of their way to not wish you a merry Christmas because they might offend a fraction of their costumers who don’t celebrate Christmas.
    Why don’t you organize a boycott of companies discriminating against marijuana users. I’ll bet it wouldn’t belong before they find cannabis use irrelevant to their conditions of employment.

  3. i like the boycott idea. perhaps Norml could post a list of companies that drug test with contact info on them so we can voice our concerns and tell them we will boycott their busness. Millions of tokers can have an effect. also post a list of companies which don’t drug test so we can tell them we agree with their not drug testing and will buy from them instead.

  4. I think that the main problem with the situation as it stands is that there is a general perception that anyone who uses cannabis is a “stoner.”
    I’ve recently become aware of some specific MEDICAL BENEFITS which this plant could bring me, and this would not entail smoking it for “recreational uses” in any way, shape or form, but processing the plant’s vital compounds into a safer substance which could then be consumed orally, without the potential negative side effects that smoking it would (potentially) neccessarily include. (I say this even though I know of no studies which show increased risk of cancer and/or smoking-related complications, as opposed to known studies which have repeatedly proven this to be the case with tobacco.)
    That said, drug testing means nothing if it doesn’t accurately report the facts. A bad test which returns equivalent results for one product which is legal, and the same results for a product which is legal (despite absolutely being from the same source!) is ridiculous, innacurate, inneffective, and will eventually be proven so over time, at which point large numbers of lawsuits WILL result…costing society far more in the long run.
    Plain and simple truth is that, if you’re over the age of majority, not harming anyone else, and have any valid reason to partake in anything that you have chosen to partake in–be it a night at the movies, or smoking a joint–then there is no reason that you should be in any way disallowed from doing so.
    The billions that can be saved by finally growing a pair and realizing that prohibition simply doesn’t work will hardly matter against the potential additional revenues which can be had from reasonable taxation (not excessive and punitive overtaxation as is the case with alcohol, tobacco and fuel), age restriction and regulation of commercial production and distribution operations.
    For those who want to grow a few plants for their own use–even if it is for nothing more than recreational uses–should not be forced to become a criminal to do so. If it’s their choice, they do so responsibly, and they hurt noone else, then I ask you all, what crime has been committed? My answer to you is summarized in the properly detailed dissertation below:
    “Hemp For Victory” was not produced because hemp was evil, dangerous, addictive…it was produced to get people to grow a plant that would stimulate the economy and provide raw materials for more than 20,000 products…and the tax revenues that accompany those products. It worked then…why the irrational fears put forth so forcefully by those few who are wilfully ignorant of the truth today?
    Finally, I offer the very simple fact that, if it’s really so bad for you, so addictive, such a destructive force for evil, and if it caused even a single percentage of what the ignorant minority claim, would it have REALLY been in continuous, GLOBAL use for 10 MILLENNIA at this point, or would people have learned the truth long ago and ceased it’s consuption completely? Hmmmm…
    We’ve been in a new millennium for 8 years now…should we–society as a whole–start acting like we’ve got a brain in our collective heads for a change?

  5. these rat bastards,they dont even care if you have a real medical condition that is aided by this herb.I work for a fortune 500 company and i can allways tell when the boss man calls a “manditory” meeting.He then pulls out a bag full of saliva drug tests with a sheepish grin and a chuckle, you dont need to study for this test!

  6. As the boss in charge of hiring new employes, I ask if you have ever smoked marijuana, If they say no, they are lying to me, I do not want them. I would Rather hire a smoker happy and on time then a drunk anyday.

    1. do you have any work at home jobs available? I’ve never been turned down for employment for admitting that I have, or do, smoke pot. I suffer from chronic Pancreatitus and it’s the only thing that lets Me function properly. meaning without the horrible pain and nausea that My condition causes.

  7. The drug , alcohol and tobacco Companies are funding the anti – drug movement with the emphasis being put against marijuana . Why not the real drugs that destroy lives , create violence and crime like meth , heroin, crack , speed and all the ” bad ” drugs is obviously because marijuana being the least harmful is putting significant dents into their drug profit so , they want to do everything to snuff out marijuana rather than ” hard drugs ” .

