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  1. All of this chaos and $$$ spent on a “weed” that grows everywhere, in cracks, nooks and crannys. Over a WEED !
    It is like trying to collect every grain of sand on earth.
    Alcohol is a lethal legal drug. It breaks up families, causes death and divorce, poverty, health issues,
    and causes more things than you can think of.
    Everyone has had a problem with it at some point.
    I have seen people inject it in their vein to get drunk instantly. Insane.
    Most Government officials drink alcohol in some form.
    MJ is organic. Much safer than alcohol.
    I have used it for years and no side effects from it.
    I have not used it for over 12 years. I am 53.
    I gave my life to the Lord.
    My point is …
    Government officials, law enforcement, have they actually physically tried MJ ? No!
    Old saying, try it you might like it.
    If the 30’s to 50’s generation can use alcohol legally,
    get insanely bombed and destroy their brain cells,
    why can’t the 60’s to “now” generation use MJ legally?
    Why ? Because they are hypocrite bastards and think their behavior is justified and have never tried MJ !
    Thanks NORML for your fight to decriminalize it and to bring light on the fact to save multi-$$$ for the people of America need it for other things like… sending a limo to pick up the ones who are in prison for having some dried up weeds in their pockets, (that grows everywhere) to give them a ride home ! Right-On.

  2. Don’t forget, people who lived in the 60’s and 70’s were some of the world’s best renowned inventors. And most used MJ. It’s no wonder why there were more inventions…the mind expanding drug caused the inventors to expand their thoughts.
    We only use a small percentage of our brain, maybe MJ
    goes into the unexplored parts that scientists cannot

  3. WE ARE SO STRONG NOW!!!!!!!!!!
    YES WE CANnabis!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    peace & blessings of health & higher vibration thru burnt offerings of the kine sacrament, our holy healing motherplant, rev.baker aka “rev.420” of http://www.greenfaithministry.com

  4. legalisation of pot, this is too good to be true.first off I dont beleave it will ever make it[but I will fight].but if it dose I will go parading down the street smileing and waving at the cops of Fritch Texas [my home town] smoking a blunt and a pocket full of blunts for like minded individules. and soon the streets will be over run with nearly the whole town, blissfully stoaned. I HAVE A DREAM.

  5. I wish people, especially cannabis consumers, would take a little time to learn how to spell and write a little better. The truth is, most Americans are terrible at writing, and all its elements: spelling, grammer, syntax, etc. I don’t really see that consumers of cannabis are any worse, but we do receive more scrutiny. I mean, at least learn how to spell “stoned!” Look at “420killyherbs” post:he spells believe, “beleave” and smiling, “smileing” and stoned, “stoaned.”
    This makes us look bad. Come on, you have spell check!
    I mean, we all make mistakes. In fact, since this economic downturn, it seems many freelance editors are out of work, and I see errors everywhere, even in professional publications; of course, I was going to major in English Lit/Comp with a minor in Philosophy, until life produced other plans for me, and so I see these errors out of habit, even though my last A.P. classes in H.S. were over 20 years ago!
    We also need to understand WHY cannabis has remained illegal, and to be realistic about the possibilities of legalization. Obama has already said he is opposed to legalization. The best strategies still seem to be local. We have to realize that the government is making more money off cannabis being illegal than it can from legalization, or so it believes. Or maybe what I should say is that individuals within our government are making more money off of prohibition than they ever could from legalization. We all know one of the biggest side-effects of prohibition is corruption. We also have many entrenched powers that are against any reform of cannabis laws: most police, the DEA, the prison industrial complex, the alcohol industry, the tobacco industry, all the drug counselling centers, plus all the interests that don’t want hemp legalized. Also, imagine if pot were legalized: are we going to turn loose all the people in jail on various marijuana charges? Will it be retroactive, and if so, how far back, and to what degree?
    I do not wish to put out the fire of enthusiasm I see here–it is needed! But, to avoid crushed hope, we must temper our enthusiasm with reason. We have come a long way, but our fight is far from over. These opponents will become more aggressive the closer we come to our goal. And we can not rely on Obama to do this; perhaps he may want to, but for it not to be political suicide for him, we must really force the issue..and even then, we may still lose the battle at the Federal level several times before winning any victories there. The important thing is to keep trying, and for us as individuals to show that we can be and are responsible adult users, not abusers, of cannabis. This means: don’t go driving down the road like Cheech and Chong! Instead, learn to debate this issue in an intelligent and articulate manner which will convey the unassailable logic that our society would be much safer and happier with a science-based approach to drug control; and legalization with regulation and taxation would be that form of science-based control in regard to cannabis.