  8. PS – They even invented the drug testing kits designed to trick and decieve you into getting you to think marijuana is this bad awful drug . Marijuana shows up but , not their drugs which by the way can kill you and or cause irreversible harm to the human body . Marijuana does none of these bad things .

  9. I just wanted to say that this stuff is driving me CRAZY! I broke my back 10 years ago. After all the poking prodding,surgery and meds over the years, I am worn out. I didn’t consume cannabis until 3 years ago. I consume it because it helps me use less narcotics. I just wanted to put this out here because I am stuck and don’t know how to deal with my situation.
    I have a pain managment doctor that perscribes my medication (heavy narcotics) every month. I went into his office last week and was greeted with a urine cup. So I peed. When the doctor came in to talk to me he was like Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde. He turned from a sweet caring Dr. Into a monster. I was told that I came up possitive for marijuana. I said that would make sense since I smoke it for my pain and also use a topical that I make to ease my pain. In fact I take less medicine because of the cannabis. I then told him that there are no worries, I had a medical recomendation. At which time he told me that federally I was breaking the law and he will not perscribe me anymore medication until my test is clean. He told me that I needed to come back in a week and re-test and he wanted to see a clean test. I looked at him shocked. I laughed. Then I aked him if he was aware of how long cannabis stays in your system. He didn’t. I had to tell him. He said that he would have to look into that information and get back to me. So that is where I stand now.
    My own doctor! The Dr. that is supposed to understand my pain. The legal drug dealer is opposed to cannabis!?! I’m sure cannabis is much less harmfull than oxycontin, morphine, and Norco.
    You know I am probably writing this in the wrong place on this web site. And judging from the date of the last post, no one will read this.
    Whatever………….pure frustration here. Now I have to find a new Dr. Anyone know of a pain management Dr. that is cannabis freindly? My email is
    sorry for the spelling

  10. I read your post Damien.
    I am prescribed Marinol for Depression and ADHD and it cost my insurance company like 1,400.00 a month for my script. I could spend 160.00 on a half oz and it would last just as long if not longer!
    I am on Federal probabtion and they will be testing me with this advanced Marinol test. My question is this. I haven’t smoked in 1.5 mos. I have been taking marinol for the past 1.5 mos. When I last stopped smoking, I was smoking a gram daily for a good 2 months. Is it possible by adding more THC (marinol) it will take the other canabanoids longer to metabolize?

  11. Marinol cannot be detected in a Saliva test. It can be detected in urin though. There is only one lab in America that can test for it. Quest Diagnostics MRO told me that in Saliva test they cannot tell the Marinol from Natual MJ.
    So if you have a Marinol presciption and you are being tested with a Saliva kit you are still safe using the Marinol to cover Natual MJ in workplace testing.

  12. Anybody have any idea exactly HOW common these marinol tests are? Has anybody heard anything about it outside Calfornia?
    ElSohly is the only Lab I’ve found that runs the marinol distinguishing test. Anybody know which labs might subcontract them?
    The “non-standard cannabinoids” that distinguish Marinol from marijuana is THCV – natural marijuana contains THC and a host of other cannabinoids, while Marinol is simply pure THC.
    Federal drug testing guidelines set by SAMhSA don’t require labs to test for THCV. So which labs are going above the minimum guidelines, and why?

  13. Interesting on the Labe you named?
    ElSohly is the only Lab I’ve found that runs the marinol distinguishing test…
    Can I ask the way you found this info? Very interested.
    I have done some of my own research on Marinol and saliva testing at the workplace. I have a Medical MJ card along with a Marinol prescription. For a long time Marinol used to be indistinguishable from natural MJ. Norml has updated the website and it reads:
    One possible excuse for a positive marijuana test that sometimes works is a prescription for Marinol®, the FDA-approved synthetic marijuana pill that is currently available as a schedule 3 prescription drug. Marinol used to be indistinguishable from marijuana on both immunoassay and GCMS tests, creating a valid medical excuse for a false THC positive. However, some labs have begun to adopt a new technology that can distinguish Marinol from marijuana. Obnoxious as it may be for employers to fault employees for using marijuana instead of Marinol, use of Marinol can no longer be recommended as a technique for evading unfair drug tests.
    Now this is good info and is not what I wanted to read. For good reason you can tell why I was concered. If they can now tell the differince my Marinol back up plan will not work and work. So this set me in high gear to look into my case.
    I was able to lets say obtain the whole drug testing packet that my work uses. It is a Quest Diagnostics salive test.(TEST TO BE PREFOMED 38535N OSAP 6) This packet contained Pre paid FedEx postage to Van Nuys Ca. This packet also had the MRO phone Number along with a few other phone number for Quest.
    I called the Number in Van Nuys Ca 818-376-6370 and was talking to receptionist. I told her my company needs to ask some questions and Marinol testing. She forward my call and I get a cooky guy. I aksed him if Quest Saliva testing can tell the differince from Marinol and Natual MJ? He said that there is no way in the world you can tell the difference. I told him that I have been doing some research and found out that there is a test but it is real expensive. He then told me I need to call back and talk to Dr. (I have his name but not sure if it okay to post it here) I then get the Dr extension number. (6370)
    I call back in a hour and talk with the Dr. I told him I have a employee that has a Marinol precription and need to know if the Quest Saliva test could distinguish Marinol from Natual marijuana? The Quest Dr told me that there is no way posible to distingquish Marinol form Natual marijuana in a any Saliva test. I ask him if there was a test that does? He said a urin sample can detect the difference but Quest does not have the technoligy. He said they have to send the urin sample to only one Lab in the USA that Does that test. (Damm I forgot to ask what Lab) I Then asked the Dr if it was expensive? And he said it was. I ask him if he knew how much and he said he did not. I thanks him and hung up.
    So what does this all meen to me?
    I found out a few things. As long as my work uses Saliva testing they cannot distingquish Marinol form Natual marijuana. If I am ever tested I will not tell them about my Marinol at time of testing. I will never tell them about my medical MJ card. The best case senario is that the MRO calls me and ask about my Vicadin prescription. In which time I will tell the MRO about me Marinol prescription. Now if you do not have a Vicadin prescription or something like that the MRO might just go ahead and report to your work it was dirty. I do not think the MRO will call you if you are only positive for THC. In this case you are going to have to tell your work you have a Marinol prescription only. (Do not bring up your medical card if you have one.) If your work then wants to piss test you then you know they just found out what I have found out and are going after you. The good news is that you have time to clean up.
    What will I do to save my ass if I get tested?
    I have both the gum and mouthwash from my head shop that I will use first.( I only get tested if I hurt someone or myself) If that does not work I will tell them about my Marinol use and hope for the best.
    Also it will help to have a Vicadin or other type prescription like that. This should get the MRO to call you at least. The key here is to get the MRO to report a clean test. However my research has found cases where the MRO will tell your work that there is a safety warning.
    I have the Number for the MRO which I am going to call her also to see if she tells me the same thing. If I get any more info I will post it. I hope this helps out anyone.
    Also if you have a any question you think I should ask when I call the MRO just post them. I will wait tell tomorrow to call her. I also can tack pics of this packet if anyone wants to see what Saliva Quest Saliva test look like.
    Take care friends
    Well I could not wait. I called the MRO number in the packet. (800-881-4826 Coral Springs Fl.) I ask to talk to the MRO on duty. I asked her the same question. She said Marinol cannot be distingquished from natual marijuana in a saliva test. She said the only thing that would clear THC is a valid Marinol prescription. I thanked here a hung up.

  14. Hello
    Can your lab tell the difference from natual THC and Marinol? I have an employee with a Marinol RX. Please any info will be helpfull. Thanks for your time.
    Dear Mr. ********,
    Yes, we have a test that can tell whether marijuana ingestion has taken place with or without Marinol. The cost of the test is $150.00/sample.
    Should you need further information please let me know.
    Mahmoud A. ElSohly, Ph.D., BCFE, BCFM
    ElSohly Laboratories, Incorporated (ELI)
    5 Industrial Park Drive
    Oxford, MS 38655
    Tel (662) 236-2609
    Fax (662) 234-0253
    Dear Mr. Elsohly
    Thank you for the fast reply to my Questions. I do have a few more questions for you. Our company is only set up for Saliva testing. Does your lab have a Saliva test that will distinguish Marinol from Natural Marijuana? Or does this test require a urine sample?
    Again thank you for your time.