  6. — ALWAYS Google on the ‘night of’ ANY news-program to determine if they’re ACTUALLY going to broadcast said-story:
    (Haven’t seen a thing about Rachel Hoffman on Dateline’s web-page, so I ‘Googled’ “Rachel Hoffman” +dateline ).
    This is what I Found:
    Rachel Hoffman Dateline NBC story won’t air tonight
    By Jennifer Portman • DEMOCRAT STAFF WRITER • January 16, 2009
    Tonight’s airing of Dateline NBC’s story on Rachel Hoffman will be postponed until a later date.
    The hour-long program is being preempted by coverage of this week’s airplane crash in New York City.
    Hoffman, 23, a Florida State University graduate, was working as a Tallahassee police informant when she was fatally shot during a botched drug bust in May.
    Stay updated with news about the airing at http://www.Twitter.com/Hoffmancase or via the Facebook in the group called Rachel Hoffman: Uncovering the Truth.

  7. RE:
    # 11 mr reuben Says:
    January 9th, 2009 at 6:34 pm
    I always love to watch news programs talk about marijuana. Even when they come off with negative attitudes against the plant. Sounds like these episodes will be even more fun to watch since they will be setting aside the “drugs are bad” routine and tackling the problems with prohibition instead. I hope these shows will make it to youtube in case I miss them on tv.
    — > mr reuben,
    — The CNBC “Marijuana, Inc” YouTube promo sounds like the same ‘ole “Let’s get tough on that evil foliage of the Devil, and the degenerate scum who propagate it!” verbiage. I don’t see this one shedding any new light on 75 years of Anslingerism, only perpetuating the abyssmal lies of it.
    — I am more interested, anyway, in seeing the perspectives shown by Dateline’s hour-long profile of the death of FSU graduate Rachel Hoffman, and how this news story compares to 20/20’s broadcast last July.
    –(20/20 dealt directly w/ the tragic effects of Florida’s outrageously disproportial plant-product prohibition laws, and the flippant disregard for Rachel’s life by those who were supposedly sworn to ‘protect and serve’, yet put her in harm’s way, and left her to die).
    — I don’t believe she ‘broke protocol’, as TPD claimed she did, but was, more likely than not, made to do so, (at gunpoint / by force), by the very thugs she was supposed to purchase the gun, coke and ectasy from.

  8. We have millons of innocent people killed every day from Rachel Hoffman to the farmers in Ca being held at gun point for the cannabis crops or the millon of of officer trying to bust people for a product and end up geting shot doesn’t this sound like we have already done this. We have it was called prohibition open your eyes. Innocent people who burn who aren’t violent they are law obeying citzen that find cannabis rewarding in some way shape or form. All this wasted time and money going after someone with gram of pot and pipe why don’t you guys start protecting are kids a lttle closer from the sexual predators there is no reason why little kids and parents should still be worried about the sick fucks who are out there. I know there is no revenue on checking the sex offenders and you guys make money on busting cannabis user has well screwing people lives up trying to get transplants or even a better job. Open your eyes can’t you see the big picture LEGALIZE IT Obama. It also would be a huge money maker and i know our country needs the money and I know how the gov. likes to throw it away.

  9. –> NBC Dateline’s Rachel Hoffman Story is on TONIGHT, Friday-23-Jan-2009, pre-empted from LAST Friday.
    –> Dateline goes into much greater detail in tonight’s program than ABC’s 20/20 did last July, 2008;
    However I would consider the NBC program an UPDATE to 20/20.


  11. yes post 1 is right there are major sexual crimes going on in this country, something like cannabis which reveals truth to people wether it is others or their own, should not be persecuted

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