  15. Elsohly Lab’s reply to my above question.
    Dear Mr. ********,
    A test could be devised for oral fluids which will be based on the parent THC vs. THCV, not their metabolites. However, Marinol is in soft gelatin capsules that is swallowed and therefore no buccal contamination of the oral fluids with THC. So, to me, the presence of THC in oral fluids is an indication of marijuana use, unless the individual claims that he or she crushed the capsule in the mouth.
    Mahmoud A. ElSohly, Ph.D., BCFE, BCFM
    ElSohly Laboratories, Incorporated (ELI)
    5 Industrial Park Drive
    Oxford, MS 38655
    Tel (662) 236-2609
    Fax (662) 234-0253

  16. ive had an ongoing back pain problem for about 5 years now and up until about a year ago had been treating myself quite succesfully with ganja. unfortunately im now on probation and have to take piss tests 3 times a week! obviously thats way too frequent to try and use a masking agent or any other method so ive just been baring the pain lately. long story short i dont like opiate pain killers (which are the only other thing that works) and i live in ohio so the only med marijuana is in pill form ie marinol etc. and seems to be fairly difficult to get. can someone anyone point me in the direction of a doc that could help me with a prescription please???? i really dont wanna start an addictive relationship with opiates but im gettin to where i cant hardly get out of bed in the morning im in so much pain and im only 25! its really sad that harmful ganja from the earth is demonized and potent deadly narcotics are encouraged but that is the world we live in my friends…. if anyone can help please post below or e mail me at thanks yall peace love and smokiness

  17. Could you please give me a little more backround on the topic of testing for non-standard cannabinoids? I am interested in the normanclature or designation of that test.

  18. I have cancer and the meds I take make me sick,I am gona try to get some Marinol from the dr, I live in Mississippi and wonder if there are any dr that are known to give this drug,I do like to smoke pot but havent smoked any in about 10 years….if i cant get the Marinol I may have to start back…

  19. I remember when I was going through chemo treatment and the doctors offered me marinol for the nausea and vomiting. I was only 17 years old and very sheltered. When they asked me if I would like marinol, All I thought was that it was associated with marijuana. At that time I thought marijuana was really bad so I told the doctors no. I would rather throw up and get all the chemo drugs out of my system. Thinking back, I would of proable had a easier time during treatment if I would of said yes on marinol.

  20. Im on Marinol,, but my insurance wont cover it so I pay 60$ for 10 pills.. Im a student and Im on probation,, Im just waiting to see how my next drug test pans out…
    I smoke and I smoke because I feel like I will get away with it..
    THC is THC right ?? A positive UA is a positive UA !!
    If you have a perscription for Marinol and your PO knows that then you should be off the hook plain and simple…..
    I have HIV and Im close to havng AIDS,, Im not responding well to the Meds im on… At this point legal systems all over the world should go FUCK THEMSELVES when it comes to this issue..

  21. Addiction of any sort is bad. And quite unfortunately today many people are addicted to dangerous substances such as Marijuana and alcohol. Needless to say it should be taken up instantly and should try and get rid of this habit right away. The more delay we make the more it will give pain and soon a point will reach when death will be staring on the face.

  22. My husband has had Alzheimer’s for about 8 years. He was unable to carry on a conversation or do anything for himself. All the meds prescribed by his neurologist turned him into a slack jawed slobbering zombie. A little over a week ago my family doctor wrote the prescription for Marinol. It is legal in all 50 states and is used primarily for nausea associated with chemo, but there are plenty of studies validating its use for Alzheimer’s. It is beneficial for agitation, aggression, migraines, inhibiting plaque buildup in the brain, loss of appetite, weight loss, restlessness, pacing – all problems with Alzheimer’s. His comprehension has improved. He has gained 10 pounds. He has greater clarity. He never smoked a joint in his life and I would not want him to. The pill works and dosage can be regulated. Marinol has its uses.

  23. Look I’m on parole I had a herniia opperation next thing its from diludid to oxy and I was in bad shape my dr gave me marinol and altram to kick the oxy. I hope the parome offic is cool with this safer choice.

  24. To Whom it may concern :
    I need HELP from the public. After reading this article, if you sympathize with my story and would like to help; Contact our Governor and your Senator and share your thoughts on this matter.
    I have a bit of a conundrum; I have had 7 surgeries on my back and last year diagnosed with kidney cancer. My local Dr. treats me for pain management and is aware of my use of marijuana. He has seen a marked increase in my quality of life since I started using marijuana. I’ve been able to cut my dependence on pain meds since I started smoking. As we all know Perscription DRUGS such Percocet and Oxycontin have adverse side effects as well as anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxer. I was taking 26 pain pills a day; that’s not counting any number of the above mentioned relaxers and inflammatories.
    The result was, I’ve eliminated all oxycontin (hillbilly-herion) and have reduced my dependency on so called Leagal DRUGS. I now only take 4 percocets a day: with the help of MARAJUANA {3-4 joint’s a day). Now here’s My problem; being that I recieve my care though workers compensation. THE BIG INDUSTRY of INSURANCE COMPANIES are making my AFFORDABLE health care decisions. My leagal DRUGS were costing them about $2600 a month. Since then I started paying for my own medicine, (Marijuana); It’s now only $1400 a month out of their pockets. They (Insurance Co.] took me to court to make my Doctor follow NY State guidelines and make me not take the Narcotics i’m legally perscribed. This was done to help reduce there cost even more. Because the insurance company has acsess to my records; they discovered the THC in my urine test and decided to take me to court to make me comply to FEDERAL LAWS . This was done to take away my LEGAL perscribed DRUGS and reduce their cost even more.
    The State of New York sided with me and my physician. The Law Judge said that; not only was my present Legal drugs were needed and approved: that since my Physician didn’t have an issues with my marijuana use. He (Law Judge) decided that the WC (Workers Compensation Board) was fine with my Physician treatment. They didn’t like that (Insurance Company) and appealed that decision. A panel of three more decision makers (NY STATE WCB) upheld the first Judge’s decision.
    Not the end YET! The INSURANCE COMPANY then took it to the next level. They reported the Physician to the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. They, (Fed’s) threatened my Physician with Jail or Compliancy to Federal Laws. The Federal Law states; If any illegal drugs are detected in urine test, my Physician can’t perscribed any LEGAL Narcotics.
    This is another example of why the following needs your support :
    A06357 Summary:
    BILL NO A06357A
    SAME AS SAME AS S04406-A
    SPONSOR Gottfried (MS)
    COSPNSR Lupardo, Cahill, Clark, Cymbrowitz, Dinowitz, Hevesi, Lavine, Paulin, Peoples-Stokes, rosenthal, Stevenson, Titone, Arroyo, Boyland, Bronson, Brook-Krasny, Cook, Crespo, DenDekker, Espinal, Fahy, Jaffee, Kavanagh, Lifton, O’Donnell, Otis, Rivera, Roberts, Skartados, Steck, Weprin, Zebrowski, Sepulveda, Katz MLTSPNSR Abinanti, Aubry, Braunstein, Brennan, Buchwald, Farrell, Galef, Glick, Hikind, Jacobs, Kellner, Magee, Maisel, Markey, McDonald, Millman, Mosley, Moya, Perry, Pretlow, Robinson, Rodriguez, Scarborough, Schimel, Sweeney, Weisenberg, Wright
    Add Art 33 Title 5-A SS3360 – 3369-b, amd S3343-a, Pub Health L; add Art 20-B
    S490, Tax L; amd S853, Gen Bus L; amd S221.00, Pen L
    Legalizes the possession, acquisition, use, delivery, transfer, transport or administration of medical marihuana by a certified patient or designated caregiver for a certified medical use; prescribes procedures for such possession, acquisition, etc. including certification of patients by their practitioner, and that, in the practitioner’s professional judgment, the serious condition should be treated with the medical use of marihuana; provides that possession or acquisition of marihuana shall be lawful under these provisions provided that the marihuana possessed does not exceed a total aggregate weight of two and a half ounces; directs the department of health to monitor such use and promulgate rules and regulations for registry identification cards; provides for reports by the department of health to the governor and legislature on the medical use of marijuana.
    So in conclusion I would like to ask for your support, as well as any advice you may have for my situation.
    Thank You Sincerely ,

  25. Wayne,
    Marinol & Protinex. Marinol to cover and Protinex as it can throw off drug tests. Also, if they want to distinguish between Marinol and Marijuana with the THCV Test, read the following Abstract:
    Testing via THV-V shows insufficient
    ?9-Tetrahydrocannabivarin testing may not have the sensitivity to detect marijuana use among individuals ingesting dronabinol
    Frances R. Levina, b, Corresponding Author Contact Information, E-mail The Corresponding Author, John J. Mariania, b, Daniel J. Brooksa, Shan Xiec and Kathleen A. Murrayb
    a New York State Psychiatric Institute, Division on Substance Abuse, 1051 Riverside Drive, Unit 120, New York, NY 10032, USA
    b Department of Psychiatry, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University, 630 West 168th Street, New York, NY 10032, USA
    c Analytical Psychopharmacology Laboratory, Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research of New York State, 140 Old Orangeburg Road, Orangeburg, NY 10962, USA
    Received 21 April 2009;
    revised 16 July 2009;
    accepted 18 July 2009.
    Available online 3 September 2009.
    The purpose of this study was to determine whether ?9-tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), a plant cannabinoid, is a sensitive measure to detect recent marijuana use in cannabis dependent patients. It has been purported that smoking an illicit plant cannabis product will result in a positive THCV urinalysis, whereas the oral ingestion of therapeutic THC such as dronabinol will result in a negative THCV urinalysis, allowing for discrimination between pharmaceutical THC products and illicit marijuana products. In a double-blind placebo-controlled trial to determine the efficacy of dronabinol in cannabis dependence, all 117 patients produced a positive urine for the marijuana metabolite 11-nor-?9-THC-9-carboxylic acid; THC-COOH, but 50% had an undetectable (<1 ng/ml) THCV-COOH test. This suggests that THCV may not be a sensitive enough measure to detect recent marijuana use in all heavy marijuana users or that its absence may not discriminate between illicit marijuana use and oral ingestion of THC products such as dronabinol. We propose that the lack of THCV detection may be due to the variability of available cannabis strains smoked by marijuana users in community settings.

  26. I tested positive for thc. They pulled me off of work ,set up an evaluation appointment and have to submit to their so called program. now I can’t work until I test clean . I told these people. That I have. A marinol prescription at first she said I should stop taking them and asked why I have them. I replied that it was confidential. She said ok that she understood. But now she want s a ua in the near future and said said it will be sent for “further” analysis. Then I got a call last night from a the lady saying. To just bring in my bottle of prescription. I do not know what their intentions are or what fall out. It may bring .? But if any one out there on a professional level help me out . The lab is called nsap national substance abuse program. Or very least what are the best ways to detox from thcv?

  27. There is a study out of New York regarding the differentiation between test for thc and thcv. It states that the test is not absolute and I am waiting for soneone to challenge this. I am a dot oil and energy consultant and I plan to challenge it should it come up. My research shows that a physician may approve in correllation with DOT that if you are not in a postion where your are primarily transporting/driv8ng for work it is permissable to use marinol.
    My suggestion is to stop smoking and make certain you test positive for marinol on two consecutive tests and then begin smoking again as I find it unlikely that they will continue to use tests to distinguish between the two every time a random comes up.

  28. I just remembered about Marinol and because I’m on probation thought what apparently many more have before me. Since they don’t honor a rec/physicians statement I would not be permitted to use medical marijuana and must find alternative med for my depression, anxiety,insomnia and relief from the stomach discomfort after years of “legal pharmaceutical poisons being haphazardly dolled out me in multiple combinations when I was younger. I’m desperate and too wonder about the testing specifics as far distinguishing the two…

  29. I have been in NEURO pain for 15 yrs pain coming from cervical spine , also had cancer lost 1 eye, had 3 stens for heart , I have gone thru so many drugs and procedures I am 79 yrs old and no on CYMBALTa and LYRICA HELPS ALITTLE BUT NOT ENOUGH TO GIVE ME ANY LIFE WITH MY LIFE WANT TO TRY MARINOL ?? i DONT KNOW IF i CAN AFFORD

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